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Direct Sales -Tips and Ideas

Updated on February 21, 2022
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As a professional scrapbook artist, paper crafter, and author, I have taught people how to turn family memories into legacies for 20 years.

Direct Sales -Tips, Ideas And Tools

Direct Sales people are that unique breed who combine being home with a part of full time career. She may or may not work out of the home. She is dedicated to making the lives of her family better. So here we are to make your life much easier with all the tools, information and ideas that will help you enjoy more

What is a direct sales career? You are a sales rep for a company and earn a commission on your sales. The products vary as much as the commission, depending on the company. So do the compensation plans. So you need to find a product that you can believe in. That means something that you can and would use at a price that is reasonable and affordable.

The best direct salespeople work on building relationships first. You make sales when your product meets the needs or solves a problem. Building relationships means that you will have a rapport with people. When you are there for them to help them rather than to sell to them, you will become the go to person and the sales will come to you.

In order to be successful, you need to be passionate and have a complete understanding of your product. You need to pick a product that you truly believe in, You need to spend time to learn all that you can about the product and the company that you represent. This time investment will reap rewards in increased sales over time.

To be a successful consultant, you do not sell your company's product, you share that product and information. You are trying to answer a specific need or create a solution for everyone that you come in contact with. When you address your business with that frame of mind, the sales will come.

Things To Consider In A Direct Sales Company

If you are considering joining a direct sales company, there are a few things that you should consider before joining:

  • Are you passionate about the product? In order to be successful, you need to be totally into the product. People will see your enthusiasm and will be more excited and motivated to get involved with either a sale or to join you in your business.
  • Start Up Costs-The draw of direct sales marketing is the low startup costs which are often less than $100. There may be additional costs in sales and business aids. There may be other hidden costs You may need to invest in some infrastructure for your business. Home office equipment, cell phone, business phone, business cards, appropriate clothes, and samples of the product are just a few of your possible initial costs.
  • Is there a fee to maintain a company website? Can the consultant blog on the site or add additional information? Is the consultant able to market on the internet on an additional blog?
  • There may also be ongoing costs-Expect to pay for gasoline, cell phone and internet charges, paper and toner, gifts for clients, interest on items purchased on credit, childcare costs, etc. Plus, you have to pay for inventory. Yes, you will likely make back what you invest in inventory but be sure you have adequate cash flow to cover this investment.
  • Profit Margin-You need to understand how much product you need to sell before you get a return on your sales. There may be a monthly sales quota system where you must meet certain goals before reaching the maximum profit. Make sure that you understand the compensation plan
  • What is the compensation plan? How often is the compensation paid? Is the compensation paid on wholesale or retail value?
  • The History Of The Company-Generally speaking, companies that have been in business, may be dicey.
  • Consider The Sponsor- Is the person sponsoring you someone you can work with. How much support can you expect from that individual? How big is there team?
  • Oversaturation-How many other consultants for this company are in your area? You want to have a sales area where you can make a difference. If there are a lot of salespeople in a specific area already established, you are less likely to make a sale.

Direct Sales Tip

Make sure that the company you are considering is a member of the Direct Selling Association. Companies that are listed with this association meet the requirements of business ethics and practices.

Types Of Direct Selling Opportunities

There are different types of direct selling opportunities. Finding the right opportunity to fit your needs and experience is important to your success.

Single Level Direct Sales

This is a one-on-one approach and sale either in person, door to door or online.

As a result, salespeople earn their income from commission sales and occasional bonuses from the company they get their products from. They do not recruit other sales reps to receive more income.

Host Or Party Plan Direct Sales

This type of selling is usually in a group setting. The primary method of generating sales leads is by hosting a social event and offering products for sale. They generate future business in advance by getting bookings at each event. Think of Mary Kay as one of the classic direct selling examples, as they often host social events to sell goods and find recruits when they aren’t making one-on-one sales.

Multi-Level Marketing

If you’re a multi-level business salesperson, your primary focus is on recruiting members, not the actual product itself. What makes MLM different from other types of direct selling is that income earned through it is based on sales commissions and the sales made by other business partners recruited into the company.

