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Benefit's of using a vision board.

Updated on January 6, 2017

Vision it and create it!

Using a Vision Board has been scientifically proven, that people who use vision boards on a day to day basis are more likely to reach their ideal goal in the time frame that's set out than people who don’t. A study has been shown, for every 1 in 4 small business owner’s using Visual Boards 76% of them have said their business is where they have envisioned it. 82% of small business’s and entrepreneurs who visualise have accomplished more than half of their goals they included onto their board as said by Eliene Zimmerman - Journalist from Forbes magazine. - So what is a Vision Board?A Vision Board is a collage of images, text and sayings created by your own personal goals, wants and desires. These images and texts are to trigger an emotion, an emotion of “fire and drive” a sense of urgency and motivation to physically get you to execute a step by step plan on reaching and achieving your goals.

Who uses it?

Anybody can use a Vision Board, great examples of people who are strong users and believer's of Vision Boards are…

Opera Winfrey

Media mogul Opera Winfrey who pulled herself from poverty to become one of the most successful and wealthiest women in the world is a huge supporter of this method and visualizing. Being brought up by her grandmother in hardship, Opera Used repetitiveness and strong images. Telling herself every day “My life will not be like this, my life will not be like this, it will be better!.”

Opera Winfrey
Opera Winfrey | Source

Will Smith

“In my mind, I’ve always been an A-list Hollywood superstar, Y’all just didn't know about it yet.” - Will Smith. Think about this statement and what it means. This quote is a clear statement of what Visualization can do. Will has said he has always in- visioned himself being a hugely successful.

Will Smith Quote
Will Smith Quote | Source

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold has successfully achieved all his goals through a “vision” when winning Mr Olympia 4x consecutively, he kept a photo of Reg Park to motivate him every day. When transitioning through to acting and politics, Arnold stated he applied the same principals and mental tricks as he did in bodybuilding - “what you do is create a vision of who you want to be - and then live that picture as it were already true.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Quote
Arnold Schwarzenegger Quote | Source

Jim Carrey

On the verge of quitting his acting career when he first came to Hollywood. Jim used to carry around a cheque that he wrote to himself for $10 million dollars that said “acting services rendered,” and had dated it for 1994. Carrying this in his wallet as motivation and a reminder every day, in 1994 Carrey reaped exactly $10 million dollars for his role in Dumb and Dumber. Now listed as one of a top celebrity Jim Carrey credited this to constant visualisation, with helping him getting there.

Jim Carry Quote
Jim Carry Quote | Source

Set a clear goal, and build your vision board around that.

Think about what your goal, and what your vision board is going to mean for you. What are you wanting to improve or become, is it a career? health? or relationship? Most people have more than one Vision Board, each targeting something slightly different in their life. Here are some examples.

Personal Vision Board: A “personal” vision board may consist of material items such as a car, a home, specific timepiece, holidays, body etc. whatever “you personally” want.

Fresh Start.
Fresh Start. | Source


A business Vision Board is your career, what are you wanting to achieve in your Business or possibly you may want a career change. This board may contain images and text of figures and statistics, of where and what target you want your company to reach in months time etc or images of people or things that you want to be, or achieve.

Business and career
Business and career | Source


A great Vision board will get you “fired up” like I stated before. You should feel a sense of rush and excitement in your body when you look at your board. This feeling is very important, it's this exact emotion that will give you drive and motivation to help you work hard towards your dreams and goals. Without this feeling, you’ll lack confidence and drive to push yourself that much further, and therefore you won’t succeed.

Lion | Source

Think about images and quotes and what they mean.

Think about the emotion you feel when you see and read these quotes, and the impact and change it has on your mind. When I look at these images I feel a slight adrenaline rush, I'm excited and amped up to do something positive. When I read the quotes, I think about things, my life, I start to question am I where I want to be, am I happy, what can I do to change it. These are all elements of feelings and thoughts you should receive. This is what makes a great Vision Board, Images and text that are powerful, to change your mindset and drive your ambition to further and to new limits.

Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali | Source

Motivational images and quotes.

To create this emotion you will need to use powerful images that will “get you going and amped up!” choose images that you really desire and are iconic to you, no matter how silly they may seem. These are your dreams and your wants, so be confident and believe in them that you will achieve this. Use Quotes and phrases from people, celebrities, athletes, family etc, whoever will really inspire you! For me personal I have Arnold Schwarzenegger and Albert Einstein, it reminds me of their journey and how they started and what legacy they have created for themselves now…as a short quote I love having the Nike slogan “just do it!” these things give me drive to “just do it” and go after my goals.

Vision Board
Vision Board | Source

Be specific in what you want.

Get specific with your goals if it's a car, you want or new clients, be specific with the subject. example car: add the model, colour, year, Have a photo of yourself driving in that car; if it’s clients your wanting - who are your clients? athletes, CEO’S, investors?. The more detailed you are with your goals, the more realistic it is visualising you and your goals. When you target a specific item or idea it seems more achievable and your brain will automatically come up with ways and set direct paths to achieve it. Not being specific, will give you options. Although options are good, in this case, it will be your enemy. You're likely to be thrown off by too many distractions, and can easily lose sight on what you are really wanting and you may end up “settling”. Never settle for anything else but only you dream!

Put a deadline on it.

Set a time frame or deadline on your goals, you want to make this time frame realistic, but still put that sense of “hurry and urgency”, on yourself to get it done. Many people create unrealistic time-frames, as they get too excited, this can cause you to set yourself up for failure, as a result. So think hard and take into a count how much effort and time you have to focus on your goals daily. Again be specific with your deadline. Example- You want to lose weight, how much? 15kg, by when? 12.05.2017. Set up a targeted date, and work hard to reach that goal by that deadline, it is the same concept as if you were to catch a plane. You organize yourself and set up a detailed schedule and plan to make sure you have everything by the time you arrive at the airport. You even allow yourself extra time for those unexpected events and calculate how to solve them and still get to the airport on time. This concept is the same for your goals, apply it!

Desygner Calendar
Desygner Calendar | Source

The possibilities with vision boards are endless.

Like I said these are your dreams, your visions, and your goals, So don’t be afraid to create one. Learning and mastering the art of changing your mindset is a very powerful tool, and visualisation is one of the first and most important steps you can take to change that. Desygner wants to help you! We have designed this specific platform where you can now design your own vision board anywhere and at any time.

Simply download the desygner app for FREE! onto any mobile, laptop or tablet device. Visit to get started now! Share and upload to the world your dreams and accomplishments #goalsetting share your dreams, and print in stunning high resolution. #desygnerseesyourvision!

The Unknown.
The Unknown. | Source


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