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Article Marketing for the Small Business Owner

Updated on September 30, 2015

Do it Yourself Article Marketing

Learning how to do your own article marketing for your small business or even career purposes is not impossible. However, there are some places you can go seriously wrong. Read here for the best tips and tricks on doing your own article marketing.

Article Marketing for the Small Business Owner

So are you a beginner at this article marketing technique? Well, I was, but things have gotten a lot better with a bit of needed research and some much needed development. So what is the best way to utilize article marketing for your small business?

Article Marketing
Article Marketing

Dedicate the Time

Of utmost importance is the knowledge that the first few parts of setting yourself up for article marketing will be very time consuming, and if you are extremely slow on the fly and understanding sign ups and sign ins for the various article marketing sites, you may want to consider getting a faster person to do so if your time is important money like many small business owners. However, no one says you have to outsource the work either. Although I am greatly in favor of outsourcing work when at all possible, this may be one aspect you can seriously handle yourself.

Be prepared to sign up on at least the following article marketing websites.

  • www.

There will be many more to come but signing up on these four to begin with is a great start. You will learn some very important skills by using these article submission sites first, those skills will enable you to create the articles you will market with aspects in mind such as SEO, categorizing and tagging your article to fit your specific niche.

Article Marketing
Article Marketing

It's All in the Guidelines

Let us not refer to them as guidelines so much as helpful hints, because that is exactly what they are. Article submission sites have already done the most difficult part of article marketing, they have figured out exactly what consumers want to see, what they will look at the longest and what may drive or encourage them to purchase a new product or service.


The good part about WordPress is your creativity can flow, you are not forced into following the more stringent guidelines, but this also leaves you open to creating an article that no one ever sees. Thankfully, WordPress has done a bit of R&D in that department themselves in the fact that they have a format that gives you the ability to post articles that are seen, without requiring the sometimes years of experience that some article marketing freelancers have.

Creating product or service reviews here, helpful tips and tricks in your trade or niche as well as other helpful and informative article that perhaps by itself would gather less attention, will gain more here as you will simply follow the tagging and categorizing template that WordPress provides by default, and that launches your article, which means your product or service, at those people who are looking for it anyway.


HubPages has a fairly grand following of serious marketers of all types. It is definately a great forum which allows a bit more personal advertisement then the average blog or article submission site. Although getting into the meat and bones of Hubpages may take a bit of time to get used to, posting Hubs or blog pages there has had some terrific marketing payoffs for thousands of niches that rely on it as their main source of marketing.

Ezine Articles

Unless you are a substantially smooth and proper writer, you will likely hate Ezine articles before you are done (while secretly absolutely loving what they can still do for you) as they are some of the most difficult or complex submission guidelines to get a grasp on. And although Ezines do not allow you any direct self promotion, other than in your resource box, some folks may get annoyed and wonder just how effective Ezine articles can really be anyway. They are, very, and don't you forget that in the times your article gets rejected and may require editing. Ezines will tell you what has caused your article to fail and this is as simple as following their directions, rechecking their guidelines, updating your article and resubmitting again.

Ezine articles get high hits in the research department when it comes to search engines. If you choose a keyword in your own niche and Google it, you will likely see an Ezine article somewhere on the first page, if not, definitely before you are done with the third. This is why Ezines are worth it to your small business for article marketing strategies.

Learn the Most Important Guidelines for Creating Your Content

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

So How Much Time Should This First Step Take?

Honestly, if in your first month of actively article marketing you can get one article up on each of the above four sites, following the guidelines, tips and tricks of each properly, you will have already completed a great task in the world of article marketing ahead of you. However, it is also very important to remember that once you have completed this step you have already taken a great leap towards marketing your small business by beginning to create a series of links that go to and from your own products or services.

Perhaps the most important part of this seemingly minor accomplishment, is that once you have completed an article on each of these sites, you have actually laid a huge piece of framework for building and increasing your business from article marketing as well as article marketing revenue.

Small Business Marketing
Small Business Marketing

So What is Next?

What is next and what is so important about what comes next is the volume. Learning how to utilize free article submission software for a much larger variety of submission sites, to continue to create more and more back links will only serve to shoot your page rankings and search engines standings to the top. Be aware, that without loading tons of money and outsourcing into your marketing needs, that you will need to be patient as the effects of this type of marketing are not commonly seen immediately, but far more often seen with the volume of articles you will begin to produce in the next step of article marketing for small business owners.


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