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25 often Ignored But Effective ways for Promoting Your Online Contents

Updated on July 11, 2011

don't know why these traffic and site promotion tips are always ignored...

These are effective ways for site promotion and traffic generation for your online contents, but unfortunately many people get to ignore them (even me) and as such never use them. The few who does are really having one hell of a time with big traffic hits to their contents.

Note:I personally have not used all the methods I’ll be talking about here (I hope to in the future), as a matter of fact I’m yet to use even half of the under listed methods, so I stand to be corrected if I’m wrong: remember I’m not one of those pompous Hub Elites (sorry Elites for sounding this sarcastic no harm intended) who feel they and their type are the only ones who can say a thing a thing or two as regards traffic generation and writing on Hubpages (except maybe Rebecca)

see how these methods can bring your site to the fore

Take these Traffic and site promotion tips serious, it could help your biz

TAGGING is one method that a whole lot of people not often but always ignore when promoting their online contents. I just got to learn a thing or two about tagging, and I think having this knowledge is awesome and really beautiful.

Tagging are keywords that tell the search engines on what your page or content is all about; this is why sites like technorati and wordpress plus our darling hubpages emphasize on having tags in your contents.

I got to know the importance of tags when I reluctantly clicked on one of the tags in my hub 23 ways to get your blog easily indexed… I think it was the tag “indexed” and was so surprised as to the result; my hub was on the list of Hubs with the keyword or tag “index”, as a matter of fact it ranked a little bit high at the time of checking: I don’t know now.

So getting your tags right can help place your contents on the right pedestal when users decide to check for information using tags (as is the case with the blog directory and search engine Technorati), but if you don’t do the tagging thing right, then prepare to be helping others who did theirs well with free traffic from your hub or blog..

To get it right with tags, make sure you choose tags that are associated with searching things on search engines. To get this, make a list of possible words that you’ll like to appear on your hub, and when you create hubs- make sure you include these words as tags, try it and you will start believing in the sermon according to tagging!

LinkedIn has gone beyond being a Social Networking site to more of a professional site for industry professional in every field of human endeavor.

The audience happens to be one of the most advanced and intelligent audience I’ve come to see aside Hubpages.

A lot of people ignore using linked in to promote their site and contents, because they feel it should be totally free and unconventional like the childish one FaceBook.

But since I realized the enormous potentials this site has in helping one in network connection and professionalism, I’ve now stuck my guns with LinkedIn.

I joined a group recently- a group known as e-marketing group, and the guys who double as members and friends are wonderful; the discussion thread so intelligent and out of this world; discussion ranged from advertising, online marketing, performance based marketing and promotions, newbie guide and every other thing you could imagine that a discussion on online and e-marketing will entail. Here you can get help from fellow group members, know hot trends and ultimately market yourself and not forgetting your contents; remember this is what this all about.

I wonder why I’m yet to start using PRESS RELEASE for site and content promotion. But for the fillers I’m getting from those who use this marketing technique; they say it is virtually off the hook!

I even noticed that ezineArticles have an agreement with a press release site where members who write and publish articles on can actually post free or paid press release using their platform.

Press Release sites are really doing great these days most especially for Affiliate marketers who promote mostly CPA Affiliate products and services.

All that need to be done is create a well cut out press release, with a very good and catchy headline; then a concise and straight to the point message advertising your product or services.

Some free and paid press release sites where you can start creating and posting press releases includes;






Creating Ebook these days can be very easy if you know how; but the real problem is not creating an Ebook, but rather creating an Ebook or special report that can go viral with more and more people falling over themselves to download and distribute it-this is the real deal.

However, the good and most important thing here is using the Ebook or special report TO BUILD A LARGE AND UP TO DATE MAILING LIST for subsequent marketing purposes. This should be your preoccupation.

Creating ebook and special reports is one marketing tactic that remains unexplored by many; this is so because many people think information has become exhaustive and that there’s nothing left to talk or write about that has not already been written and published by another person.

