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eBay Suspended - eBay Account Suspension

Updated on November 29, 2009

suspended ebay account? get back on today!

You must be VERY careful when doing any of these because eBay is very sophisticated

Quick facts about how to get back on eBay after a suspension:

You cannot use your same computer (this means your IP or Cache - Cookies) or at least your same IP address

You must delete all cookies on your computer and basically restart from scratch

You CANNOT use the same images or descriptions as before, this will get you banned again.

You cannot use your same credit card or same address.

You must use common sense.

If you have been suspended from eBay it's a real shocker at first, then the monetary part comes a few days later. It can be devastating.

There are very simple rules to take to get back on eBay.

Do these at your own risk and use discretion.

Clean out of your cookie and computer cache for all Internet files. If possible format your hard drive and reinstall windows.

Get a new IP address, this can be done easily by contacting your IP provider and getting them to reset your IP Ours was more difficult and we just changed IP providers.

Change your bank account information Or get your spouse to open a new account.

eBay suspension is the worst thing that happened to me so far this year, but just know you CAN do it. Get back on eBay.

Things to watch for from sellers of information on how to get back on eBay anonymously. Supposedly they claim to get you back on with fake information and this can lead to serious issues later on. Avoid these traps at all costs!

I know this seems like a bunch of work AND IT IS, Trust me, but if you are a full timer like myself, it's simple tasks in short bursts to accomplish.

The dumbest mistake I made when getting back on eBay was to list the same item again from the same zip code from the same computer. It took 3 days for me to convince my brother in law to open up a bank account and it was all for nothing, because eBay found out it was me and closed it withing hours.

Again simply use common sense and you will do fine. For more information and complete steps to take to get back from an ebay account suspension.


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    • profile image

      Teddy 2 years ago

      I have been suspended quite a few times then reinstated, but this last time was indefinite. I picked up the free guide by Auction Essistance on how to get back on, but am a little confused if we can use variations.

      They say you can, but a little afraid of them tracing me back to my old suspended info. Does anybody have some input on this?

    • profile image

      Susie 2 years ago

      I haven't gotten suspended and been selling on ebay for years but am always afraid of something like this. I run a legit business but sounds like eBay suspends randomly. You all might want to try I am making the move since they charge much less and can transfer your ebay listings there. I am going to be on both until sales are steady at bonanza. Then will leave eBay.

    • profile image

      Nancy 4 years ago

      I have read a lot about creating a new account. My question is the name part?? How do u get around that? For legal reasons and bank reasons don't u have to use your real name and if so, how does ebay not detect that??

    • profile image

      Dee 4 years ago

      I too was kicked off Ebay for no reason at all, no explanation other than violated policy. I done my homework, number 1, if you get suspended from ebay,,,,,, like RIGHT NOW, get your money OUT of pay pal, they are one and the same!!!!!!! I have read hundreds and hundreds of post regarding people that have been selling on ebay for years, only to end up getting suspended and ALL THE MONEY, in the pay pal account is frozen!!!!!!! Just like mine was the very next day!!!!

      What I believe is happened is that EBAY is now a GIANT!!! They have lots and lots of sellers who are BIG BUSINESS, AND many are out of China, they want to weed out the little guys and are doing so, yes the ones that made EBAY who they are today. They dont have to answer to anyone!! They go in and suspend thousands of accounts every day and give everyone some bull crap about violating rules, or your sells have too many negatives or you didn't get this shipped out soon enough, they have a number of flimsy reasons they use. Bottom line is if your not BIG your going to be deleted...POOF!!! So, if you have just been suspended, my biggest advice is like RIGHT NOW..GET YOUR MONEY OUT OF PAY PAL...NOW!!! I too wish there were some other way besides ebay to sell my things. Looking into some other ones but so far haven't found a good way......good luck all!! Yes, ebid seems to be okay however the traffic is not so good...I welcome any ideas..thanks..suspended forever by ebay without a single warning, just a small time seller.. thanks for reading.

    • profile image

      Arif Ahamed 4 years ago

      Is there any new site which is alternative of ebay? If no, then any site taking less commission and using different payment gateway will replace ebay.

      Please mail me any new site's name where i can start selling again.My email address is

      Authentic ebay selling accounts are being suspended but fake ids are doing business on ebay, what a justice!

