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Make Money Online from Bidvertiser

Updated on December 27, 2015

1#About Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is one of the top blog advertising sites in Web. Bidvertiser brings together bloggers and advertisers from different parts of the world. If you have a blog or personal website and looking to monetize using Advertisements, Bidvertiser is one of the best options.

This hub provides information of how to get started with bidvertiser, making your website approved at bidvertiser and start using bidvertiser to generate revenue for your blog

Bidvertiser Review
Bidvertiser Review

1. Getting Started to Earn Money Online with bidvertiser

Why Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is one of the top blog advertising sites which is famous for providing average revenue for bloggers. If you have blog or website which has good amount of traffic, then you are ready to make money online with bidvertiser. You must be wondering why I am referring here to Bidvertiser while there are top advertising networks such as Google Adsense and Yahoo Publisher Network.

This is because Bidvertiser is one of the best advertising revenue site for beginners and for those people who lost their Adsense accounts due to invalid clicks. Adsense and Yahoo are very strict in invalid click activities which may not have your intervention. Once you lost these accounts, you may never able to retrieve them back. In such cases, you are left with options like Bidvertiser who pay reasonably based on page views.

If you have business online and looking for selling your business products and earn money online, then you can join bidvertiser as advertiser. For people who are thinking bidvertiser legit or spam, bidvertiser is genuine site which has been paying huge money for experienced bloggers from years. Join bidvertiser with link below.

Bidvertiser is one of the top websites which provides you relation with new advertisers and helps in monetizing your blog. Get information about top advertisers and how to get your website started with advertising and earning money through bidvertiser. If you have blog or website, bidvertiser is free to join. You can join bidvertiser and start to make money online from blog. Bidvertiser is free to join Below is the joining link.

Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

#2 Highly Paying Bidvertiser Ads

High Paying Bidvertiser Ad Formats

Are you looking to earn huge revenue with bidvertiser. Then you should be looking for high paying bidvertier ad formats. Generally high paying Ad formats of bidvertiser are 728*90, 160*600.

But if you have advertisement management plugin installed and have a self hosted wordpress blog, then you can earn huge money from 336*280 ad format and 250*250 ad format. This plugin helps you to post the ad in every post of your website or blog.

This helps in generating more traffic for your website or blog

Using Advertising Websites

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#3 Generating Revenue for Blog

If you are either using Bidvertiser or any other advertising site for your blog, important is to have quality content for your website or blog.

If you don't have quality content, there is no way possible to generate page views for your blog. Advertising revenue gets decided mainly on number of page views and hits for your blog. If you have a blog with good niche, it is really important to have quality articles in your blog which reflect the blog name and content. You can check out my hub Blog Zone
where I have shared information on writing quality content and generating revenue for your blog.

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#5 Blogging Books from experts

There are many professional bloggers online who have shared some expert advice through their E-books and Videos. Some of these books have gained tremendous popularity. These have been added in the hub.

If you would love to develop your blogging skills, you will definitely give these blogging advice into practice.

#6 Bidvertiser Payment

Bidvertiser pays to your paypal account if you are a publisher and gets payment from advertiser through Paypal.

Minimum payout is 10$. Once your advertising income reaches 10$, you can request check out for bidvertiser.

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