But this is a wrong assertion, because there is always something to write or talk about; now consider this-I was reading a Hub recently on email marketing and all of that, then I discovered some missing point to in this Hub; which I consider to be the most important and even supersedes all that has been written and discussed as regards email marketing- which is “Building a Mailing List for Email or is it Ezine Marketing”. In my comments, just right below the hub, I commended the hubber for his information, then I added what I felt was missing which was how to build a massive mailing list; I suggested about four ways to go about it and the success and limitations to each tactic.

Do you know that as of the time of writing this, I’ve gotten over five more followers all coning from this particular hub written by one of the top hubbers I follow- the guy I refer to as the muscle man of hubpages known as Bendo! (Thanks Bendo for writing this high traffic hub that has brought more followers to me just for adding my comments on my thought on this topic)

It was only possible because I introduced another point of view on the whole email marketing saga; this goes to show you that there’s always something new to talk about. So take this idea now and start compiling a free report or give away, you can easily compile a free report in the next five minutes via the following ways

1.      From old blog entries

2.      From previously published hubs (make sure that the hub retains its URL)

3.      Conduct an interview on the topic you wish to discuss and then compile the interview in PDF format then upload

4.      Visit article and ezine directories and choose articles that relate to your topic and make sure you retain the resource box of the article writer or risk being sued for plagiarizing

Bind all the info you got and upload it to a site like, make sure you have an auto responder client to generate the form for collecting email addresses and other contact info of your prospect, then leave the rest.

Learn how to go viral with your ebook by learning how to create free and paid ebooks and reports in minutes using the following resources

other methods I love but not often used will include

WIKI ANSWERS if I must say is one go-to place when you are seeking answers to every day problems people get to face, it is also quite authoritative on news and scoops as regards celebrities, living, politics and politicians, books, movies and box office hits etc.

Wiki Answers is fast becoming the darling and bride of many online and internet marketers, and they keep using this to no avail for site promotion and traffic generation tool for their contents. Though may people, even me still find this site a little amateurish and unprofessional as any body can post or edit answers at will (remember it is a Wiki site), but the few who have seen the enormous potential this site holds, now lurk around this site looking for often times stupid questions asked by users for them to answer. Site promotion has reached new heights if you ask me!

YAHOO ANSWERS is becoming less popular these days, but this is one hell of a site that Google love including in its SERP. For this reason I insist that it is high time people with a knack for success in site promotion and traffic generation went back to using Yahoo Answers.

It surprises me a great deal that a once important tool like this is often ignored by even the best of online marketers; but those who know the importance of this tool has continued to use it over the years to get more buzz and hits to their boring sites.

To effectively use this tool, you need to be quite investigative in finding niche related questions for you to answer. It is just like answering Hubpages Question; you have to be quite resourceful if you want your answers to be adjudged the best answer, its not about posting a link to your reader for more reading No! people are lazy and they love getting the answers to their questions in just a click, so make sure you answer a question with the best of intentions; though your answer needs to be short, concise, witty and straight to the point: make sure you include every detail in your answer-only when you do this will the questioner see your answer as the best answer, and will want to click through to see your shit at the other end!.

Have you thought of BUILDING YOUR OWN SOCIAL NETWORK? I my self is considering this, especially looking at the social trend that seems to be pervading the whole cyber space (I hope I do that soon, because I love practicing what I preach, unlike some people).

Building a Social Network is very easy now with free tools and resources like Drupal’s social Tool, BuddyPress,’s social builder etc

The importance of building a social network for your business is quite enormous; below are some reasons why I think I’ll be building my own Social network to meet today’s site promotion and traffic generation needs.

1.      To get more leads who are interested in your niche area

2.      Following trends that defines today’s business environment and clime

3.      Creating a platform where people of like minds meet and interact

4.      Having my own FB, after all Mack Z got it all started like this, and who knows my social network could become the next big thing after FB and Twitter.

I read of a hub of a guy who wanted to create an online environment where Spanish speakers who need English help can interact with other Spanish Speakers with advanced knowledge of the English language- this guy used Drupal’s Social Builder to transform his blog from just an ordinary blog to a Social network where users can register, chat, interact, post stuffs like questions and more. This site is doing good as at the last time of checking; I had wanted to join but I declined because the provisions of the site does not meet my own needs, because I speak English though, but not Spanish.