    • profile image

      Wayne 4 years ago

      I had been selling on ebay and buying on ebay for over 14 years and had a feedback of over 1400, never had any negative feedback and just sold my own things to get some extra money. Unfortunately one person stated they didn't receive the item I posted and despite giving them a full refund, they gave me 1 star on the DSR. I then had another person try to scam me for an item I sold, after getting the police involved, he was arrested and charged but left me 1 stars on the DSR then ebay suspended me forever! I emailed and called ebay giving them the full details but they weren't interested and said they would not reply to any further emails I send them. Annoyed was an understatement, so I no longer buy anything off ebay and now buy and sell my bits on ebid. I even use google checkout instead of Paypal with my listings now appearing in google shopper as well. The sales are slower but starting to come through bit by bit and with their new phone app coming soon, hopefully these will pick up more. The people on ebid are also a lot friendlier to deal with I have found

    • sharingknowledge profile image

      SHAR NOR 5 years ago from Miami, FL

      eBay is good but sucks. Peoples accounts are being suspended even without genuine reasons but why if i may ask. This looks bad at all!!

    • profile image

      nate 5 years ago

      omg i do not even know where to begin with ebay i got so much shit to say about them i become below standard because of some personal reasons and was working to get back up very hard i was dealing with the loss of my in-laws who we lived with so it was a big loss they both went within months of each other anyway ebay said ok we will allow you to sell this was ebay trust and safety so i was reinstated to sell again yay that lasted 24 hrs then they restricted it again can you believed i have everyones name and call monitered and have contacted my attorney

    • profile image

      nathan smith 5 years ago

      i got suspended because my direct debit card was rejected because i forgot to update the info and was told in a email if i paid my fees with paypal it would be immediately reinstated now im waiting and waiting and this is bullshit ebay says 21 days to get back even the money was taken out of my paypal account and credited to my account and ebay says they got there funds they are giving me the run around

    • profile image

      gaz 5 years ago

      WE ALL made this company, they use our heads as stepping stones to get to where they want to be - just like every other power hungry, controlling dictator throughout history. Thing is,...history DICTATES that they will fall hard one day, and once they go - they'll go for good. Just bide your time folks!

    • profile image

      EBAY SECURITY 6 years ago

      My ebay account was suspended for no reason 2 months ago but back right away on ebay, what everyone should do is to have 3 to 5 accounts none related that way if one got suspended use the next account life goes. But big careful when one of your ebay account get suspended ebay security server is very sensitive you must used new ip address after and clean up you browser cookies. I used dynamic Ip it always change Whenever I go on the internet.

    • profile image

      Borya 6 years ago





      CIVIL ACTION NO: CV 10-5737-JW


      Please indicate your interest in pursuing this matter and our attorney’s office will be in contact with you

      Please email

      We are represented by an attorney who, I believe, recently received documentary evidence that conclusively proves that eBay deliberately manipulated Detailed Seller Rankings (DSRs) to intentionally exclude numerous sellers from their platform. The evidence received also shows that eBay deceives Sellers of the true picture of their Policy Compliance on its Dashboards by “hiding” the actual status. Such actions, at the very least, are unethical and possibly criminal.




    • profile image 6 years ago

      I got a few DSR ratings, which were in the 1's and 2's.... I was drop shipping items from abroad and stated in my advert the time frame of the items arriving. Anyway supposedly due to 4 people giving me the above 1's and 2's for dispatch time EBAY decided to limit me for only 12 items a month, I tried to email people who had not left feedback to get them to leave it but they did not and now BAM!!! i have been suspended indefinitely for seller performance. I rung ebay and all i got was reply to ebay trust and safety so I have emailed them now.... not hoping it will be resolved.

      Like i said to the woman on the phone from ebay.... "ebay is shitting on the little man, and bending over backwards for the big corporations i bet no one like argos, superdry, etc would have this problem" The little man was what made ebay what it is today. If this is the case will ebay have a future, its only amount of time certain people will stop selling on it and move to somewhere else... but that's just it there is no other company like Ebay or Paypal, we need a rival!

      If anyone has some ideas of auction sites with decent traffic please let me know and send me an email.

    • profile image

      Tamara 6 years ago

      Same thing happened to me has anyone ever tried to send a certified letter requesting reinstatement has anyone ever thought of a law suite against ebay we have worked hard to be great sellers with great feedback... can they just take all are hardwork away just because ....?.

