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Documentation Available For ProjectLibre

Updated on September 23, 2014

Very Helpful Materials Are Available

ProjectLibre is a free open source project management tool. It may be used for any purpose, including commercial uses. The new tool has evolved from OpenProj, which had been downloaded nearly 4 million times. ProjectLibre has been downloaded a million times since its release in August, 2012, in virtually every country in the world. There have been several important updates since. Work is ongoing to improve the product and to completely migrate the source code from the earlier source code.

Many people found themselves wondering "What's next?" after installing the application. There was little in the way of ProjectLibre tutorial articles or reference manuals available. Now there are a number of helpful resources. Each is suitable for most anyone who wants to get an understanding of the project tracking application. There are quick introductions that give you the minimum amount of information that you need. There are other more in depth studies of ProjectLibre. Check out the ProjectLibre documentation and start using the tool. Your projects will run better.

Note that new versions of ProjectLibre have been released since the initial launch date. These repair several internal issues. There is little that will be seen by users in the way of changes. Still, it is advised that all users upgrade to the current version, available free from Sourceforge. Work continues on several large modifications but these are not yet ready for release. Version 2 of the application is supposed to add some significant functionality. Users will be pleased to see that version when it is available. Other interesting developments include a cloud based project server. This may allow the storage of centralized data for use in all areas of an organization. It would ease sharing of project teams and of lessons learned during prior efforts.

A Step by Step Illustrated Guide to Building a Project Plan

Get it for your Kindle device or download a reader for Android/iOS/Windows from Amazon. You can even read it in your browser at Amazon as well.

How to Build a Project Plan With ProjectLibre (ProjectLibre User Reference Book 4)
How to Build a Project Plan With ProjectLibre (ProjectLibre User Reference Book 4)

This publication is a quick introduction, with examples, of the actual use of ProjectLibre. Follow along with your own copy of the application while you build a real, but simple, project plan.


ProjectLibre User Guide Reference Manual - The Most In Depth Resource Available

This publication explains the entire set of features available within ProjectLibre. The user guide is thorough, but is relevant for those new to the application, or to project management. Readers have been pleased with the reference guide and have commented that the volume was well worth the purchase cost.

ProjectLibre User Guide Reference Manual
ProjectLibre User Guide Reference Manual

This $9.99 publication covers all available ProjectLibre functions clearly illustrated, with helpful annotations. Comprised of actual screen images captured from the application, this book shows the range that ProjectLibre has. In addition, project management topics are discussed in relation to ProjectLibre options.


ProjectLibre Poll


ProjectLibre is available for free from Sourceforge. The program has been downloaded by people in over 200 countries around the world.

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Reference Articles Covering ProjectLibre

A number of helpful articles are now available on the Internet which cover various aspects of the ProjectLibre application.

Installing Open Source ProjectLibre Project Tracking Application

This article covers the process used to install ProjectLibre on your computer. ProjectLibre is available from Sourceforge as a free open source application. All versions of ProjectLibre can be downloaded. The source code of is also available for free at the download location. Most users simply download the executable for their particular implementation platform. This article shows the specifics involved with a typical installation, which is not difficult.

Migrating Project Management Tracking from OpenProj to ProjectLibre

Millions of people installed OpenProj, the predecessor to ProjectLibre. Since that application is no longer supported, all of the users should migrate to ProjectLibre. This article explains the process. ProjectLibre is completely compatible with the older application. Specific issues surrounding migrations are covered, giving users confidence in the success of their particular upgrade process.

ProjectLibre Project Tracking Application - Review

This is an article that provides a user review of the ProjectLibre tool. As of May, 2013, almost 700,000 downloads of ProjectLibre have been made from Sourceforge. The review describes the typical use of the project tracking application. It continues, showing various features as they may be applied to a project.

How to Build Project Plans With Free Open Source ProjectLibre After Using OpenProj

This article provides a transition that shows users of the older open source software how to use the new tool instead. ProjectLibre is a new upgrade which has seen several patch releases. The future of open source project management software lies with ProjectLibre. How to Plan a Wedding With ProjectLibre

This publication shows that the ProjectLibre application is capable of general use. The specifics involved in planning a wedding are shown through the use of ProjectLibre functions. Of particular note is the use of "backward" project scheduling where the finish date is absolutely fixed.

Kindle Publications for ProjectLibre

A number of titles are now available on Amazon for the Kindle platform that cover ProjectLibre. These are a mix of ebooks that range from simple introductions to the application to the most comprehensive reference manual available.

A Simple Project Plan for ProjectLibre - this short publication is designed to show the basics of the tool. It assumes that you will want to start using ProjectLibre quickly. General terms are shown with an attention to how to use this particular project tracking application. Readers can follow along with their own copy of ProjectLibre. Afterwards, they can apply the lessons learned to their own custom project plans.

How to Build A Project Plan With ProjectLibre - another short publication, this one shows a small representative project that anyone might want to track with ProjectLibre. The specific use of task definition and work assignment to staff is shown with realistic examples. Readers are welcome to follow along and perform the same steps with their own copy of ProjectLibre. Suitable for both novice and experienced project managers.

ProjectLibre - The Open Source Project Management Application (ProjectLibre User Reference) - this intermediate publication shows the project tracking application in typical use. It covers more details about the project management process, especially as it relates to ProjectLibre.

ProjectLibre User Guide Reference Manual - this comprehensive publication lists all features available in ProjectLibre and illustrates their use. Suitable for those project managers who would like to see how the tool can be used for full project tracking purposes.

ProjectLibre Tutorial - this publication is suited to beginner project managers and those who would like to start using a sophisticated project tracking application. A full introduction is provided which explains the methodology used by many ProjectLibre projects.

ProjectLibre on the Internet

ProjectLibre is also documented on the Internet. There is some discussion at the Sourceforge project hosting site. The site contains an extensive community forum for users around the world. Questions are asked by many users which are answered quickly by the whole community.

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