This is why the idea of creating my own social network seem to appeal to me the more I think about it, especially as I can create it with free tools like my favorite Ning; where you can either create a network using their basic account or if you need more advanced features, you pay more for their premium account that comes with a custom domain- that is instead of for basic users.

I belong to a particular social network created with this tool, the network members keeps increasing every day from 100 to a little over 1000 members in a period of two years of creating this network; and the most funny aspect is that the owner of the network created it with Ning’s basic account.

P2P sites like are becoming trendy and trendier because the internet seems to be more tolerant of younger users under the ages of 16, but unfortunately many online marketers and content pushers do not know this. What this implies is that cyber space is becoming younger at heart and for you to be seen to be keeping up with the Jonese’s” then you need to get pimped or get lost.

This is why P2P sites are becoming more and more popular for site promotion and traffic generation. What users of this site does is to upload files like MP3, MP4, Mpeg, Midi, PDF etc for other users who they term as their friends to download from their profiles; remember the files have a link back to their sites or blogs, so take it or leave it, you must get to their sites if you want to download their stuff.

One tool that many people know so little about and ignore using is TWITTERFEED.COM to Create Tweet Feeds from Your Blog Content and other Entries.

Twitter usage is getting to the roof tops with many content writers sending tweets to their followers alerting them of new contents published or updated on their blogs, sites, and hubs manually and painstakingly: when you have a free app to automate the whole process for you all for free.

So what is TWITTER FEED?

This is a site that uses RSS feed technology to parse tweets as feeds.

Making it easier for contents from your little known Blogger Blog, Word Press Blog or Drupal to be easily parsed as feeds for your followers to see- without you logging into your twitter account to do that.

The thing here is this, you create a free TWITTERFEED.COM account, merge it with your twitter username; then redirect it to your blogger or word press blogs and voila!

As soon as new blog entries hit your blog, twitter feed crawls your blog every one hour for fresh updates, and delivers the blog feed to your readers and twitter followers in tweet form. What other thing could be more beautiful than this?

I know so little about using this method, but I think CREATING FREE OR PREMIUM TOOL BARS and ADD-ONS is one sure way that a few people know about for site and content promotion. This entails creating tools bars to be added to browsers like Opera, Mozilla, IE etc so that users who use this browsers can see your content tool bar, and if it is beautiful or click-able enough, then they’ll get over there to see ya shit; I’ll find out more on this and update this hub as I make my findings, so stay TUNED…

USING FREINFEED.COM is another way of sharing; it is still a still wonder why this tool has not gone viral. This is why so little people know of this site and even those who know it (even me) seldom use it. is another site that uses RSS Feeds to parse contents, pictures, videos etc for users to share with their friends and loved ones in RSS form.

You can integrate feeds from Flickr, twitter, blogger, hubpages, youtube etc on, and your friends can see new stuffs you update and share on a single interface.

All you need to do is send invitations to your facebook friends, twitter followers, stumbleUpon followers, Hub followers etc to join friend feed, as you grow your community, you get more exposure and traffic for your contents, as all your friends from the various networks can get to see your activity feeds in just one interface, without logging into the various networks to see that.

CREATING POLLS and SURVEYS I know is not the best of methods, maybe this is why many people don’t know about this, and those who do see it as a waste of precious time that would have been used for other effective site promotion methods.

But creating a simple reader poll can be of great help especially in feeling the pulse of your readers; this is the sense in Hubpages adding the Polls Capsule to their capsule stables. Fortune 1000 companies know this, and this is why they pay so much to get little surveys conducted by little known publishers like you and I, some cool places where you can create polls for free include;



3. (the most popular and highly recommended for blogs)



Do you know that many people find forums as lousy online rendezvous for lousy people: and this is why they never get to use forums as a tool for pushing their contents to their target audience, which to me is the greatest undoing of these folks, because big sites like Hubpages, Squidoo, Blogger etc know the importance of forums and message boards, and for that reason include it as a platform for communicating with their users and members.