    • profile image

      pragmatic 6 years ago

      After becoming ill last year, my eBay feedback went from 100% to very low - I could have worked out of it but then eBay limited my account which meant that I could only add 17 items - since 70% of my sales came from items listed under 30 days, it was devastating financially and my plan to hire someone part time to catch up was not possible. If I had known then what I know now, I would have just put my account on vacation hold for a few weeks and take the loss sales. Even so when I was suspended I had no policy infractions, had 99.9 on item description and postage costs and 99,7 and 99,5 on communication and delivery time.

      One "customer" claim he did not receive his insured parcel and filed a case on several items and received a refund through eBay but then would not cooperate with me so I could have the insurance claim paid. My account must not have been so bad as Paypal gave me about 50% back but since it was a consignment, I lost money on top of it all. Since I had reinvested most of my income into inventory I was left with very little cash. Even with the low feedback, I was still getting some great sales before the suspension..when I inquired about selling again (which is my preferred way of getting "back on") - they said that there isn't a way they have formulated to appeal a suspension.

      I don't think eBay realizes that many of the sellers who made eBay what it is today depend on their site largely and that eventually - we may be seeing it now as Paypal is where all the growth in the company is currently. In my selling area, the largest seller also was suspended...which means that for the most part that eBay is not reasonable in their selling policies and also that customers care more about speed of receipt instead of quality. Its just not always possible when selling non-manufactured vintage items by mail to have everything go smoothly for years on end. One definitely cannot become ill and hope to keep their eBay account - how unfortunate!

    • profile image

      adam 6 years ago

      Seriously, why do you need a pre-paid debit card? You can't use the debit card they give you with your new checking account?

    • profile image

      Paul S 7 years ago

      My wife had her ebay account suspended about 2 months ago,It was down to trademark policy she had 2 karen millen jumpers both of which i bought for her from high street stores,

      Thing is as she knew both items were genuine she relisted them both second time around showing store reciepts in ebay photos,Bang that was it a few days later account suspended and no chance of renstatement,

      On sunday i open my ebay account to find i am now suspended,linked to a suspended user,I had 1500 feedback 100% pos,top rated seller and only one dispute against me in 3 years,I have tried and tried to see if ebay will have some discretion and unsuspend me put all they will say is unless the issues with the account im linked to are resolved nothing can be done.As they wont consider renstating my wifes account it looks like that's it,One more thing,my wife applied to have her account closed down completley as we thought maybe that was a way to resolve the issue and ebay the account cannot be closed as they use the account details on file in case anyone tries to open another account with same or similar detail,Im sure that's not right but ebay seem to be a law unto themselves,Oh and when my wifes account was suspended she was £30 in credit,ebay have not even answered her emails regarding this,be different if it was the other way round.

    • profile image

      Mel L. 7 years ago

      ok, lets start a new site, who is with me??????

    • profile image

      Seriously 7 years ago

      Seriously I have been selling on and off for the past 10 years on ebay and all of my accounts over the years have ended up suspended for one reason or another.

      After a lot of trial and error I have learned how to get back on and selling again.

      Pay Attention:

      The bottom line is to get back on these days I have to reformat my hard drive (reinstall windows), fry my modem and request a replacement (from comcast cable) be sure I got a new IP address, Change my network card mac address, get a new PO box in a new Zip CODE get a new disposable (no contract pre paid) cell phone, get a new checking account and a new prepaid debit card, a new email address, new paypal account and finally start a new ebay account with a different variation of my name. EXAMPLE:

      K.L. Woodly, Ken Woodly, K. Woodley, L. Woodley, Kennith Woodley, Kennith L. Woodley, Ken Larry Woodley, K. Larry Woodley, Larry Woodly, Ken Wood, Larry Wood, KL Wood and so on.

      You have to be smart.

      Honestly for new sellers ebay sucks now. Let me explain why: As of September 2010 any new sellers accounts are restricted to selling 10 items or making $500 PER MONTH whichever comes first. No shit.

      Want to make money?

      I will tell you where the REAL MONEY is:

      One of you needs to Start a company to process payments (like paypal) and work on establishing that company. You will get paid buddy. More money than you could ever spend if you do it right.

      Then someone else should start and establish an auction site to rival ebay.

      Job done. Those 2 people will have more money than the federal reserve...

