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Doing What God Made You To Be

Updated on January 30, 2009

When Pigs Fly, They Won't Be Happy Until They Lose Those Wings!



How come birds, bees, and apple trees don't suffer from low self-esteem?

Why is it just that adults do?

One difference between a man and a bee is that a bee does what it's supposed to do. Unlike a human who is predestined to be a painter but decides to go ahead and get a 9 to 5 behind a desk selling insurance, a bee does what it was meant to do.

Some of the most miserable people I know are people who are doing jobs they weren't meant for. Imagine if Michelangelo had been a physical trainer. Imagine if Beethoven had been a doctor. What if Maya Angelou was a door-to-door saleswoman? Something tells me they'd all be miserable to an extent. I think that is the case because God had so many plans for these three people to be amazing artists in their own field. I've found myself in their predicament. I like to sketch, design, write, and counsel people. If I knew that my whole life I'd have to be a telemarketer, I'd be so sad! I don't think I'll be as well-known as the three aforementioned artists, but I know what I'm good at and what I like.

Imagine a bee trying to be fish. The bee would fail miserably. The bee wouldn't be able to sink into the sea because of its buoyant body. The bee would be eaten quickly by other fish. The bee would drown because it has lungs with no gills. The bee could not move because it's not made by God to swim. Bees are most happiest when they're doing what bees are made to do. Hanging with other bees, getting pollen from pretty flowers, taking the pollen to a beehive, and making sweet honey in the honeycomb. They'd be happy doing nothing else. Yeah, their life looks pretty monotonous, but they don't mind. Bees die soon after they sting someone. Most know that they'll never be the Queen Bee. But they are doing just what God made bees to do. Be bees!

A crocodile that would try to be a bird would also be sadly disappointed. All the other birds would run from it. It couldn't retrieve worms from the ground because its snout isn't made for digging in the dirt. It couldn't fly. It would move so slowly. They only move fast in water. It would be so sad because it loves water and being with other crocodiles. God made it for such a purpose, and it would be miserable anywhere else.

I never met Michelangelo or Beethoven, but something tells me they were so content with their careers. Even if they had terrible love lives and personal lives, they loved their careers. Beethoven loved nothing more than being a composer. He could probably sit for hours and write music for an entire orchestra full of different instruments. Michelangelo could spend hours upside-down on his back facing a ceiling while painting. I hear he actually went blind from the paint falling into this eyes after dropping from the ceiling, but I bet that once he found his talent, he wanted nothing more than to do that. He also loved to sculpt. He painted the very popular statue of David.

Maya Angelou was sexually abused and raped by her mother's boyfriend at age eight. She confessed it to her brother, who told the rest of their family, and then her uncle killed the man. Afterwards, Angelou became mute. She said it was because, "I thought, my voice killed him; I killed that man, because I told his name. And then I thought I would never speak again, because my voice would kill anyone..." She remained nearly mute for five years. Even though the devil tried to utterly destroy her life through this abuse at a young age, God had a plan for her. She is a poet, dancer, fim producer, television producer, playwright, film director, author, and actress. At least some of these things were things that were in her destiny. The devil tried to steal her destiny and joy with those early traumatic experiences, but when she found out what she was supposed to do in life, she did it. When she came to UTK to speak a few years ago, she said she had 50 Ph.D.'s! (I'm sure most were honorary, but nonetheless, a great success).

I don't believe everyone has an artistic ability like these three do, but I believe that others get great joy from helping others, volunteering, preaching, being stay-at-home mothers, being housekeepers, acting in movies or stage, being comedians, or being carpenters. Some men love working on cars. Being a mechanic would get old and dull for me because I'm not made by God to be a mechanic. But those men on "Pimp My Ride" seem so happy working on those cars the way they do. They were made to do that. They're not aspiring to be presidents and rappers. They found their niche, and they thoroughly enjoy it.

Some people have even more specific talents. I've seen wedding cake designers bake and decorate the most amazing cakes! Not everyone could do their job. Beauticians can do the most amazing cuts and colors. Culinary artists and chefs amaze me with their knack for making various foods blend and taste mouthwatering. They are happy at what they do. I even had a manicurist who LOVED her job. She had been doing it for over a decade with no desire to stop. I'm not trying to say that all 9 to 5 jobs are boring and for people who have not discovered their God-given talent because my dad used to do real estate and he really, really enjoyed it. My mom's an attorney, and she loves doing her 9 to 5. I used to feel sorry for them because they were behind a desk for much of the work day, but they enjoyed it. When I would work for them every once in a while, I could not understand how in the world they did it because I hated it! It's not for me to understand. It's just not for some other people to do.