On forums, if you can learn to BECOME INVESTIGATIVE and more of a PROBLEM SOLVER then you will be in high reckoning- then use this reputation to achieve your greatest potentials in pushing your contents to the fore. Lurking around forums and sniffing out threads where people are asking questions or seeking for a solution to a long standing problem could come in useful if you can be the antidote there are looking for. I still can’t believe that this wonderful site promotion tactic has been relegated to the backgrounds; leaving mediocre sites like FaceBook to take over and now dictate the trends as they come.

In all, what I’m trying to say here is that forums have worked in the past, and will continue working until the end of the planet called cyberspace.

Remember this- when you make contributions, don’t forget to include a concise and marketable resource box in the form of forum signature appended below your contribution.

If your contribution is intelligent enough, the other forum users will love to click and see what your site or content is all about

Have you ever thought of featuring an important personality on your blog or even hub? This is the secret of some top online content writers; they CONDUCT INTERVIEWS ON IMPORTANT PERSONALITIES AND INDUSTRY SHAKERS. I personally have never done this but I’ve only thought of it. However, the good thing with having an important personality on you content pages is that if this particular individual is some one that command a lot of respect and pride, then the chances of people rushing to see the interview increases.

But to conduct a well organized and top of the class interview, there are things which you (and me too, remember I’m still very new to this whole idea) need to put into perspective before you get this party started-

1.      Select a person with a track record of success not just for himself but also in mentoring people to succeed in the same endeavor as he has.

2.      Write out a carefully selected list of questions that will answer the questions, satisfy the yearnings of your readers, and create more space for knowing and learning more from the interviewee

3.      Make sure the questions are more of FAQ styled questions

4.      Ensure that the questions your ask are recurring and evergreen, not quaint and in vogue and fades with time, (what this means is that when ever some one reads the interview after a long time, it will still be relevant with the realities of the day.)

5.      Make it concise and straight to the point; don’t ask lengthy questions that people might find a little hard to understand what you are implying.

6.      Use controversy, but don’t force questions to your guest or you might be insulting the sensibility of some of your readers

7.      Keep it real!

RSS feed syndication technology is one hell of a technology, and I so love it. But the snag with RSS is that you can only parse a feed at a time- now enter! YAHOO PIPES for CREATING MULTIPLE RSS ENTRY FEEDS.

I just got to know about this all important tool a couple of weeks back; I went to the site and what I saw blew my mind. It made me wonder why it is only a handful of people who know a thing or two about this wonderful RSS tool.

With this tool, you can merge all your feeds into one; from blogger, wordpress, article directory feeds, hub feeds, FB activity feeds (I don’t really know of this one), twitter feeds and any other place where you have a profile with a site that embraces the feed technology (don’t know if there’s any site this days that will fail to use feeds, please mention the dinosaur here)

The interface is a little techy though, but it is a drag and drop situation going up in there.

Have you ever thought of taking your site promotion campaign offline? Then what better time other than now is right for you to commence promoting your niche based contents by WRITING FOR OFFLINE PUBLICATIONS

To achieve this, you need to start looking for local dailies and tabloids that cover the area or niche you write stuffs on; now listen, do you know that many dailies, weeklies, monthly and bimonthly publications require articles from freelance writers (offline freelancers not online). As a result of this, many online content publishers now strut their stuff offline. For timely success on this, all you need to do is the following

1.      Identify a local daily, weekly, monthly or bimonthly pub that covers the area or niche topics you can write an article or two on

2.      get more personal by knowing some of the columnist and send them comments and reactions on some of their articles you read

3.      get conversant with trends around to know the theme of the publication

4.      Mail the Editor with you offer

5.      List out the benefits that will accrue from this relationship if you are allowed to write: remember people are selfish and look out for only business relationship that meets their yearnings and needs, and not the other way round.