    • profile image

      Mathew 7 years ago

      buy and sell on I have sold tons of items in 1 month.

    • profile image

      lynn46 7 years ago

      I was suspended from ebay for trademark violations. I used the term "onesie" to describe a one piece baby top. "Onesie" is a trademark for Gerber. I had no idea and immediately removed the term from my listings. I looked up "onesie" and there was 233,000 items listed on ebay with that term and they were not Gerber products. How do they decide who violates and who doesn't get caught. I had 496 positive 99.5 percent feedback in 6 months. I sent to appeals for the suspension to be removed and got 2 replies saying it would not be removed ever and they will not return any more of my emails.

    • profile image

      Ebay Hater 7 years ago

      I was on Ebay for about 6-7 years as a buyer and seller. After selling at the flea market for years, I started selling my leftover for the week on ebay. Always got 100% feedback and over 200 positive ratings with just 2 negative ratings. One day ebay sends me an email for breaking 'copyright' laws by using a corporate photo then listing my own photos with the corporate photos. Then one day I posted a purse I bought from Macy's with the RECEIPT. But ebay removed the listing because they said it was fake. Then they suspended my account, I then tried to show them by email the receipt to the purse, but they said it was too late. My account has been flagged as a hazard to the ebay community and I was selling fake purses. I told the lady look at the RECEIPT! its from Macys! but she told me it was too late, its been flagged too many times. But if I show you the RECEIPT after its been flagged, my purses shouldn' have been removed.

    • profile image

      Ray Miller 7 years ago

      I used to sell on ebay but, they want too much money now i sell on my own and other sites.

    • profile image

      angreejew 7 years ago

      Iv been selling since 02 with over 3k positive feedback and 100% score. Last june a single buyer bought 70 items and then left negitive dsr for shipping costs. Causing my account to suspended for ever. even know he left positive feedback. i contacted ebay and questioned them since it was a single transaction one guy not 70 different guys and informed them that the shipping costs where clearly listed on the listing. but there answer was srry i can do anything its a self aware computer and we cant change anything.

      really sucks

    • profile image

      Jon 7 years ago

      Hi Guys,

      I got suspended on Ebay about 6 months, I had multiple accounts and basically they asked me to send in ID to verify who I am, I sent them the ID but never heard anything back from them so it appears I am permanently suspended.

      However selling on Ebay is a mugs game as the only winners are Ebay. People think they are in control but many don't realise that they are simply not in control of their own business and no business can be effectively in this way.

      However I decided to turn a negative into a positive and decided that I had enough knowledge to make money online without using Ebay, went into internet marketing instead, that's where the real money is!.

    • profile image

      day 7 years ago

      hi ,

      i too got suspended last saturday out of the blue. and ebay big wigs wont even answer my faxes, calls or emails.

      i held on for over an hour then they would hang up on me. they are treating me like a crook all because i sold an item that "few" buyers claim violation of ebay. so they canc. all my listings. i made them $10,000 so far this year and this is what i get? calling for 5 1/2 hrs for NOTHING! ebay sucks. and are rude. i had to refund everyone by force and now they have both item and money.

      its unfair. something has to give. i depended on ebay as supplementary income. they didn't care it was my daughter's acct. mine had same addy , ie. so they decided to close my acct to. so that was a 2 part reason in theire minds i had over 200 pos. fb's.


    • profile image

      kangoo2 7 years ago

      I'm selling on eBay for six years now. In that time I paid 28000 € (TWENTY EIGHT THOUSAND EUROS) eBay-fees, and another mountain of PayPal-commissions. I've had four acounts with 700, 800 or even 1000 positive evaluations. 99-99,5% happy buyers, messages from all over the world. Now I'm blocked "for ever" and they even don't answer my emails.

      When will somebody blow up this ugly company ??

    • profile image

      James 7 years ago

      I was a Powerseller on ebay got kicked off due to paypal freezing my account for 6 months then the domino effect began can't pay ebay fees so account is froze. Account was blocked so i can't pay them (ebay) all because of paypal. So i got my own website with $1 auctions (no matter what you sell)and classifieds too just need to get the word out it will build though time even ebay started out small at one time.

    • profile image

      jim 7 years ago

      I sympathise I got suspended no no reason at all. My brother got suspended and ebay saw fit to ban me too? WTF is that all about????

