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Eight Ways to accomplish your goals

Updated on July 14, 2015
You can accomplish your goals no matter how far
You can accomplish your goals no matter how far | Source

Have you set a goal or a resolution at the beginning of the year but have not started achieving them or perhaps look like it is almost impossible to achieve? You might have a rethink after you have created time to review this article on how to achieve your set goals.

I was always taught by my sister to dream big about what I want in life, commit to it and found myself achieving my set goals and desires.

But may I begin by reminding us that we are almost at middle of the month that marks the beginning of the second half of the year, and it’s natural to think that those set goals are not achievable again since the year is almost near to end. Don’t let your goals and resolutions fall by the wayside out of carelessness, neglect or exhaustiveness; chances are that to achieve your dreams and live a life you love, those goals and resolutions are crucial. Goal setting and achievements are easier if you follow these steps for effective and successful accomplishment. They are as follows;

Desire your goal
Desire your goal | Source

Strong Desire: One must be able to have or develop deep desire because it is the starting point of all achievement process. Always keep in mind that weak desires beget weak results and thus goals may seem farfetched. Wake up and rekindle that burning flame because no time is too late for a man to wake up and pursue his dream, just like a small amount of fire makes a small amount of heat till it transforms into a larger amount of heat. So the first step in accomplishing a goal is that you must really and badly want to achieve that goal no matter how simple or difficult it may seem. Persistent

Dream big and visualize your goal like an eagle
Dream big and visualize your goal like an eagle | Source

Always Dream and visualize your goals: I believe in the power of dreams and visualization (don’t know about you though). If one is very sure of one’s desires and goals in life then it is recommended that you keep a picture of them wherever you see and are reminded of them every day of your life. Lea Lacocca once said that the greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can actually alter their lives by altering their attitudes of their mind.

What will your achievement feel like? How will your life unfold differently as a result or on the course of achieving your goals? These are questions you’ve got to answer by yourself.

You must plan
You must plan

Set-up a Plan: At this stage one has got to have a series of plan ranging from Plan A, Plan B to Plan E if possible. In essence, one needs to have different alternative five plans to set-up and execute. Create action steps to follow and make sure to identify a critical path. The critical paths define the key accomplishments along the way, together with the most important steps that must be adopted for the goal to finally become a reality. All things are created and possibly conceived twice. There is the first creation which is called the mental creation and a second which is the physical creation. One must get his/her priorities right and make sure there is a blueprint. This blueprint normally regarded as the first creation, so one must have thought everything through and have accepted within oneself that this is really what I want

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Follow the right step and take action now
Follow the right step and take action now
Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai
Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai | Source

Actualize: Take a bold step, take action now and work towards actualizing your dreams and goals. If the World's best five star Burj Al Arab Jumeirah Hotel (pictured inset) can be built on water, then No dream is too big to achieve. If it is a business idea and you need a capital but you don’t have one, don’t relax rather go out meet people. Go to the internet and make researches on how to get a loan from your local financial service provider, banks or any of the government financial institution concerning your particular kind of business. Take a step toady and change your life for good because we currently live in a world where a time wasted can never be regained.

Think positive always
Think positive always | Source

Think positive: Positive thinking can go a long way and do so many magic. This is one of the secrets I learnt from my sister. You must always think positively even when it seems that your goals are too big or too difficult to achieve. But no matter how positively you are thinking, you also need to be wise and know that things don’t come on a bed of roses. Things might probably go wrong someday but your positive manner of approach can get you solutions as easy and soon as possible.

Commitment: What are goals without serious dedication and commitment? Most people set goals but seem to forget to write them down. One must be totally committed to achieving the goals by following every detail in the hand written list. One must be disciplined enough to always follow the written down the plan, the action steps and the critical path. In life, it is very important that one needs to make a deeper commitment and strive towards accomplishment of a set goal.

Review your steps
Review your steps

Assess periodic progress: Each time you think you are falling off the plan, go back to the original hand written list. If you are not making progress or feel stymied, it’s okay to feel bad but do not panic or fear. Pause and retrace where you are getting all wrong. Then take a look at all the factors that are keeping you from accomplishing your goals and develop a smart plan to overcome them. When you have actually found a solution do not forget to add those manoeuvre plan steps to your calendar so that it becomes part of your goal achievement plan.


Overall Review: Now this is the most critical point. At this point most people give up or tend to give up on their goal even when they are very close but could never realize how close they are. It has happened to me and I have had to deal with this syndrome a lot of times. Make no mistake about this; make sure you are making progress. If you are not making any reasonable progress, don’t worry because there is always a way out of every hiccups. My advice is don’t prove so stubborn if you are not making progress, hire a coach or an expert in that field, tap into the support of loved ones and analyze why the goal is not progressing or on the process of being met. Don’t allow your goal to fade away just like that, you must never give up. One must be able to figure out what you need to accomplish them. Go back at this stage and check the prior seven steps above starting with the assessment of how bad and deeply you actually want to achieve the goal.

Achieve your goals
Achieve your goals

These eight steps I have highlighted above are what keep me going till this very moment. I personally call them my ‘Goal setting and achieving system’ but it is also the most powerful system you will ever find anywhere around for achieving your goals and actualizing your resolutions. You just need to give it your best shot and do it because nobody in this world is willing to help you unless they have seen the reasonable effort you have made.

Good luck and happy reading


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