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Guide to Sell items on eBay Quick - v.1

Updated on February 25, 2013

Just Started on eBay?

eBay is a really big marketplace. Think eBay as a stock market, people can buy items from all over the world and the competition between sellers are extremely tense. There are lots of things that you have to perfect on in order to become the odd one and get your junks sold really quickly, that's why I'm here to help you!

Sometimes eBay offers 0 insertion fees!

Insertion Fees? What...

eBay makes money by charging seller insertion fees, which means when a seller lists an item eBay charges them. However the fee is really low, somewhere around 60p (95c). I usually get charged for 70p ($1.1) depending on the duration of your listing as well as other 'power-ups' such as subtitles, international listings...

I never choose those 'power-ups' because I want to increase my profit and also because I'm targeting on UK buyers more than international buyers so having those power-ups are quite meaningless for me.

However if you have a really good income selling on eBay, like being a large reseller of electronics, I would prefer you to get some power-ups as you can always add a few pounds to both item and shipping costs.

What do I need to include on my listing?

To sell things fast, your first impression is really important. The image quality, the neatness of the description and the price (obviously) determines whether your item is going to be successful or not. If you are new to eBay, you will have a star rating of 0, which means that you have to put in 100% effort to make your listing nice and attractive, as well as persuasive that makes people want to buy your item.


Your title should be descriptive, for example:

"Matt is selling a die-cast airplane model - GeminiJets British Airways B747-400 1:400 Scale, Matt's title should be something like: GeminiJets British Airways Boeing 747-400 1:400 but not GeminiJets BA B744 1:400 BUY NOW!

The good example is detailed and neat, good punctuation and simple. This makes buyers thinks that you are a pro and will be interested therefore will click on your item and see the description. The bad example is too brief, someone may not know what is BA or what is B744 (ICAO code for B747-400) and the "BUY NOW!" just made it worse and looks really unprofessional especially with the caps.


This is the most important part. After you have successfully give out a good impression it is time to persuade them to buy. eBay may charge you for putting multiple title photos so this is when the description comes to the rescue.

Firstly you should include a nice and lovely underlined, bold, or even italic title. Then write down what is the condition of the item and why you want to sell it. After that describe your item (you can use a little bit of exaggeration but not much) plus your terms and conditions (really important). Then you may add 2-3 high quality pictures clearly showing the condition of the item.

I will be using Matt's Airplane Model again as an example (I will bold the exaggerations):

GeminiJets British Airways Boeing 747-400 1:400 for sale

I found this in my storage box while moving into a new house. I have no more place to put it but I don't want to throw it away as it is new and rare. So hopefully it can find a good owner through eBay.

Item in great condition, I will be checking for any damages before dispatch.

About the item:

  • xxx cm wingspan, xxx cm tall, xxx cm long
  • Tail number (e.g. G-VVVV)
  • Airline + Aircraft Type


  • No refund
  • Bidders have less than 5 star ratings cannot bid my products unless they've contacted me beforehand.
  • Using RoyalMail, compensation may take around 2 months for investigation.
  • For international sellers: importing fee may be required by your local post office, which I will not be responsible for that. Please check with your local post office before bidding.


Happy bidding!

This is the perfect example!


Price is really important. If you set a ridiculous price I can guarantee you that your item will not sell. Check your competitor's price first and then set your price within the region, this will increase your chance of getting your item sold. Shipping fee is also really important. Research the prices the courier that you have chosen to ship with first, then you may add a pound or two to increase your profit, make it less obvious. Choose the right category as if you lie to the buyer they can report you and give you a bad feedback which you may get banned if getting a lot of negative feedbacks. Try to get as much positive feedbacks as you can.

List your item!

Another fee?

When you successfully sell an item and the buyer pays through paypal, eBay will charge a transaction fee called 'final value fee'. The fee is various depending on the price of you item sold. If you accept bank transfer or cheque than you can skip the fee, but I prefer using paypal because it is convenient, quick and safe.

Final thing...

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