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Shopping Online

Updated on September 4, 2014

Challenges of Online Shopping

Despite the rise in online shopping, it is still facing some challenges which have not yet been completely resolved. The main problem facing online shopping is the concerns regarding safety of giving financial details to unknown websites. Online shoppers have in many occasions raised security concerns of the online shopping. There is general belief that online retailers are not immune to security failures. There several consumers who still distrust online shopping due to security, privacy and delivery concerns. They fear that their personal or financial information can be divulged to unauthorized persons. Some reports indicate that online customers are likely to leave their trusted online retailers in cases where they lose their trust in the organization due to security breach. Many potential online customers shun online transactions due to security issues. Some consumers especially within the developing countries consider online fraud or theft of identity to be a risk to them (Seebacher 2002).

The other key problem or challenge which is affecting online shopping is the attitude of the consumers. Consumer’s attitude towards online shopping is one of the prominent factors affecting the actual buying behavior. Consumers’ perceived risks that they associate with online shopping adversely affect the growth of online shopping. Recent research studies conducted have shown that consumers’ risk perception is one of the major obstacles to the future growth of online shopping. The risk perception of the consumers concerning online shopping are related to privacy and security of personal information, security of online transactions and the uncertainty about the quality of the product. Consumers usually want to purchase products that they can touch and feel before they make purchasing decisions.

How online shopping is made good

Measures need to be taken to address security and privacy concerns. Online retailers need to put in place technical protection against any form of malicious data acquisitions. Online companies have to acquire software which guarantees projection of the users. There are a range of technical solutions that can help both consumers and businesses to guard against any form of risks that associate with malicious acquisition of data or information about the customers. Organizations may make use of the windows that warns them in cases where the site is reported as a phishing site. It is also important to create more awareness among the online consumers. Consumers can also ensure that the computers that they use to access internet receive continuous maintenance. This will reduce their vulnerability to cyber crimes.

Technical protection can also be offered against fraudulent use of data. It is very important to introduce chip and PIN in transactions that take place. Organizations should offer automatic fraud prevention software which screens transactions, flags unusual payments and check the types of recent transactions on a card . They also have to clearly state the information requirements and establish systems which can do proper verification of the information against that information which are held by the retailing company. Online companies or retailers also need to provide information which indicates that the websites are secured and safe for online transactions.

Online Shopping Tips

Online Shopping Evaluation

There are different ways that organization online retailers can address the security and privacy challenges that are likely to be encountered in many online transactions. However, the most feasible solution is to offer technical protection by purchasing software which guarantees the protection of the consumers or users that carry out online transactions through its website. The software being used should be able to guarantee protection against unauthorized access to personal and financial information. Stronger partnerships should be established with the software providers to ensure that the software being used is effective and efficient.


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    • vipsmat profile image

      vipul mahtur 3 years ago from New Delhi, India

      I found your hub interesting and informative. In addition to this, there are some useful tips also given that are helpful for those who shop online. Thanks for sharing.