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Indoor Heated Foot Mats - Electric Feet Warming Pads and Toe Warmers

Updated on May 24, 2013

Does your home office, or place of work get chilly during the winter months? Do you constantly suffer from cold legs and feet due to working on cold tile or concrete floors or from chilly drafts which whip around your lower extremeties whilst you sit at your office desk? An under desk heated floor mat can solve those problems and best of all, they cost much less to run than a typical personal space heater!

Heated foot warming mats are typically made of some combination of foam, vinyl or rubber material with a heating element encased inside which heats up to send warmth directly to where it is needed, straight to your chilly feet and legs. Under desk heated foot warming mats will increase the comfort of the user without taking a huge bite of your heating budget. The typical heat floor mat runs off less than the same amount of energy as a regular 100W light bulb making this a very economical alternative to those energy gobbling 1500W space heaters.

It makes sense to keep yourself or your workers happy but not only on a human level but also for your own bottom line. A study by Cornell University shows how workers who feel cold and uncomfortable are much less productive and more error prone than those who were working at optimal temperatures. The dollar cost per hour, per worker in lost productivity was as much as a few bucks per worker in lost productivity so it makes obvious financial sense to keep them warm and comfortable thoughout the day.

Heated floor mats for warming feet and legs, are available for the home or office and they are a safer alternative too. Space heaters have a bad rap and often deservedly so as fire department statistics highlight how 2 out of 3 home fires are caused by these and related home heating equipment throughout the winter months. Heated floor mats are a safer alternative and many come with, or can be bought alongside, timer and shutoff controls for your safety.

In addtitional to electric heated floor pads there are also under desk heated footrests which also you to rest your feet in a more comfortable position but which also apply heat to the soles of your feet to relieve tired, cramped feet whilst warming up your knee hole or footwell.

Indoor Heated Foot Warmer Pads

The following selection of electrical heated foot warmers are suitable for office use beneath a desk, for home use to keep your feet and toes warm during those chilly winter months or as heated anti fatigue mats for standing jobs like cashiers, bank tellers, shop clerks etc.

Electric Heated Footrests

A good heated foot support rest for under a desk provides not only the support you need to promote good posture and make for a more comfortable seated position, but also helps warm your feet to provide more comfort whilst you work at your office desk. An under desk footrest fits underneath a desk or table allowing you to elevate your chiar without leaving your legs dangling which eventually leads to sore legs and an aching back. These electric heated foot stools offer the additional bonus of soothing heat to relax your feet and fight back against cold drafts.

The Advantages Of Heated Foot Warmers

Heatable foot warming mats offers several advantages over traditional means of heating a drafty home or office environment. When your main issue is cold feet and chilly legs because of frigid drafts chilling you to the bone then it makes sense to target heat directly to where it is needed. Traditional space heaters are expensive to run and are often not the solution you are looking for anywhere. Heating up the room may make the office warmer but if your problem is localized to your feet and legs because of a drafty door, or just poor heat circulation, then that space heater is probably not going to do a good job of solving your problem.

In addition, space heaters are expensive to run, typically running off 1500 Watts or more which compared to most heated floor mats which run off under 100 Watts is huge difference in heating costs. If you work in a drafty office environment where many others are complaining about the same cold feet problem, then that's a lot of electricity and all that power consumption can overload circuits and blow fuses too. Electric heated foot warming mats are a good solution to this problem with low powered consumption which is good for your bottom line but also avoids the issue of blown circuits.

Comfortable Temperatures Increase Worker Productivity and Happiness

Numerous studies into worker productivity clearly show how the level of work output decreases, sometimes quite dramatically, as a room temperatures drop to less comfortable levels. A worker who is feeling the cold makes more errors, types slower and generally has a lower level of accurate output which can cost dollars per hour in terms of lost productivity. As such, it makes sense to use things like anti-fatigue under desk foot warming pads for those with desk jobs or for the home office or heated standing mats for machine operators, bank tellers, store clerks etc.

These heated toe warming mats are a more economical and safer alternative to individual space heaters which are not only costly but also present a fire hazard and one more thing to remember to shut down when work finishes for the day. The average space heater will cost about $4 per week to run, whereas the cost of running an electric foot heating mat is typically less than a dollar for the same or better results.

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  • comfortyourfeet profile image


    5 years ago

    These are fantastic--what a great gift idea.

  • DeeHayes profile image


    5 years ago

    I'm putting one of these on my Christmas wishlist!

  • gatornic15 profile image


    6 years ago

    I could use one of these. I keep a small space heater by my feet when it is cold.

  • makeupbrush profile image


    6 years ago

    Thanks for introducing me to heated foot mats and warmers pads. Didn't know they exist.


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