Legally the core difference between MLMs and pyramid schemes is that MLM companies make money off selling products and/or services; pyramid schemes make money off you.

In other words, the main focus of a pyramid scheme is to get you to put your money in and recruit others to do the same, rather than on moving product or services.

In these types of companies, there can be hefty upfront fees and quotas. Much of your income is from those whom you recruit.

They also use the party-plan model, but to recruit new salespeople while selling products. The examples of such direct sales companies are Scentsy, Mary Kay, LuLaRoe, Arbonne, and many others

Using A Planner In Your Direct Sales Business

A planner is an absolute essential for a direct salesperson. Confusion is your enemy. You must keep ahead of your day week and month to keep from having conflict in your schedule.

While using a regular planner to maintain records for your direct sales business, there are special features that should be considered. You need all the features that a regular planner has and a few more specific for your business.

Contact Follow Up Page

This type of page allows you to follow up on your potential clients, hostesses and recruits. It allows you to keep information specific to that individual.

Booking Planning Pages

From the first contact to finish, these pages give you spaces for all the information you need for each of your bookings.

Direct Sales Planner

Business Planner for Direct Sales: Weekly Planner & Organizer for Network Marketing, Direct Selling and MLM - Undated (8 x 10)
Business Planner for Direct Sales: Weekly Planner & Organizer for Network Marketing, Direct Selling and MLM - Undated (8 x 10)
This planner is a must have for anyone in direct sales. It has everything you need to conduct and keep track of your business. It is not dated, so you can stop and start at any time.

Keeping Customer Records

Your customer records can be a gold mine of future sales. It is crucial to your business that you maintain a good customer database.

It allows you to:

  • Keep track of your network
  • Keep in touch with your clients
  • Distribute new marketing materials like product updates, newsletters and changes
  • They can be a source of bookings

Some Basic Direct Selling Tips

Things To Avoid Doing As A Direct Seller

Direct selling is on the rise again. But there have been times that some direct sellers have left a bad taste in people's minds because of bad habits that they themselves have done and passed along to others,

Here are some habits that you need to avoid if you want to be successful:

  1. Avid being spammy on Facebook. Facebook can be your friend when it comes to direct selling. But asking people to become your friend just to sell to them will give you a bad reputation that will be difficult to overcome and it could cause you to be in Facebook jail. Remember, you are looking to build relationships first. Once someone trusts you, it will be easier to create a sales opportunity.
  2. Never bash any other sales representative, company or product. You will fail on very level doing this.
  3. Avoid promising quick or easy money to anyone you may be recruiting to your company. Direct sales opportunities are hard work, but the rewards can be veru good. If you are recruiting someone and they realize that you gave them a bunch of garbage, you will lose your credibility with them and the community you are trying to build.

Create A Prescence On Social Media

While you do need to avoid hounding friends and family on social media, you should create your niche on social media to get extra sales and bookings.

The first thing to do is to establish yourself as a brand. Create a profile and page specifically to promote your business.

Another way to establish yourself on the net is to create a blog, Some direct sales companies offer a complimentary or low-cost website where actual sales can be made. That is fine to a point. But if those locations do not offer information, ideas, tips and create lists where potential buyers are not being actually helped in some way, you are not going to get folks coming back to you. before you start with a company, it is important to review their policies on internet marketing so that you understand what the company rules are on how you can promote yourself.


Use Instagram to post pictures and information. Be consistent with your postings. Make it fun and you will build up a following that will eventually turn into marketing.

Create Videos

The power of videos is a marketing tool that cannot be overlooked. When people can see a product in your hand, or you show how to use that product, it is far more powerful than seeing it on a website or in a catalog.

Videos can also be used to train your recruits and recruit new consultants. Your enthusiasm foe what you do will shine through and excite people that you do not even know. It is not that difficult to create a video to market your business.

More Dirext Marketing Tips

Participate In Local Events

Check with your local Chamber of Commerce to see what local events you may be able to participate in. There may be a fee to participate, but that small investment may be worth your time and effort.

There are all kinds of events that may be beneficial to your business. The goal of these events is again to share information about your products.