6.      Mail the Editor a sample of some of your work

7.      Start writing

I wonder if CRAIGS LIST is still working; but if it is then I think it is just a handful of content publishers know of this. the results obtained from WRITING AND POSTING CLASSIFIED ADS ON CLASSIFIED AD SITES AND JOB BOARDS isawesome; sothey decide to conceal this from smaller writers. to gain undue advantage and traffic monopoly

Posting classifieds from what I gathered is still effective, but unfortunately it is another site promotion tip that many now regard as archaic and out of date.

One site that stands out of the crowd in delivering world class geo-targeted ad service is Craigs List

Craigs List have in the past couple of months introduced some strict and commendable reforms to help reduce activities of spammers and scam artist who use their platform to perpetrate their nefarious online activities; and for this giant stride, classified ads I think still works.

Then for you to write an Ad that will result in a higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR), the under listed points must be put into action –what I call the four A-I-D-A;

1.      ATTENTION- use a powerful and attention grabbing Headline because a good headline sells content.

2.      DESIRE- make your ad desirable by listing out the benefits in a short, concise and witty manner

3.      INTEREST- get your prospect interested by making your offer seem invincible

4.      ACTION- then get him to take action, because it is action that brings in the cash, remember we need to pay some bills, which “desire” and “interest” can not only take care of without their senior brother “Action” who issues the cash and the blings.

get more help on how to use craigs list and other online classifieds

on a final note...

I’m yet to start GUEST BLOGGING/HUBBING and guess what? I’ve been missing out of the party and vibes that is associated with this site promotion tactic used by a select few who double as top notch professionals and gurus in their various fields,because of the results that accrue from this venture, many online publishers now cue up on high traffic sites soliciting for guest blogging/hubbing jobs from the administrators of such sites.

The benefits of writing guest blogs and hubs include;

1.      Quality back links from the site which I believe has a high Google PR.

2.      Quick index of your links, that is if the blog is a do-follow (hubpages is not)

3.      Guru-like image and aura that can open doors in the future for you the guest artist

4.      More traffic, more money and more Blings

I don’t think UPLOADING and EDITING CONTENTS ON WIKIPEADIA is popular like it used to be back in the day during the web 1.0 era; I don’t know if I’m making a wrong assertion or observation if you chose to call it that.

However, the last time I checked wikipeadia pages seem to get more buzz and hits on Google, Yahoo, MSN and even Ask SERP than any other site I know.

Remember Wiki sites are open source site where new information are added every day, and existing ones edited not just by the publisher, but by any body who uses the site; with such arrangement in place, it becomes relatively easy for you to add your blog’s link (make sure it is relevant with good content); unfortunately since it is a site that is open for editing, your links can be replaced as soon as they are placed, but having it there for a few hours will do you a lot of good if Wikipeadia allows it to stay that long.

Another thing you must know when you use Wikipeadia is that the users are more advanced and well educated, so adding mediocre links from any source be it your blog or hub sporadically with out discretion will mean getting them out as soon as they get noticed.

What the self styled gurus who use this page do is to place their links on lower traffic wiki pages “which needs more information” and therefore less editing. From research, getting a link on Wikipeadia for just few hours can bring in good and quality short term traffic to your contents, the gurus won’t tell you, and now you know what are you going to do?

I love prizes and sweepstakes, do you? This is why I’ve been thinking of conducting a BLOG CONTEST one of these days. Blog contest serves the purpose of promoting your site or blog to get more readers and long term traffic; but this method of site promotion and traffic generation is most often ignored and seldom used. It is only a few people who understand the impact and the gigantic results one can obtain from conducting a blog contest have overtime conducted one contest after another.

To get started, you need to first of all

1.      Know why you want to conduct this contest

2.      List out the benefits that your target audience will get from taking part in the contest

3.      submit your contest to contest sites

A good number of some contest sites where you can submit your contest free of charge includes the following;




Have you ever heard of WIDGETBOX.COM? I think this is one of the coolest apps to ever grace the web. With this app you can easily create free or custom widgets to display on your profile on Social Networking sits like FaceBook, xanga, friendster, esnips etc. from what I can infer from the usage of this site is that it is cool; I’m short for words to explain or review more, it is up to you to go check it out yourself and probably start using this little known traffic and site promotion tip.

