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eBook Publishing Home Business Idea

Updated on May 11, 2013

The eBook Revolution

Wikipedia defines publishing as the process of producing and making information available to the general public. Until the last few years publishing has been generally held to relate to the printed – on paper – word. Technology changed this common definition almost overnight. The next time you're in a waiting room or traveling on public transportation look around and count how many people are reading something whether a book or a magazine or some kind of report. Now take a closer look and think about what the fellow over in the corner is doing with his phone, he's not talking much, or texting, instead he's tapping the screen every so often and gives every indication that he's engrossed in something. Or how about the woman opposite you who just dug around in her tote bag and pulled out a smallish flat-screen something and gives every indication that she is settling in for a good read?

During a recent stint in an unfamiliar hospital (my husband was having an unexpected x-ray) I was caught without a thing to read. The only printed thing I could see was the small sign explaining why you would no longer find any magazines in their waiting room – something to do with germs and communicable diseases. Before I got thoroughly bored however I noticed something interesting, of the four other people in the room, everyone one of them was reading while they waited. Hmm, out came my Smart Phone and I quickly opened up my eReader app which took me right to the place where I had closed it last time. Move over paperbacks, eBooks are taking over the world.

Why eBook Publishing.

The first e-book patent was taken out in the late 1940s and as we look at the increase in e-book usage since we can surely say about e-books "You've come a long way baby!" Revenues in e-book sales are surging at a time when sales in the publishing industry over-all have become flat, if not to say stagnant. The growth in e-book revenues has caused many traditional publishing houses and book distributors to rethink their sales focus, it is estimated that in 2011 as much as 30% of the overall revenue for major publishers was coming from e-books rather than tradition book formats.

So what does all this mean for the home-business entrepreneurs who wants to capture some of that revenue stream for themselves? Anyone looking to break into the e-book market needs to be aware that a strong component of this market is the self-publishing phenomena that is happening around the world. Major publishing houses now offer e-book publishing as a complement for authors who may just want to publish a few hundred copies of the family history in hard bound format. Of course, this comes with a hefty price tag because the publisher needs to make some money for themselves and their staff of in-house editors and designers.

Essentials of An eBook Publishing Business At Home

  1. A good internet connection. If you live in a large metropolitan center, chances you don't think very much about how you connect to the internet any more. Now that the days of dial-up modems are thought of as being in the dark ages, most people just take for granted that everyone around them is able access the Internet the same way (and at the same rate of speed) as they do. Living in a part of Canada where my Internet access speed is in the lowest 16% of the entire country I can tell you confidently that high-speed internet does not mean the same thing for everyone. If you are going to be uploading significant chunks of information, the speed of your internet connection, as well as upload and download costs will have to factor in to your planning if you're hoping become a successful eBook publisher from your home.
  2. Material to be published. This can be an eBook that you've created yourself, or a friend's handwritten journal of an inspiring life event. Copyright laws apply to eBooks as well as traditional printed materials so make sure that any publications you plan to publish on-line in eBook format is legitimate.

  3. Access to resource persons. Brick and mortar publishing companies are called publishing houses for a variety of reasons. One of the more obvious reasons is that there are a lot of people involved in producing a book. Publishing a eBook may mean that you're planning on doing all the work from creating the content through designing the cover picture and end page, but if you truly want to be an eBook publisher, you'll likely want to share the work with other home-workers. Freelance workers can be easily located on-line, in fact two of the more popular freelance work boards, Elance and oDesk regularly feature job opportunities for ghost-writers, book editors and every other job you can imagine that relates to the creation of an eBook.

  4. Marketing strategy. It's easy to develop eBooks and there are no hard and fast rules about how long the average eBook should be. Successful eBook sellers are ones who have taken the time to learn about the many opportunities found on the Internet for promoting their eBooks. As an ebook publisher you will need to be able to use tools such as Google Analytics that will help keep your inventory available to the people most likely to want to read what you have available.

The Bottom Line -- Cost

Setting yourself up as an eBook publisher can be as simple as creating a how-to-guide, adding some pictures, saving the guide in a variety of eBook formats – .PDF, . EPUB, and .AZW are three of the most popular ones – and setting up a domain to sell your book from. As you talk about the finished product on your blog, or design pages on the web-site to draw potential readers in, if your product is something people are interested in the sales will come.

EBook publishing has an enormous potential and since it can all be accomplished from the comfort of your home, it is a great way to test out whether you have what it takes to become a successful home worker.


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