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eBay Dos and Don'ts

Updated on June 22, 2015

If you're a person who loves to shop on the Internet in the comfort of your own home, you may have already become a member of Bay. While standing as the world's biggest marketplace for online shoppers, eBay welcomes more and more new members to millions of its users everyday. Signing up on eBay is just like signing a contract to be sure you will provide satisfaction for both yourself as a buyer, as well as other sellers.

eBay's logo used until 2012.
eBay's logo used until 2012.

However, there are times when a buyer complains he or she didn't receive the right order after a delivery or a seller is still waiting on the payment from the buyer. Sometimes, the buyer may not get a package at all, while the seller reluctantly proves it's already shipped with a shipping number. eBay is a good website to purchase new and used products. You just need to follow all its rules, read all bidding instructions and auction pages, and promise to pay sellers accordingly.

The Dos: Make your purchase immediately

After winning the auction, you should pay the seller right away. Paypal, which is an automated electronic payment service to purchase Internet goods or send money from a credit card or bank account, is typically the best way to pay in terms of fast and speedy delivery. Many sellers highly recommend this type of service to distribute payment as well. They often list specific credit card brands (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) that are acceptable. Some sellers may take money orders as an alternative to sending cash safely. Checks are sometimes accepted, but keep in mind that they usually take several days for them to be cleared up. Whatever your choice of payment, be prepared to pay immediately

PayPal is often the preferred method of payment from sellers.
PayPal is often the preferred method of payment from sellers.

Keep invoices

Sellers often allow buyers additional days to pay for their orders and it's good for those who have won the bidding of the product while not having the money at that time. An invoice should include the seller's contact information, including the telephone number and both e-mail and mailing addresses. If the seller issues a refund while you are not happy with your order, have the temptation to notify him or her as soon as possible. They do make mistakes and they are often very encouraged of buyers to depict them.

Be descriptive while selling

Be especially careful when selling products that have malfunctioned, which in this case you should include an as-is policy. The goal for buyers is to make them feel satisfied and deeply pleased with a seller's communication and service. If you decide to sell any of your items, make an extremely detailed investigation on them. Check for scratches, test them and see if they works properly. Be as highly descriptive as you can when you describe them on your auction site.

Make every effort to describe the items you're selling, especially electronics such as this iPad.
Make every effort to describe the items you're selling, especially electronics such as this iPad.

The Don'ts: Bidding/buying without reading carefully

Before you purchase an item, be sure that you pay careful attention to its auction page. Sometimes the seller uses his or her own camera to provide real actual photographs of products; he or she may also use vintage photographs. Look at them carefully; eyes can be deceiving. If the actual size is available, it will indicate just how large or small the product is.

Look at the seller's brief description of his or her feedback, and feel free to read the posted comments left by buyers and other sellers as well. There may be a "power seller" symbol beside the seller's eBay ID name, stating he or she had sold hundreds of goods while maintaining an excellent percentage rating; 99.8%, for example. If the seller is to blame for any negative feedback that was left by buyers, read and observe them and be alert of any disadvantages he or she may cause again.

Rushing to leave negative feedback

If you receive an item and you're not happy with it, it's no good to just provide a negative feedback to the seller. The wisest thing to do instead is to contact the seller and explain what happened. If it's a wrong order, let the seller know. If the item hasn't arrived on time, tell the seller. Use communication to resolve your disputes.

For all eBay users, eBay contains additional help information for virtually all of their problems experienced while using the site. Selling or buying items do require good judgment in order to prevent problems. eBay is a fine website to purchase new and used items while saving money at the same time. Just be sure that you use common sense whether you're buying or selling a product.


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