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easy and legitimate ways to earn money online in kenya

Updated on August 16, 2011

With this hard economic time where food prices are hitting an all time high, fuel prices increasing every now and then and jobs that are hard to come, the wananchi or the common people are indeed suffering and they look as though their future is uncertain.

Unfortunately the government of Kenya is not doing enough to counter the many challenges that are facing its citizens. Politicians are working for their own interests rather than helping the people that have elected them to parliament. The usual Kenyan tagline of 'tunaomba serikali' is falling to deaf ears as politicians prepare for the busy 2012 elections.

This post is for the typical Kenyan youth who is unemployed and struggling to make ends meet. If you have failed to get employed then believe me there are ways to get out of it. Don’t you want to earn money from places you haven't imagined of before? If yes you better read this article word by word as it may change your life forever.
Today let me introduce to you this topic of making money online which is rocking the rest of the world but is not popular in sub Saharan Africa and specifically here in Kenya. In the developed world people are making full time income by working from the comfort of their homes doing easy and legitimate jobs online. Analysts have predicted a bright future for this industry and twenty years to come it will be a major contributor to the world economy.

Indeed it’s easy to make a decent amount of money online in Kenya if you have the time and will to do it. as a jobless youth in the streets of Nairobi, a stay at home mom or a retiree I guess you have time to work online and get paid in return for the efforts you have put in.
So what skills and experience does one need to have in order to work online and make money in the process? Guys let me tell you that there are no special skills or experience you are required to have. If you have a basic understanding of the English language and how to operate a computer you can do this job.

So get ready with a computer with an internet connection and i will show you how you can create a wealth for yourself in the shortest time possible through building a niche on the internet. i guise most people nowadays have access to computers and cheap broadband internet and without them should not be an excuse for you not start making money online right here in Kenya.

But before I talk about the simple and legitimate ways you can make money online in Kenya let me introduce myself to you and how I make money online doing simple things. My journey to making money online started from an ad that I saw in the classified section of one of the local dailies. The ad read “make $20 a day working online”. I was curious about the ad and wondered whether there was substance of truth in it and this prompted me to research more. I immediately made a google search and I was surprised on the number of search results that I got.

In summary that ad changed my life forever. Within no time I developed an interest in the subject of make money online and was able to learn the tips and tricks needed to make full time income working from home.

Where did I start?
To be sincere I passed through all the stages that aspiring internet entrepreneurs pass. On the way I was scammed and conned some times by online predators who promised me overnight richness if I bought their fake ebooks that purported to show me all the information I needed to make millions in no time from the internet. I was introduced to many rogue ways of earning money from the internet that totally didn’t work but along the way it has been a learning experience for me.

The first legitimate way of making money online from the internet that worked for me was joining paid to write website that allowed me to write articles on any topic of my choice in exchange for a pay. The more I wrote articles the more money I was paid. You can join one of my favorite paid to write website HERE

After writing articles for pay for quite some time I thought it was time to move on and engage in more ways of making money online. This is the time I was able to know more about blogging. Blogging is simply starting a wordpress blog where you write and provide information on topics you know and earning money from it using such monetization methods like google adsense and affiliate marketing. I have since started many blogs including this one you are reading and today I can confidently say that I make full time income working from home doing things I love when I want. If you want to create a blog that makes you money you can follow my step by step tutorial in this blog or if you want I to set up for you the blog contact me by using the “contact me” link above in the navigation menu.

So how does one make money online in kenya?

There are so many you can make money online and in this article i will mention the popular and easy ones that a newbie in Kenya can use to earn money on the internet.

1. Writing on the internet

this is indeed a simple, legitimate and easy way to make money. if you have a story to tell the world you may take this route and as a result can earn you money. the easy way to do this is through blogging or writing articles for online paid to write revenue sharing websites like hubpages and squidoo. its simple you write articles on topics that you know, submit them for publication to the above sites and they are read you make money. i will explain in detail later how online paid to write sites work.

2. affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing has to do with promoting and selling third party products in your website or blog and getting paid a commission every time an item you are promoting is sold. You simply find affiliate products related to the topic of your blog and promote them where your readers will have the opportunity buy those products. The more affiliate products you sell the more money you can make.

3. Creating a blog or a website

if you have a blog or a website of your own the opportunities to earn are endless. Think of placing paid advertisements like google adsense and chitika in your site and earning money as a result. Having a website will also aid your affiliate marketing business as you have many readers to target. Indeed i can't exhaust all the ways of earning money online in this blog but have no worry as you will have the opportunity to learn more in this blog as you read further in the coming days.

Now i think you are a bit informed of how you can make money on the internet without having to incur costs. If yes, that was my main aim. we need to kick unemployment out of our country and as a result we need to share with one another the tricks that can enable us see that everyone at least has food on the table at the end of the day and that is how we can build Kenya.


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    • pabeti profile image


      7 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      That was useful to me.I have been on the search for such info.Joined hubpages and hope to make something out of it.


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