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DSE CSE Hot News

Updated on July 20, 2011

This hub is for personal use. Here I am going to collect all information related to share market of Bangladesh. If someone finds it helpful it will be a great pleasure. Source: Facebook

Bangladeshi share market is unpredictable. There are few great people who take initiative to en-reach the knowledge of small investor through facebook. Here they discuss different side of share market. I collect their ideas to educated myself.

Running Suggested Items:

Current paid up of some Leasing companies:

First Lease..............50.3
Premier Lease..........52.1
BD Finanace.............53.7

Among these, application of right share of Premier Leasing (1:1 at par) is pending with SEC.

NOTE: Script price movement:Good and Moderate, Projected price for exit Scripts Script Type Commnts

Keya Cosmetics @93.20- Gambling Script, Samne ektu porte pare, t3/5 e ber hoye jawa uchit, valo hole exit, point 110 without risk.

Makson @45.80: Textile barbe, chintar karon nei agamikal theke barbe,10tk gap must within, in 2 weeks i hope.

Mjl @164: barbe min 180 theke 200 in 2 weeks

RNSpin: good script, exit point 95, 100 and 105 within 1 month or less

Cmc kinci 57.6: Gambling item, samne r o correction hote pare acc. to TA

GP: good script. exit 190, 220, 260, slw but barbe confirm 3 montths hold

JAMUNA BANK: Moderate script, volume pressure kom, slow item barte deri hobe, so better sell it on next mature day.

FIRST BANK: Good script, barbe hold korun, 36 confirm, 1 month hold korle 40 jabe

Uttara bank:Good script,hold 2 month max it will go 150, next exit 100. 120, 140, 160

IDLC: 2 week e 2600 jete pare.

BAY LEASING:2 weeks e 1550 jete pare

FLEASEINT:Good to buy 3 week e 1450..

Maksons: Moderate n slw item,better ber hoye onno script e gele valo

Dacca Deying: Slow item

BDWeld: Good script, in 1 month 85-90

Malek: Slw but barte pare 3 weeks e 80 tk

Spceramic: gamblink script 85 tk exit

Eastland: good script, 1 month or less 1350 exit

Premier lease@ 794: 900 jabe within 2 weeks

Keya Kosmetics: gambling script 120 exit

Micement @186.60. exit 250 within 2/3 weeks

(Tusar chowdhury gq ballpen,correction hobe

confidence cement: 250 in 15days

, city bank:correction howar por uthbe: hold 1 month 700+

safco: 600 in 15days

SQTEXT @142: exit 170 or long term

PLFSL @ 128, exit 140 thn 160 thn 180

Tusar Chowdhury yesterday i asked u abt safco spin, rem? today its halted bro

Dhaka bank: slw, parle onno item dhorun...eta r o pore load nin

Rnspin @ 85.20 gambling script right dibe tai barche, khub shiggir 100 jabe

Daffodil Computer: 32 exit

activefine: slw item

megnacem: next exit 300

standradbnk: correction hobe

BIFC: barbe good script,800. 950.1100 1.5 month

Global ins: in 3 weeks 1000 exit

Northern ins:in one month 1000 jabe

NBL: next exit 70

bextex: 2 weeks 50 tk, bonus share ashay kombe

UttaraBank: 1.5 months 150,

Intech@26.60, slow item next t3 te ber hoye jan

union capital @106 tk: 150 in one month

saiham tex.: within 15 to max , bortoman price theke 100tk porjonto jete pare

Eastland Insurance: good script in one month 1400 tk..

Pending rights are: 13-07-2011

Dacca Dying 1:1
RN 1:1
Saiham 1.5:1
United air 1:1
Beach hatchery 2:1
Federal ins 2:1
Rupali ins 1:1
Trust bank .2:1
Premier leasing 1:1
Bank Asia .5:1
Purobi general 2:1
Ai month er modde sob gulor e mone hoi right approval astese..............

JUNE closing share july-aug. masea must run korbea, abong BANK and Financial institutions o july masea run kortea parea. Ami iteam onausaray PE shoho dichi. Apnara lowest PE dakhea buy korlea valo profit paitea paren. JUNE CLOSING SHARE : 1.OLYMPIC (PE 25) 2.DASHBONDO (PE 18) 3. FUWANG FOOD (PE 14) 4. METRO (PE 14) 5. KEYA COS(PE 16) 6. APEX TANNERY (PE 21) 7.M I CEMENT(PE 22) 8. FUWANG CERAMIC (PE 38) BANK. 1. AB BANK(PE 12) 2. DHAKA BANK(PE 9) 3. AL-ARAFAH(PE 10) 4. ONE BANK(PE 22) 5.UTTRA BANK(PE 12) 6. UCBL( PE 22) 7.NBL(PE 10) 8.PUBALI( PE 15 ) FINANCIAL INSTITUTION 1.UTTARA FINANCE (PE 16) 2.1ST LEASING (PE 23) 3. PEOPLES LEASING ( PE 24) 4. LANKA BANGLA (PE 17) 5. BAY LEASING( PE 26) all should buy lowest pe, or have, don't sell.


