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eBay Auctioning - Have You Tried Their Valet Service?

Updated on January 24, 2016

This is a Pack of New Socks - Never Worn


People Actually Buy Used Socks

I tried to sell a package of brand new socks. I got no bids. Then I looked at what other people were selling. I discovered that people are actually bidding on used socks.

If you are going to sell anything, you need to try to sell something that people are actually interested in purchasing. That is the first mistake I made, trying to sell something that people were not interested in buying.

My First Attempt to Show You

I am going to try to sell a package of socks from Famous Footwear. I have not worn them. I have not opened the package. I have placed them in a clear zip lock bag until I sell them to keep them clean.

I didn't wear them. I don't like the fact that they have a girdle effect on my foot. I like my socks a little bit looser. I have a wide foot. These socks probably feel good to someone with a narrower foot. Mine are wide.

So. That's the reason that I am putting them on eBay. It's just easier. The only thing less easy will be if I put this effort forth and they don't sell. Or, then again... if they do sell, then I have to get to the post office with the package.

No, wait. I can print out my mailing label and purchase the postage from eBay and then I just have to drop the package off at the post office. No postal interaction. The deed will already be done.

This is a Photo of a Used Sock


Something New

Upon looking online, I hadn't realized that some people make a true living selling socks. One person insisted that they only sell used socks.

I cannot imagine sock success but you and I will learn together. Perhaps this is the financial step of a lifetime.

One foot at a time? Well, better make that TWO feet at a time. Socks are sold in pairs..

How About You

Do you want to sell socks, too?

See results

Newsletters Available

I signed up to get notifications from some sock company who would be willing to sell socks in bulk. I think a 'sock of the month' club would be fun to run. However, I am afraid that I'd have the same problem. A huge pile of new socks and no bids.

My Auction

By the time this goes to print, hopefully my socks will have sold, so I am not including my own auction on this page.

Selling Socks

Selling Used Underwear

The Valet Service Must be a New Thing

If you have items that you want to sell and they are of some value, you can have ebay professionals sell them for you.

From what I am reading, you get 80 percent of what they sell it for. That's pretty good.

It almost appeals to my Lazy side.

What do I Find Sells on Ebay

Well. I have discovered that my new walnut slices are a seller. I had my first sale and my daughter thinks that I should put my 99 cents in a frame and cover it with glass. A reminder of my years of building a sawmill, testing, trying and finally, my first success.

It's so rewarding to see the red number on your ebay summary to green, meaning that in a few days or hours you will need to package up your item, get the shipping label on it, get it to the post office and then, on to your next sale.

It's almost addicting!


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