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Ebay Sales Associate Job Description

Updated on April 18, 2012

This Is Perfect For You If

Ultimately this type of work is for people who really like to explore interesting and odd items. Also for those who are interested and driven by learning. Since this type of work can help you to understand history better, manufacturing tools, antiques etc.

If you have an interest in these kinds of things you write your own paycheck.

The more you work the harder you work the more you will make.

Ebay Associate Characteristics

An Ebay sales person is through patient inquisitive is can learn and is happy to perform numerous activities, pays attention to detail. They have a willingness to field customer questions and want to help the customer have the best experience they possibly can. This person needs little leadership and is a self starter, their goals drive them, therefore only success will follow.

Pay Structure

Most items started at $9.99 if it sells for $9.99 to $20 you will receive half of the items sales price. If an item sells for more than $20 you will get half of twenty dollars or 25% of the sales price what ever is greater.

Job Description

You will be required to do item research, take pictures, write descriptions then complete posts. When the sale is completed you will have to help with shipping and packaging.

If interested in this sales position write an email to me explaining why you have these characteristics, if you have any other internet, software etc. skills that would be helpful please include that as well. I will be in contact with you within three business days.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

tarturuses_shadow at yahoo dot com

Have a good day and thank you from Matthew.

You can use any or all of this text if you include the link below, and credit Luminosity with the text creation, thanks have a great day.

Ebay Sales Kindle Titles

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