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How To Start a Dressmaker Shop Business Ideas - A Dressmaking Business

Updated on June 18, 2014

Starting A Dressmaking Business

Dressmaking business can be as lucrative as any other business. To start a sewing business, you must be a dressmaker. Dressmakers are people who have trained sewing knowledge on how to make custom garments, can alter and repair clothes to clients specific requirements. As well as having a home based sewing business, many people have started dressmaking business in shops.

Clients will bring their fabrics for you to make for them. Many dressmaking entrepreneurs specialize on specific dress making area such as tailored suits or wedding gowns. As a dressmaker, you should know the sewing area that you are good at and take advantage of that.

Dressmakers should be able to help their customers or clients to choose flattering fashion styles and fabric. What sewers do is that, if customers want to make particular cloth styles, dressmakers take the customers' measurements before they start to make the garment. The customers would tell the dressmaker what sewing requirements that are needed on and in the garments.

The dressmaker will have to check how the garment will fit the client after sewing it before adding any required decorative or embellished finishes to the garment. Starting a dressmaking shop business is not as difficult as people may think. If you are wondering how to go about it and you have no sewing knowledge or experience, it is time to take time off and train for it.

Dressmaking is nothing more than to be able to follow the instructions of a printed sewing pattern. Dressmakers with expert knowledge in sewing should be able to make any type of garment that the customer specifies. Customers can bring in photographs of garments or sketches for the dressmaker to use in making the garment. Or they can choose their dress styles from your many sewing sample magazines or catalog that you will have on display.

Dressmakers should be very creative in that they should be able to understand how the garment will turn out. They should have experience in proportion, form, color and fit of fabrics. Dressmakers should know how to create custom pattern and how to drape. You can sew ready to wear clothes or custom made garments for customers.


Qualifications Needed To Start A Dressmaking Shop Business

To start a dressmaking shop business, you must first have strong interest in clothes as well as enjoy sewing different types of garments. Train yourself to be very skilled in the making of clothes. Learn all the sewing techniques and its decorative finishes and how you can achieve good sewing results in a shorter period of time.

A dressmaker should have a very good fashion sense. You should be able to use both your eyes and hands while sewing. With time and sewing experience, a dressmaker will be able to develop accuracy and speed in their sewing business. A good knowledge of different types of fabrics, fabric textures, colors and how they complement garment designs.

Dressmakers should be patient as sewing machine do develop faults, you can make mistakes while sewing and come in contact with difficult clients. Dressmakers should possess accurate judgement, should dress very neat and be able to create neat clothes for customers. They must have good customer service as they will be dealing with many customers and be able to work under pressure as some client may need emergency garment making.

Training For Dressmaking Business

Most dressmakers acquire their sewing experience through apprenticeships. There are many fashion design schools or vocational courses in dressmaking that you can attend. You will learn how to make patterns or how to read and use printed patterns, textiles and clothing and how to construct different garment styles.You can then choose an elective in business.

There are other training for dressmakers. you can attend adult education center that offers courses to adult in the community, find out if they offer dressmaking or fashion design course, many of them do.There is also sewing workshops that you can attend to meet experienced and beginners to sewing. Find out about the workshop's organizer and then book your place.

There are many published books that you can learn or read about sewing. You can use published sewing books and magazines that will show you sewing techniques and what sewing methods to avoid. Some of these publications will point you in the right direction that will help you to grow your dressmaking shop business.

Dressmaking shop business can be started with small investment. This type of business have a potential to grow very fast as people will always wear clothes. If you can offer quality sewing service at a reasonable price, then your sewing demand will increase. You should find out if there is any dressmakers association in your area, so that you can register with them so that you can be updated with information about sewing business industry.

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    • bizwin profile image

      Christabel Evans 5 years ago from England, UK

      Thanks Lady Guinevere. It's great to know that you can sew. Sewing is an interesting craft. I hope your sewing business grow as you want.

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 5 years ago from West By God

      I love sewing and have my own business. I had it in another state and it was wonderful and had many clients. I moved to this state and a much rural area and have been trying to get it off the ground for some time now. I also lost lots of space to sew in and now have to do smaller items. I am still trying though! I am trying to go to the local craft faires as another starter. Remember location, location, location helps a lot too if your business gets off the ground or not. I sewed some tops for a lady in many states from me and that worked out well, but nothing has come of that since and that was like 8 years ago. I love your hubs by the way! I may use some of them.


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