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Ebook Ideas - Some Suggestions

Updated on December 4, 2012

Easy Ideas For Your Ebook

Being a published author is often seen as a badge of distinction. Writing your own ebook, however, is not all that difficult. You might find this hard to believe, but it's true.

For one thing, ebooks tend not to be as long as physical printed books. Thirty pages is not an uncommon length for an ebook. For another thing, getting your e book circulated today is a lot easier than in the old days of having to find a publisher.

However, you may see coming up with a topic for your ebook as your biggest challenge. Do not let this deter you; just think about some of the things you already do. If any of them are things that others might be interested in, you have a potential topic for your ebook.

Want some ideas? Try the following out for size:

easy ebook ideas party ebook
easy ebook ideas party ebook

5 Popular Ebook Ideas


If you enjoy going on vacations, this can be a great topic for an ebook. Undoubtedly, there were things that you wish you had known ahead of time. Others are likely to feel the same way.

You can make your ebook more targeted (which means less competition) by writing about a specific vacation destination. Much hotels were along your route? Which did you stay at? What restaurants would you recommend along the route, and which would you avoid?

Cover some of the must-see destinations along your route as well as others that the reader can pass up. This could be a boon for those planning a similar trip. Also be sure to recommend any inexpensive travel packages you may know about.

If you carry your iPad with you on vacation, you can easily use it to compose your ebook while on the go. This means that you will be writing about your vacation while you are still experiencing it and while it is fresh in your mind. By the time you get home, your ebook may already be nearly finished!

Real Estate

If you know something about selling a house or of the various types of mortgages, why not share your knowledge in a book? Write about things that the reader can do to sell their home faster as well as things to avoid.

Your ebook could be targeted to a specific area. Perhaps you know of a good realtor in your region, or a neighborhood with top-notch schools that is great for families. A lot of people like to do research before moving to a new area.

Children's Birthday Parties

Anyone with children has likely planned out birthday parties, and parents are always looking for ideas. Why not share some of these in your own ebook?

If you know some good party games or good places at which to buy party supplies, these could be good topics for your ebook.

Perhaps you know of an inexpensive but great place for a child's birthday party, or you have some tips on hiring a birthday party clown or magician. Perhaps you had a great theme party such as a princess party for your child's last birthday.

There are a lot of topics you can cover here, from cake to goodie bags.

Homemade Gift Ideas

Are you a crafter? Do you make your own gifts? Homemade gift ideas could be a great topic for any book.

You could share your recipe for gifts in a jar or directions on making a no-sew blanket. Whatever crafts you make, there are certain to be others who would like to know how to do it as well. Don't forget to cover how to package your gift.

Cleaning Tips

Home cleaning is a necessary chore. Why not share some of your time-saving cleaning tips to make the job a little easier?

Perhaps you could share your own all-natural recipes for cleaning products. How about tips on how to clean up quickly when company arrives or how to get kids to clean their rooms? Any tips you could share for making the process easier are sure to be appreciated.

Selecting a topic for your ebook is really not difficult. Just think about the things you already do and the things you already know how to do. Then just write!

hobby ebook ideas
hobby ebook ideas

Turn Your Interests Into An Ebook

Your Interests Can Suggest Great Ebook Ideas

Can you turn something you love into an ebook? Yes!

Ebooks are the next big industry, and Amazon has reported that sales of ebooks now exceed those of traditional printed books. People like the immediacy of information that an ebook provides.

Perhaps you have a hobby that you can turn into an ebook. Here are just a few examples:


Many people enjoy creating their own crafts out of wood, and the possibilities for ebooks in this field are endless. Topics could range from the making of wooden outdoor furniture to constructing wooden toys for children, and your ebook could describe the tools and materials needed for each job.

The most successful ebooks in this category would likely include plans and step-by-step instructions for a few projects, along with plenty of pictures to guide the reader through the necessary steps and to reassure him that he is doing things correctly.


Golfing is a hobby enjoyed by millions, and almost every golfer has secrets that he thinks help him improve his golfing game.

An ebook on this topic could include the author's favorite golfing tips, recommended clubs to use in the game along with a discussion of the various brands, or even the author's favorite golf courses and what it takes to play a successful game there.

He can also discuss his favorite places to buy golfing gear. The book could also include some humorous advice on how to get one's wife to let him spend all of his Sundays golfing!


What better way to spend the day relaxing than fishing? If you have opinions on the best brands of fishing pole for the sport, why not share your knowledge in an ebook?

Perhaps you know the recipe for the perfect homemade fishing bait or you have strong opinions on the proper use of lures or hooks or which type of poles work best in what type of water.

Share your tips on the best time to fish, what kind of bait to use and even your favorite recipes for the fish you surely will catch by following the great tips in your ebook.


If you have grown up listening to hunting stories of your dad or grandpa, why not compile these stories and tips into a great ebook?

Perhaps you know the best places to hunt in a specific area or you have strong opinions on the best type of guns and ammunition. Or you could cover the various hunting seasons and the rules and regulations involved.

Write about the clothes readers will need to protect themselves on a cold winter's day or tips to make one a better hunter. You could even offer plans for a gun rack. As with other topics, the possibilities on this are endless.

Sharing your enthusiasm for your hobby in an ebook is not difficult. In fact, it could be fun, and you could make a nice bit of money by doing so.

Word Processing Software on Amazon - An iPad can be a great way to do writing and research on the field

Ebook Instruction on Amazon - Get more info from the world's most trusted online bookseller

Got any other great ideas for an ebook? Share 'em here!

Ebook Ideas Some Suggestions - Guestbook

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    • TimothyArends profile imageAUTHOR

      Timothy Arends 

      5 years ago from Chicago area

      @Loretta L: It's not that hard! You just have to know the rules and procedures of the venue where your ebook will be sold e.g Amazon vs. selling it yourself.

    • Loretta L profile image

      Loretta Livingstone 

      5 years ago from Chilterns, UK.

      I guess you know what my ideas are, lol i haven't quite got the technological know how to turn my iBooks into eBooks yet, but I hope to manage it one day in the not too distant future.

    • TheFreeLife profile image


      6 years ago

      Sweet Lens. I'm very passionate in creating your own info product. I've taken classes on it, learned how to promote them and had a lot of fun doing it. It's a lot easier to understand how the internet works after you've launched your first one. Props on the nice lens topic!


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