Some Event Tips

  1. Use the colors of your company logo. Use a tablecloth and other information in the colors that your company uses.
  2. Have information to hand out that solves a problem. It could be s sheet with tips, ideas or a project that the person could do.
  3. Of course, have products to display. You will want to artfully display the products that you have.
  4. Have samples or giveaways. This should be something that they will enjoy or find useful. Wrapped candy is always a draw.
  5. If you decide to sell or take orders at the event, be prepared to have the tools you need to complete the sale.
  6. Have booking information available. You never know where that next party will be.
  7. Have business cards available to hand out. They can be included in a giveaway or a sample.

Open House Party

Introduce Your New Line Or New Products

This is a no pressure event to celebrate your new business, show your new line or celebrate your business success.It's an easy step to either get your line launched, focus on a new product line or celebrate a successful new step. Invite everyone you know.Make it casual with very little pressure. Of course you will want to have nice rereshments on hand. Since this is a special event, stage your products beautifully. If your product is a craft item, have a make it and take it station. If you are in makeup, you might want to have some take home samples. Candles should be shown and lit. You get the idea ! An open house should showcase your products, but you should be prepared to take orders, have booking packages available, plaenty of busness cards. Make sure to have a guest book stratigically placed to collect names and phone contaxcts. Have business cards and brochures ready with little "party favors"Be ready to do business, but not aggressively.Have drawing for a nice gift. Make it all about the products- showcase them and you in a very not in your face way. This event is to build your outreach and busild a buisiness foundation.

Use this plan anytime you have a new product line to build interest

Getting More Bookings

If you are a party consultant or a direct salesperson, the main part of your business is to get more bookings. Let's face it, if your planner isn't full of bookings, you are not making money. That can be challenging at best. Here are our top ideas to get your bookings without the challenge.

  • Give a door prize Get names and addresses or phone numbers and award a door prize. Offer an incentive like a special gift or a discount to anyone who books a party while they are filling out the slips. You will accomplish two things- first you will build your customer list. Second, you will have a list of people to call when you have specials. While they may not want to book now, they may at a future date. Make your door prize special]. Wrap it up as nicely as you can. Hole off for a while and let the suspense build up.
  • Mystery Hostess Gift Offer a very nicely wrapped hostess gift to anyone booking a party that night. Make it something of real value, but don't show the contents. The gift is to be given at the party, not before. Make a big deal about the contents. Announce it's value , give some hints...refer to it several times before the end of the party.
  • Book To Look Envelopes Take some colored envelopes and decorate them a bit...In each envelope place a special coupon. Free shipping, free candle, 20% off coupon, 1/2 item of their choice, $25 gift certificate, or whatever you would like to give away. Give each guest an envelope and tell her not to open it until you say. After you tell everyone about the hostess benefits, let them know that the envelopes are a game and the only way you can open them is to book a show
  • Stop and Book halfway through taking the orders, stop announce to everyone at the show, " so far (hostess) has $$$ in sales. So far she is going to receive $$$ in free product, plus ___ items at half price, etc. But if she has at least one booking within 30 days she will receive $$$ in free product!!!

    Everyone will want to help her and you will book more shows

  • Call Previous Hostesses and ask them if they would like to book another party Especially good if you have a special new incentive to offer or any new products. Just explain that you were thinking of them, and you wanted them to be the first to have an opportunity to get.......whatever you have to offer

Have Quality Interactions With People

Have natural conversations with people wherever you are. It is not hard to find mutual thongs to talk about. At the end of the conversation, just pull out a business card. tell them you are with this company and would love to know their thoughts after they have an opportunity to check it out.

Want More Bookings -Theme Your Shows

With everyone's schedules, it's getting harder to get people together to do a show or demonstartion.

Get creative and theme your shows and classes. Theme by season. Make them fun and you will get more bookings. The more fun that you create, the more bookings you will get.