    • profile image

      jane 7 years ago

      PLease Help!!! I was suspended from Ebay. If anyone knows how ot get back on, please pass the much needed information.Its a frustrating situation to be in.

      I am totally confused on what to do next. Every time I try to speak with a rep. its the same story over again.

      Any information would be appreciated.

    • profile image

      Asim 7 years ago


      I had been selling on ebay for Several years until start of this year they suspended me forever for apparently being a high risk. I have been selling teh same products for three years. Paypal and Ebay are the same company. Do not be confused. Paypal had frozen £20,000 of my money. I have had gteh worst year of my life tryig to pay back suppliers. Does anyone know how to get back on ebay and paypal? I have tried severa times and every time they have shut me down

    • profile image

      John Wilkes 7 years ago

      Just got a 12 month suspension. This is my 3rd... priors were 30 days each. Reason was feedback manipulation. Ha, I did it for the month. I proved my business model to them, showing them the proportion of money all parties involved earned. They said it was not 'sound' for them.

      Going to attempt on a new account. I'm a smart guy, and think I'll get it going. If I do, I'll post it for everybody. eBay has been caused me a lot of stress over the past 2 years. I had a perfect 8 years prior.

    • profile image

      Mike 7 years ago

      Even if you go into all the trouble changing everything ebay will still ban you and ask you to send personal details, another 2 weeks gone and nothing. Ebay is good but the people who run it are bad. I used to make money and make money for them but when they want to pull the pin they just do it. What we need is a new auction site who will offer better support and be a little more lenient and give everyone the opportunity to make some money. I can tell you ebay will not be around forever. They will get busted for fraud and then will shut down. Remember all the Lawsuits against them the more they are being fined the more we will pay in fees. We are just gophers getting taken for a ride.

    • profile image

      F. Ebay 7 years ago

      The ebay way of doing things is analogous to getting pulled over for a speeding ticket, then having your car, house and job permanently taken away. There should be a law. More lawsuits against ebay please.

    • profile image

      ebayblows 7 years ago

      I was just completley bamboozled by eBay. I make my entire living as a single mom off ebay sales and over the course of a few years was making $7-10k a month. I got suspended after bieng a powerseller for a few years due to getting like 5 negatives in 3 months. I fully refunded and showed proof to ebay that they were refunded. I stupidly had my son open an acct after, because ebay wouldn't even talk to me about what i could do to reinstate it. His acct was shut down for bieng linked to a suspended user. Fast forward a year, I get my account back and Im selling on it like crazy, making tons of money and Im suspended again for bieng linked to a suspended user (my son) fyi, his suspended acct was 100% positive. So I fax over all of my information and proof of identity and receipts and theys ay ok, ur back on, so im all excited and i start listing doubletime, to make up for lost sales and I literally wake up in the morning and im suspended again! So I called them and they told me that they reinstated me by mistake and i should have never been reinstated in the first place and I am banned for life. WOW!!!!! Now, Im trying to figure out how I can get back on. I cant make that kind of money and pay daycare and pick the kids up from school, i depend on my ebay job, argh! anyone know if those stealth programs work? I need help asap!

    • profile image

      SD 7 years ago

      It's funny I was thinking of Hitler reincarnated when I got suspended by them. I am a powerseller on one account with 1500+ feedback 99.5% (1 negative was dishonest and profane which ebay decided just to remove the comment). I created another account selling clothes drop shipped by a dealer. Feedback there is 100% positive. After about a few weeks, I got the email from them cancelling my listings and asking me to fax them identity, bill and invoice for items. I did the first time, and they emailed me back saying they can't quite tell the details from my ID, so I sent them another one this time clearer for sure. The thing about the invoice is that I had to create a fairly professional one with a company name I deal with, and could attest to doing business with me. Ebay's email anyways states that it can be "You can use purchase records and

      relevant documentation from suppliers and third parties." I faxed them everything they needed and the dreadful email came later with the MC071. What's interesting is that one of my buyers got sent an email claiming that a 3rd party accessed this account and that it was suspended, which to me made me think "ok maybe they still don't believe it's me" since there's nothing I have violated. I appealed and got a reply finalizing their decision that my account will remain closed, no explanation whatsoever.

