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How can I start to sell on ebay and start earning money with drop shipping

Updated on May 22, 2016

Earn Money


Your online business how to create it from the beginning, step by step

Hello, in this post, I want to know the right way of behavior that you need to follow if you are a new user of, should you want to sell, the first thing you should know is that ebay is a very demanding company and to have an account with them, we have the opportunity to earn money from home selling articles for United States no matter what part of the world you are This system is called Drop shipping and through this we can sell, legally, just by copying and pasting articles from the Department stores of the United States, the main point is that I want you to understand thatyou need to follow certain parameters that will help you achieve what you propose, then I'll give you some points to consider, because I see that many people complainthat when you start using your account immediately it blocked him the same and which not they understand why, I will therefore that you pay attention to this post sothat you don't have any problems with your account.

  • To create the account you must leave to pass some time to climb the first item for sale.
  • You must enter from time to time to see things or auctions of other users because ebay is fixed and evaluates the movements that you make in your account.
  • I recommend that you buy before you get a sale also and participate in auctions ofup to $0.06 cents for you to see that you're a person without malice.
  • A Paypal account you need to sell on ebay must, as it is the only way that you can collect your winnings and that people can make transactions to buy.

Sign up for Paypal using this link

Register on Ebay so you can sell through this link


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