Dress up a fruit or vegetable have people dress up a fruit or vegetable and award prizes for the best

Pretty PJs....have everyone bring pjs' in a paperbag . Have everyone guess who's they are- can also be done with candles or whatever else you are selling

Margarita Party Mix up some Margaritas and some Tortilla chips and your sales will fly. Your guests will be relaxed and ready to do some shopping

Wine and Cheese Party Who doesn't love wine and cheese? You will reap big benefits with this party.

Tea or Coffee PartyIf alcohol isn't your thing, why not have a tea or coffee party? Offer hot and cold beverages with assorted cookies and your guests will enjoy your event

Know Your Products ! The first thing you must do, is you haven't done it already is to become an expert in your product line. Read your catalogs and sales information until you are the go to person in your niche. Being able to speak or write intelligently about your product is essential to both your sales and recruiting. If you have recruited others to your company, you need to educate your team as well. Your profit line will increase with just this one step.

Business Card Tips

Many companies provide business cards at a very reasonable rate. Some require that the cards provided by them. E=When you are getting started, the tendency will be to buy a minimal amount. However, you will be handing out a great many cards, especially in the beginning. So, it's important to have a good supply of cards available

  • Use Both Sides You will double your opportunity to communicate with a potential client or recruit. For a small amount oof money you can increase your profits using both sides of your business cards. You can include things like a list of your services, testimonial quotes from happy customers, a calendar, or your bio.
  • Make your card creative. Make it say something about you and the special qualities that you bring to your business.
  • Make The Important Information Easy To Find Don't bury your phone number in a cluster of print. Make sure that it stands out !
  • Make Sure It's Clear What You Do It's important that people identify you with your business

Must Have Business Card Holders - For Purse And Table -Business Cards Are A Necessity

For the small amount of investment, each of these business card holders will more than return the small investment that you will make in them. As a direct sales mom, you need to make a real professional impression on all your contacts. And first impressions do count ! You will need one for your purse or bag and one for your table at your parties or demos.

Direct Sellers Tip

Selling your product and recruiting for your business should be your two goals that are equally important in your daily schedule. Each of them will bring profit to your business and should be thought of as equal partners

Recruiting Tips And Ideas

Build Your Team and Get more profit from your business! Most companies reward you for bringing new consultants and reps onboard. Here are the best tips on how to do just that!

The most important thing when it comes to recruiting your team is to be authentic and honest. 50-75% of all recruits never get active or stay for less than a year. So, it is important to build a solid base from the very beginning. Make sure that your goals and mind are clear when it comes to recruiting others to your business.

Showcase your own story. Shine a light on yourself. Share your passion and the benefits of what you do. Let them see the benefits of being part of your team and they will be attracted to the opportunity offered.

Focus on finding those special superstars for your business. Always be on the lookout for people with those qualities and use words, images, messages that will peak their interest.

Share your opportunity in multiple ways. Always have a recruiting packet in your purse because you never know when opportunity will come you way.

Your job is not only to recruits others to your business, but to also teach and encourage them along the way. Let them know that you are here for them every step of the way.

Direct Sellers Tips

Be the brand. Make sure that you are wearing or carrying something that reflects your brand whenever you are out and about. Make sure that you have samples, booking information and business cards in your bag so that you have them when you need them.

Team Building Tips

You have recruited one or more members to your team. Now what? There are steps that you need to take to start building a solid core within your team to build success for you and your team members.

Be Available And Be Personal

The success of your team starts with you. You need to be available, to answer questions and offer advice. That can be handled with meetings online and face to face. Send a monthly newsletter will sales tips, monthly numbers, top salesperson, etc. Offer a free forum or chat group to your team so everyone can share ideas and offer support to one another. You can also schedule a one-on-one phone meeting time to address any specific issues.

Hold Contests And Giveaways

Set goals for your group and reward them when they meet them. They will feel more accomplished, and it will give them motivation.

Educate Them

Make sure that your team has all the knowledge that they need to be successful. It can be information on products, upcoming sales, company information or how to use the products you sell. Show them how to set up a party, how to create a hostess package, information on catalogs. Just make sure that they understand the business as much as you do.

Wear or use your products as often as you can ! Promote what you do by wearing company logo or colors. If your company has company shirts or other products try to promote your business by making your company visable !

© 2014 Linda F Correa


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