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eBay or Amazon

Updated on November 2, 2014

eBay and Amazon are the most prolific places to sell your wares. A seller may weigh the cost benefit analysis game of which is better. I've found neither is really better. Both sites have their merits and their missteps. There are ways to maximize each. I present a few ways but I'm sure there are other ways. Anyhow, here is a little bit of what I've learned through experience.

1. Anything with a UPC is sold most easily. Amazon is great way to fire and forget. You list it, the price, and quantity and it sits until it sells. Most of the time you can punch in the UPC and you're good. Other times you have to put in a slight description. Sometimes you simply can't list it.

2. You can sell china on Amazon. I listed about half of my china on amazon with a description. It makes it easier.

3. For things you can't sell on Amazon, try eBay. Restricted Amazon listings are a great source for description of you item that is probably already SEO ready. All you need to do is search a similar item, when you find it, hit the "sell it" button, and put in a self-made pic.

Now on to why you're reading this article. Amazon is a fast way to post things for sale, only in the item was already listed. They also take a bigger cut on sales compared to eBay. eBay is great for selling stuff that you can't post of Amazon. You also get a bit more on your sale. This poses the question....which site gives you more for your trouble? Neither, really, when you consider your time is worth money, and unlike money, you can't get time back. eBay also started charging a listing fee for many items and they now reduced the free relisting from three times to one time. It's sad they're nickel and diming during the holidays. Consider what you might eat if your items don't sell during the holiday season.

Bottom line: I recommend selling as much on Amazon as you can and posting the rest to eBay. Amazon is free and eBay sometimes isn't.


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