This is one crazy method that a lot of people have never heard of since they got online; but it sure is one hell of a method that takes site promotion and traffic generation to a whole new level.

It goes like this-Buy a Best-Seller Product and Write an Honest Testimonial of the product then submit the testimonial to the product owner, don’t forget to include a link of your blog in the testimonial. The good thing about this method is that product owners are looking for good and honest testimonials for them to include in their sales and squeeze pages for more enhanced sales; so they won’t mind having a link-back of their customer included in the testimonial, especially if it is a link that wouldn’t distract their prospects from the main theme of the sales page.

Know this- a well optimized sales page will always make it to the tops of major search engine SERPS, and having a link here will serve as link bait and link juice for your boring site.

If you have programming knowledge or background then you can do what a few are doing; create FREE WORD-PRESS, BLOGGER, DRUPAL etc themes and PLUG-INS for other users to download; this is one very strong and effective traffic generation tactic that even advanced programmers and bloggers often ignore. The drift here is that within the plug-in interface the designer will have a link back to his sites and contents.

This is why so many bloggers and programmers now take the pains to design templates and plug-ins, which they upload to apps directories like for others to download and use free of charge.

I don’t have a strong programming background but I know a little programming; and this little can help me since I can outsource for people with more advanced knowledge, one sure place for outsourcing is

I hope to see your template, Plug-in or themes for others to download for free (with a link back to your boring site) soon.

What have you done as regards Creating an Enhanced and more Professional Profile on the places you have your profiles online?

The importance of creating a more professional profile is that it gives you the leverage to market the most important product which you are selling which is yourself.

Now when you create a profile, you can go a step further to include important and relevant links of some of your best contents, so that as more and more people view your profile; they get to see some important and powerful links to resources; which they’ll most likely click.

This is the secret of most top Hubbers who can boast of more than 1000 followers in their stables, one of such Hubbers is PattyIngglish; her Hub profile is quite intimidating and makes her sound and look more like a myth and online colossus who every one needs to get closer to in order to discover (which has resulted in her having one of the highest following only comparable to Hub Founder Paul Edmonson) and the more followers, the more people to read your contents, and finally the more money in your pockets.

Creating a more professional image and profile has really helped her in the course of marketing and promoting her works not just on Hubpages-but on other places where she frequents.

Immediately I finish writing this, I will be editing my profile to make it look more professional and enticing: what of you?

Finally, know this-trends change not just daily but in every spilt second; meaning that site promotion tactics keeps changing.

Remember I don’t make the rules; Google does, and if they sneeze, then get ready to be diagnosed with traffic flu.

I’m outta here, see you on the other side!

If you love this, then help spread the word!


Do you think these web site promotion Tips can come in handy?

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      Great and informative, what to say more! Shared!

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      Thanks for calling me a "Teacher" I feel so overwhelmed as I still consider myself a rookie,(lol) thanks anyway and also for the vote up. It is really appreciated.

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      Thanks so much for sharing this great info. I have so much to learn and you are a wonderful teacher! Rated up awesome and useful.

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      A lot of information here, Chinemeremz. I do need to reread it as I think it will help me in my pursuit of traffic. Thank you.

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      7 years ago from downtown miami

      The place I like to promote my online giveaway the most is on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and the other social networks. Also bookmark yoiur contest so that other people can notice it and have interest in it. Fianlly you can also submit your giveaway to This site is great at giveaway promotions and will publish people's giveaways automatically, so more people will notice them

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      7 years ago from all over the web

      wonderful hub chocked full of great information. many of these effective promotional tips were news to me.

      thanks for sharing

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      7 years ago

      @aslanlight thanks for understanding the level of time it takes to put up a hub that contains details, to the extent that you in your haste leave out some little but vital stuffs.

      Thanks for your comments and hope to see more of you soon.

      @prairieprincess you are welcome.

      It is nice knowing that this helped.

