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eBay Sales Timing for Maximum Sales

Updated on October 16, 2014

It's common sense that selling what people want to buy is the best way to increase sales. There are many ways to figure out what consumers demand. One option is extensive market research while another option is relying on judgment. These options ride opposite ends of the continuum. It can be argued one way is better than the other. Market research gives you an edge when it comes to focused analysis of what sells best, but at the cost of time. Judgment can fare pretty well if the seller sticks to items people typically buy on a regular basis, but at the cost of potential sales.

Along the continuum is the method I use. Timing. Don't get me wrong. I also sell regular items people will want at some point. However, I know the time of year can really drive what people are scrambling to buy. What do I mean? There are certain things people are looking for depending on the time of year. Here are some examples:

- Holiday items. Christmas means people want decorations, holiday attire and discount gifts. Easter means pretty dresses for little girls and dapper outfits for boys. Holidays drive sales directed towards related items and often the right items sell themselves. Try classic gifts like jewelry for Valentines Day and toys for Christmas.

- Recurring and special events. Graduations, formal dances, weddings, etc. I sell bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses pretty regularly. In fact, bridesmaid dresses can double as formal dresses for other occasions as well such as prom and homecoming. Consider what events are likely to be happening during the coming time of year. School dances happen in fall and spring, sometimes winter and more weddings happen in the warmer months. Summer means selling pool care items and winter will see many coat sales.

- Items, the value of which is tied to market trends. I buy and resell gold and silver jewelry. I buy when the market value is low and resell when the market value rises. Other items' sales can also be driven by whatever is going on in the world. For example, many people stocked up on ammo and guns when the FedGov tried to impose stricter gun control. Pay attention to what is going on and sell items that match what's flying off the shelves.

- Items that are hard to find or sold out. What is more in demand than that item nobody can buy except from a few sellers? This can sometimes rely on skill or luck. For example, items out of stock online may be available in stores. Or perhaps you already have it on your inventory. Manipulate the situation and you may turn a nice profit. If you employ market research and use skill and experience to figure out what might sell big before it does, you can buy up inventory then sell at lofty prices.

Timing is an important factor to consider when buying items to sell. You don't want items sitting on inventory for months when the space could be used for a faster moving item.


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