In middle school, I would draw and design clothes all day when I got a break from schoolwork. I had every intention of studying fashion design when I went to college, but I kept listening to people say, "Artist majors don't usually end up with good paying jobs because fashion and art are purely subjective. It's a risk because people may or may not like your designs." And I started to doubt my abilities. I was afraid that I would waste four years in school and then design a bunch of clothes people hated. So I went another route with a field I didn't really want to do. I just picked something because I was a sophomore and all my other ambitious friends knew what they were doing with their lives. I didn't want to be aimless or careless so I let one of my friends pick a major for me! I wish I hadn't done that. I wish I had went in to study one of my hobbies or talents. I didn't know I could write like this at the time, but I knew I had important things to deliver to help other people. So now I have a major in Child Development, and I don't even necessarily like working with children! I want to counsel all ages, but not just children. And with a four-year degree in my field, you get to do the crappy jobs with the horrible behaving children. I should have honed my design and writing skills! I guess I could handle that in grad school.

Making money doesn't make you happy. Doing the job God made you for makes you happy. Angelina Jolie is happy acting. She might not be happy in herself because of other issues, but she enjoys acting I'm sure. She also enjoys helping the less fortunate. Imagine her serving fast food. All that talent and service would be wasted. Imagine Beyonce being a high school science teacher! Ask any person who has found their niche, and they'll tell you that there is no greater feeling than to have that thing done or validated. For example, I was called to lead people to Christ. So there is nothing more rewarding to me than to have a reader say, "You just don't know how much that post helped me. Because of your post, I am going to restore my relationship with Christ. That post is exactly what I needed today!" Nothing more rewarding. I'm still waiting for the commentator who says, "Because of God using you to write this note, I have prayed the prayer of repentance and have given my life to Christ." I've had some say they're going to go back to God, but I'm waiting on the people who have never been saved or known God to feel led to Him. I'm sure some have but just haven't told me. But just planting those seeds are good enough for me.

So basically what I'm saying is that God made you for a certain reason. He does nothing haphazardly. He didn't just plan for a bunch of humans to make more humans who become miserable at jobs, homeless, unemployed, or hopping from one disappointing job to the next. He made YOU yes YOU for a certain reason. Ask Him what it is. Sometimes you kind of already know though. Many Xangans are supposed to be writers, poets, preachers, teachers, speakers and comedians from what I have read. Everyone on Xanga is writing to some extent! Some are kind of restrained because they are nervous about exposing their skills in case they're not good enough, but the constant improvement will come with exposure and practice. If you look at some of my first writings and some of my latter ones, there is a big difference. We Xangans have some pretty amazing things to say, but we need to let it out.

Find out what you are made for. Discover it. You pretty much know if you have a beautiful voice, if you can dance, if you can play an instrument, and if you can draw. But there are different other things that God makes people for. It is all for His glory. If you have a beautiful voice, sing for Jesus! If you can dance, do interpretive dance in church! If you can play the drums, play for Jesus and not Jeezy. If you can draw, draw for cartoons for Christian children's books or television cartoons.

I compare it to us being faucets, and God being the beautiful clear water. A faucet is just a faucet. It has no use if it can't be used to pour the water. Some people use their faucets to pour "dirty water". But some people use their faucets to pour clean, clear water. Let God use your faucet. Even if you are a beautiful Behr faucet, you are useless if you can't be used. You will miserable if you can't be used. Of course there are many other aspects of feeling bad about oneself, but I feel as if when we get our puzzle piece into the right place in the world that is our puzzle, things will start to look up.


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    • profile image

      emmalee 8 years ago

      thats kinda confusing! lol but i guess i know what u mean??!! :/ :) haha beyonce a science teacher thta funny! u sould ad me on myspace! if u want lol i dont even know u but god says give ppl a chance! :)

    • goldentoad profile image

      goldentoad 9 years ago from Free and running....

      thumbs up.