      I used 2 ebay accounts but the second on another browser for cookie reasons, and I was wondering whether that had something to do with them suspecting identity theft since cookies for one account remained on one browser while cookies of another account was on the other browser. But there's absolutely nothing wrong I did on any account, items I sold were legal etc. Thankfully my first and major account is still open, but I'm sleeping with the monitor on (not literally) fearing the ebay gestapo will close it any time. After a few years of loyalty and business, that would be both dumbfounding and devastating.

    • profile image

      maries 7 years ago

      any Body who want to work with me on ebay..let do the real me or chat wth me at jr_jamesobert01 that is my yahoo,,you can email me here and would explain better to u..

    • profile image

      KW 7 years ago

      I too was just suspended for my third and final time with all three accounts gone in a poof two days ago, all ebay would tell me is that I breached their "rules" again and had low DSR ratings, ha, I had over 300 positive feedbacks with 100% ratings for years and some jack off bought some "costume jewelry" got it and proceeded to tell me it was not all 24k gold, hello (I never said it was) demanded a refund, then left negative feedback...two weeks later I get three of his buddies to buy from me and leave negative feedback as well totally ruining my years of hard work, why? because he didn't get rich off my gold? then I get this email right after the suspension saying "well, your off ebay I see, good! oh and by the way, it was me and my family that ruined you...haha" WTF? I can not believe that ebay would take years of good selling and throw it all away for a couple of jerks lying about me...screw ebay! Im done

    • profile image

      jenstu 8 years ago

      i too am suspended with "several policy breaches" but they will not tell me what policies i have breached. i only sold my old clothes - no brand names only marks and spencers so i am gutted. Being disabled i can't go out into the working world easily so it was ideal. Now i'm skint and fed up!!

      I have started to list on ebid. It is slower going but the more who join the better, so all i can say is join now!!

    • profile image

      Joyceann 8 years ago

      I have been suspended for about twelve years. The problem? Four buyers complained that they did not receive my merchandise. At the time I was gravely ill and could not use my computer! Ebay told me to contact the complainers and gave me details on what to do. All of the complainers agreed that they did receive my merchandise but none of them did what I asked. So, twelve years later I am still suspended!

    • profile image

      Keith 8 years ago

      Ebay did indeed become heartless, but that is one side we can somehow do with it. What i am afraid is that for their ignorance to consider that people rely on them. Someone sick could just go and make a rampage there in there office, machine gunning them or just blowing out everything. They do need to think of better methods of working with people. It appears they need people less and less as time progresses and corporations selling at their site now bring them more revenue then the rest of regular folks do. That is why corporations on ebay are unsuspendable, that is why regular folks get more and more suspendable year after the year. Ebay needs to consider everyone, or just become solely corporation's site, no individuals at all. They are coming to that, but at this time they at least need to think how to make things okay that some crazy student woudn't do the national news with some crazy act in their office. That sounds crazy but it's a possibility if you are not stupid you understand it. People loose income over their treatment of people. Did it happen that people loosing their jobs killed the whole their family? Happened and not one time in the last three years, it did really make the news. If a person does not feel mercy for their family and takes them with him, then how can you expect someone to feel different to ebay it's self. Also considering what is going on in schools and how many shootings happened in recent years it really starts to look terrifying. The above is what happened in real world, I guess I need to include in my prayer God to keep ebayers from getting this violent nobody would benefit from violence. But I am afraid some people don't have the clear understanding to just go to college improve their education and stay away from ebay for the rest of their lives. That is the best solution. Leave the ebay alone with their politics they must fail on their own some day. Until then have the patience.

    • profile image

      Keith 8 years ago

      SONJIA MONTGOMERY The buyer harrassing you is your competitor most likely. May be but hardly someone sick.

    • profile image

      ewho? 8 years ago

      Some of the stuff ebay can do is borderline illegal as far as privacy goes. I wish we really knew the inner workings of their cross referencing system, someone could really dig up some dirt on them

    • profile image

      eBay Suspended 8 years ago

      That sucks

      get back on, maybe Chanel is the real threat here not ebay

      because automatically they think they are fake without questions asked you get banned.!

