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Getting a right name for your website

Updated on November 14, 2016

Getting a right name

By working on online business from more then 7 years now, I have seen all kind of domain name registration. Some was funny, some was annoying and some was hard to spell. I have seen that many people / business owner don't do some basic research which can really help them to get success online.

This hub is all about getting a right name from the scratch

Domain Name ?


Domain name is simple name, Which represent your website location in the world of WEB, As this hub is for getting a right domain name, I will recommend WikiPedia for detail regarding domain name and understanding the basic of the same.

Before you start of a company / business or website the first thing you think about is the idea behind your business the second thing is the name of your business. In online world you have a benefits of people (customer) reaches you but at the same time if they are not able to find you in quicker way then you may loose them or you have to put lots of money in marketing to show case your brand.

It will be great if people are already searching for your name before even you are planing to launch your website.
supposed people around the globe are searching for "moon glass" and you have a domain name, in this case all search engine will give your website a top rank for keyword "Moon Glass" with a very litter efforts and you will have ready customer / visitor.

How to decide which name is right ?

Getting a cheap domain name is good but getting a right domain is also important. After doing small research and using some logic you can easily find the right domain name for your website, listed bellow are some :

1. Think of your product or service you are going to offer.

2. Goto

3. In the bottom of the page, you will notice similar keyword searches (screenshot bellow), This will give you another wider view of the keyword you may consider.

4. Go to any domain registrar and look for domain availability, if it's available you can go ahead and book that domain name.

You can also do the same above 4 steps in one go with a Domain Suggestion Tools which is developed by me for easy understanding. Please let me know your feedback and suggestion.


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