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Work at Home Entrepreneurs

Updated on August 31, 2016

Homespun Businesses

Being in business myself, I've met many other homespun entrepreneurs. Some of them sell their wares for a little extra pocket money - others do it because they have a family to support, or help support.  These people know that word of mouth is a great advertising tool. If they provide above average product and excellent customer service, people will return - and bring along family & friends.

After more than 10 years in business myself, I know how hard it is to just get people "in the door", so I do what I can to help these hard working individuals get their products seen.

I hope you'll take a few minutes to browse these shops, and maybe do a little shopping.

Popular Work at Home Entrepreneurs - Lots of wonderful items created hands-on by people.

Some people are just naturally creative, and if you're like me, you LOVE handmade pieces.

FEATURED Entrepreneur

Greta's Collectable Incense Burners.
Greta's Collectable Incense Burners. | Source

Do You Support WAH Businesses?

Do you seek out & shop with WAH Entrepreneurs?

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Resources for beginning entrepreneurs.

The best new businesses are started by INFORMED entrepreneurs.

Let me know you passed through, and what you thought of the lens.. I'd love to hear if you've visited any of the Home Businesses shown.

Your Thoughts & Comments - Take a minute and say hello!

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    • profile image

      michael-john-9699 4 years ago

      Great Lens. I will be there on top one day :)

    • profile image

      RadioGuitar 6 years ago

      Thanks for the resources and encouragement.

    • AsianMarketplace profile image

      AsianMarketplace 6 years ago

      Hope to achieve that one fine day. Great lens!

    • Lee Hogg Williams profile image

      Lee Williams 6 years ago from North Carolina

      @JoshK47: thank you!

    • profile image

      JoshK47 6 years ago

      Always encouraging to hear about others who are working at home. Great lens.

    • Lee Hogg Williams profile image

      Lee Williams 6 years ago from North Carolina

      @orange3 lm: Thank you for stopping by!

    • orange3 lm profile image

      orange3 lm 6 years ago

      Thanks for all the great information in your lens. I'm going to be checking into some of them further :)

    • profile image

      wahmhosting 6 years ago

      I love your list of WAHM Resource Sites!

      WAHM Hosting

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      Wow! This is a great lens! I am starting up my own infant dresses/baby clothes site. Right now I am just listing some affiliate products, but soon I'll be designing my own dresses for babies. You should check our my infant dresses blog if you get the chance!

    • oniyagi profile image

      oniyagi 11 years ago

      Just dropping by to say Hello!