Group: A
1) MEGHNA LIFE INS (Buy below 385)(Bonus almost 100%)
2) PRIME LIFE INS (Buy below 375)(Bonus almost 80%)
3) FAREAST LIFE INS (Buy below 375)(Bonus 55-60%)
4) DHAKAINS(Just for tomorrow morning at any rate below 2850)

Group: B
1. National Life Ins
buy range (6500-6780)
Sell Target: 8500-9000+
Duration: 25-30 Days
buy range (3000-3430)
sell target: 3800-4000+
duration: 1 month.
buy range (73-77)
sell target: 86-95+
Duration: 1 week


1.monnojtx below 3000
2.IDLC below 2500
3.lankabanglafin below 230
4.safkospin below 700

DSE : Hot Item & Running With Current Market

bangladesh fund approved

bd stock market & public analysis group

None is perfect in this business. But the smarter ones always take profit and minimize losses. A smart one always sell when everyone complete their buy & always buy when everyone complete their sell. And to follow this advice, you must remember that, buying shares in the lowest prices and selling shares in highest prices are too tough even for the smartest investor. A smart intelligent always controls his/her emotions of greed. A smart investor knows when to buy & when to sell as well as he/she know when not to buy & when not to sell.

Intellectual Business(DSE&CSE)


A. According to TA
1.) Index aj support level cross kore druto niche eseche, eta bazarer r o correction er alert dichhe
2.) It may come near 6150, next 2 din. tht is tuesday and wednesday
3.) Agamikal market MIXED JAWAR VALO Nirdesh dichhe, ebong tar somvabonai besi.
4.) Tobe ashar kotha index khub druto resistance level break kore ager situation e asbe, seta may be ei week ei.
5. Agan + hocche last hr er volume o turnover ja market j stable ta proof kore
6. Correction market e NETTING IS MUST

B.) According to Market Trend:
1.) Market stable rakhar first condition keep the buy pressure on, and sell only at first hour
2.) Shobai k onurodh first hr er por shob sell close korte, karon next day apni valo bazar pachhen, so dnt sell.
3.) Tomorrow observe market for first 30 min thn u decide to go on
4.) Market e gen investorder hate ekhon huge money ja 1500 kotir o koek lokkho gun, era jodi buy dewa shuru kore market may boost anytime
5.) Kaal onekei buy mood e jabe na tobe collection cholbe halka, muloto gambler ra active thkbe, so better observe thn buy
6.) tobe porshu theke investor ra buy e jabe eta sure,
7.) Again gambler der share next wednesday, thursday suny monday 4 din mature hochhe so ei 4 din khub e crucial mone rakhben, ebong hi price thakbe, we can do a lot profit, so hold ur good shares.
8.) ICB buy e jabena unless there is a crash, ei muhurte crash e kono possibility nei ,market fully stable abr o bolchi.
9. Tobe Govt. sstock, icbmf o insurance sector valo tan dibe so ei sectorgulo te invest kora much much safer thn other scripts ekhon.
10. So Kal we mau have a mixed market, index may go dwn, gen investor ra observe korbe, Govt share gulo, icb mf oinsurance barbe, r kaal jodi index kome eta sure thaken next day o ta continue korbe but kom. thursday market full ok bole sure hote pari.

This is totally software generated and based on market TA, Greneral investors psychology, market trend and , investor versus gambler psychology, with personal opinion.

Happy trading for every1 as market is no longer unstable now and we expect and hope for the best.. thx

1.) Index support level cross koreche 6350 er niche eseche, next support level 6150.
2.) Observe the first 40 min b4 u take any decision.
3.) Situation ekhon either + or - howar somvabana, jodi -50 te jay tahole index again will hv a chance to come on 6000.
4.) Kal netting korar valo somoy frst hour, thn buy back again just b4 30 min market closes.
5.) Kal jodi market index neg hoy, tahole last hr hochhe buy korar utkristo time, just 20 min b4 mrket closes
6.) M suggestion is no buy for tomorrow just observe unless netting
7.) Again Market er + sign hochhe last 20min e valo turnover o volume..
8.) era gen investor o gambler, bar bar request keuuu last hr e sell diben na.frst hr e jara netting korte chan ba jara valo prft gain korechen already tara sell din, but after frst hr , somosto sell close, just w8 for buy..ekta jinish vhujte hobe sell jodi den, after frst hr pore noy.plz dnt go for sale after frst hr, other market will may go on massive correction., its a alert for every1 here.
9.) jara tk cash korechen tara last hr e buy din or w8 for next day, definitely market uthbe.
10. I dnt support mf for gen investor, market e ekhon shob cheye valo textile and it sector, so u can shift on IT and and Textile.

11.) Lastly market rumour baad din totally karon j vabe rumour chorano hochhe se onujayi market onek stable, etai shob chaite good news, j gen investor ra now more alert more active and positive., we can rely on them

12.) gambler der share mature hobe next wednesday n thursday so hold ur sharen market j kono muhurte + hote pare, BD fund hoyto chole ashbe,so be ready 4 wednesday and thursday dnt sell ur share


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      nice wemen

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      premier bank ar obosta ki. janaben please.

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      News: MJL Bangladesh Ltd.: As per decision of the Board of Directors of DSE, trading of the shares of MJL Bangladesh Ltd. will start at DSE on 26.06.11 under 'N' category. DSE Trading Code for MJL Bangladesh Ltd. is "MJLBD" and DSE Company Code # 15314


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