    • profile image

      SONJIA MONTGOMERY 8 years ago

      Why in the hell is eBay so secretive?They think they are GOD!!!!!!!!!My account was suspended on Thanksgiving this year,and I do not know why.I sell Chanel sunglasses and they said they need to check and make sure my listings are authentic,I have been selling the same glasses for over a year!I had 100% Feedback until some b--ch did not receive her glasses quick enough ,said she wanted a refund.I gave her the refund,then she said she wanted the glasses again,told her they were already sold.She then contacted eBay,said I sold her glasses to someone else.Then she proceeded to say she went to have them authenticated,and they were fake.And this is after everything was said and done,she felt the need to keep harrassing me.This is the only thing I can think of as to why my account is suspended,right at Christmas!!They also limit me on how many pairs of glasses I can sell,but they will not tell you how many you can sell.They are ridiculous!!!I hate ebay ,I too wish that another auction site would blow them out of the water.

    • profile image

      ebay un-suspension 8 years ago

      I am finally coming out with the truth, way to many hard working people have emailed me on my original post on here, I have been back on selling on ebay for the past 2 years AFTER my suspension.. Now I finally tell it all on how I am back selling on ebay and loving it, because it makes my mortgage payment each month.

    • profile image

      Jason 8 years ago

      Something has to be done. This nonsense has to stop. The best possiblity is for a better auction site to destroy ebay.

    • profile image

      funauctions4you 9 years ago

      i hear you there they told me i would be able to get back on after i sent them everything they asked for in a fax i sent it 3 times and a month later i was still band from ebay i could'nt write them back because my account was cancled so i started up a new onw to email them within a half hour they cancled my account once agin i was a saler out there for 4 years all of my buyers loved me did it have one bad feedback out there and know im starving cause i have no income coming in besides what i make from

    • profile image

      Melissa 9 years ago

      Hi, I know the last suspended user to post was three months ago but I just wanted to tell you, if you get this, that I'm SO sorry for what happened and that I completely empathise with you because the same exact thing has happened to me. I had 340 positive feedbacks and was on ebay for about 2 years and kept getting my listings from philosophy removed. (Everyone please be careful when listing philosophy items, they are a HUGE corporation and obviously hire people to sit around all day and check ebay for their items being sold) I admit the first couple of times I used one of their stock photo's in an item description and it made me get those listings removed for "copyright infringement" but when I tried posting their new fragrance in a sample vial, my own photo, own words and everything it STILL kept getting removed. I tried to write to ebay and asked why, they said they didn't know and told me to "just ask them" Yeah, tried that and they couldn't see my listing so they couldn't tell me. Ebay restricted me from selling fragrances (but yet certain brands I could still sell) and it confused me.

      For D&G "The One" they kept telling me I was on restriction for 30 days. I was confused so I sent customer service an inquiry about why I was still on restriction since my 30 days was over, and (still having my other fragrance listings posted~thinking they were okay to post since I was actually able to list them) I get a response back the next morning that wham, I'm suspended, blocked...just decapitated ;( No warning nothing. They said I still had 3 days left to my suspension and violated their policy blah blah. As if that wasn't enough (Knowing that my email trying to be honest made me dig my own grave) then all the items I had just sold they automatically turned them into paypal "item not received" claims and sucked the money right out of my paypal account making it a negative balance. Then that, in turn made paypal just close my account. All because I tried to follow the rules and sell vials of Philosophy perfume. Yes Ebay is such a big corporation they have become heartless and apathetic to the people who work so hard at being sellers. We get the shitty end of the deal

    • profile image

      Rob 9 years ago

      Try ebid

    • profile image

      suspended user 9 years ago

      Ebay is a good selling site, but ebay and HITLER were the same in-fact I think the people that own ebay are relaited to HITLER. I sold and purchased on ebay for 2 years 450 posative feedback and sales of about 5,000.00 per month. An Item was returned but not the same item as I sent, EBay sided with the buyer and refunded the money and kicked me off I paid eBay trust and safety and the buyer, moved and opened a new account. This account had over 500 positive feedback and ran for over a year with sales averaging 4,000.00 per month, eBay kicked me off as linked to a suspended user, they also kicked my daughter off for being related to me. EBay has been paid 3 times with money orders they cached and the original buyer demanded more money and has been reimbursed more than once and eBay still will not respond to an email or reinstate me. Can anyone help?

    • profile image

      jasmine 9 years ago

      check out craigslist!!!

    • esocial profile image

      esocial 9 years ago from California

      Sounds like a lot of work with new images, new accounts, new zip -- new everything. What would be better is for eBay to actually improve and stop automated suspensions and / or a new competitor to open up and treat sellers much better :) Anyone, anyone?