      Thanks for dropping

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      Sharilee Swaity 

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      Wow, this hub contains a lot of information! I have bookmarked it, and will come back to study all of these ideas. Thanks for putting so much work into the hub!

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      7 years ago from England

      Very useful! All this takes a huge amount of time and energy though doesn't it. I'm too busy studying but I'm going to bookmark this and perhaps come back to it when I have more time. Thanks

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      7 years ago

      Thanks Ben for being constructive with your criticism, my bad.

      I guess there are certain things which we overlook but do this without knowing what effect it might result.

      I agree with my hub being cluttered because it was not orderly or un orderly numbered.

      I'll read more of your book and I'll be writing a review on it soon.

      Thanks once more for dropping by, it is nice having more expeienced and kind writers like you around.

      I love your kindness to nature especially with your handling and care of the tortoises. Another vote for nature.

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      Ben Zoltak 

      7 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      @Sunforged, lol, jeez man why don't you say how you really feel! lol. I think chinemeremz is doing the best with the tools that he has. Your writing style and knowledge are superb Sunforged, chinemeremz knows it and I know it. I agree with you it's a polyglot kind of smattering of information, maybe that's why I had so much trouble understanding it.

      @chinemeremz, no tortoises yet man, waiting to own my own house first so I can build a better enclosure for them. My book is called Your Life As A Painting, it is on the Kindle format and it's available here:

      I'd love for you or Sunforged to review it. I think part of SF's animosity comes from the hard work he puts into his writing, he polishes and crafts his hubs as you know, and his information is very well thought out and constructed. I respect you both, I wish I had a better handle on the promotional material that you both work on.

    • chinemeremz profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      @Ben:Thanks Ben for your encouraging comments and a Happy New year.

      I'll love to get a snippet of your newly published book which I read on one of your hubs a couple of days back.

      I heard is on kindle? I Wish to read it and maybe drop a review on it.

      Thanks for stopping by and how are your tortoises?

      @sunforged: though your comments was rather sarcastic mixed in euphemism.

      As ambigous as it may be I still feel challenged. As for the acronym "AIDA" I never claimed it was originated from me, rather I only tried to show how I've adapted it to good use.

      Thanks for your concluding remarks, hope to see more of your comments and read some of your hubs too.

    • sunforged profile image


      7 years ago from

      This is a great mish mash of unattributed dyslexic methods. I really like how it manages to say so little in so many words. That is very commendable. Im impressed that you were able to replicate the AIDA mnemonic trick introduced some 3 decades ago by very famous copywriters and adapt it as your own. I am also impressed that you managed to illicit so many supportive comments on something that you have clearly and honestly disclosed as being completely not original. Its always good when a rehash somehow manages to lower the bar to such a level and yet still get pats on the back. I think something about the monolithic presentation of dense unrelated concepts spurred commenters to gladly reach the end and kindly act as if they were impressed.

      What a great and informative article I look forward to reading more excellent articles from you because it would be impossible to get much less excellent then this one.

    • Ben Zoltak profile image

      Ben Zoltak 

      7 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

      I agree with rotl, man chinemeremz you are thorough! Talk about no rock left unturned! I have finally published my first eBook and I've been working on PR. As for RSS feeds and the rest, you have surpassed my knowledge my friend.

      I hope for success with my book though, and I wish you the best all the same. Write on my brother.


    • chinemeremz profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks Rebecca, I always find it cool whenever you drop your useful comments.

      I have an account with Bukisa, though no content on it yet, but I'll look in this direction soon.

      Thanks for dropping by

    • Rebecca E. profile image

      Rebecca E. 

      7 years ago from Canada

      good thinking, good hub, I personally use two toher sites Bukisa and wikinut and they are used to drive traffic to my hubs... one of these days I'll get around to writing about the, ( hint: you want to know more ask me a direct question on the answers section)

    • chinemeremz profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks Rotl for finding this useful.

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it, You are Welcome!

    • rotl profile image


      7 years ago from Florida

      Man, you are thorough. I'll have to go back and read this hub again. Good stuff!


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