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e-commerce fundamentals

Updated on August 6, 2008

e-commerce essentials for Success

One of the most important things for a website with heavy traffic to have is a dedicated server.These behemoths usually include Pentium 3 xeon chips which are gigantic hard drives with remote management systems. The key is scalability, so the server can grow as the web site grows. This is foremost the beginning key to success

Access to Broadband

Both consumers and businesses want to have high-speed access to the internet. Whether you are running your own website from home or are running a small e-business office, networking kits are available for your business to link your computers together with a single web connection. This allows cohesiveness and a network with a backup support. These units are designed for operations that do not have there own tech support teams.

Small Business Server

Servers have more uses than just websites. One in particular is the Dedicated Appliance also known as eServers which can be used for storage, email, webhosting and much more. These devices recognize each other so that when one goes down another is available for backup support.

Reliable Website

It is only human nature when I say,(and we all know it)that nobody has patience with a unreliable website.What is needed to keep your sight ticking is an uninterruptive power supply (UPS). They come as wall units that will supply some additional time of backup to more complete support.

Web Hosting

A web hosting provider will launch a site for you and take care of all maintenance on its own servers. Many web hosting businesses also offer free software for building e-commerce sites and will register a site with search engines and charge either monthly or annual fees. There are many web hosting services out there, so shop around and see which one would serve your business needs best so you are getting what you need and not what you don't.

Site Analysis

When your site is up and running, keep it running smoothly with analysis software. This software actually simulates traffic on your website to take a look at how well your server is running and it can predict when your site will need more power.


In essence, building a business site for you home office or small business does not have to be an undaunting task. The first thing you should always do is your "research and development". The basic steps I"ve written about will only be successful with dedication, committment and patience. Always ask questions to those who are already successful and make sure you start a business or niche that you are passionate about because that is where success is born.


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