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Eliminating Time Wasting Activities

Updated on June 21, 2017

Many people especially students, when their exams are just round the corner or when they get a poor result, they usually complain about the shortage of time. However, time is not short. In fact, it is us, who make it short by spending time on unnecessary things and activities. They waste our time and divert our attention from our work and studies.

For saving time, I'll be mostly advising the students, but these advises can be for others too.

Social media is the most time consuming and distracting of the digital distractions, with Facebook at the top of the list. We must keep check on ourselves and use these as little as possible. If you've got some notes or some important message to check, just see it and close your phone or laptop -whatever- . Try to strengthen your willpower and do not do unnecessary stuff. Focus on your studies and move away from your computer, laptop, tablet etc. You can always enjoy these during your holidays. Site blockers can help you a lot like Stayfocused. Such sites and apps block the chosen sites or apps for the time limit you enter.

Chatting is also a great time eater. With an excuse of asking for homework, students often waste their time texting with friends and wasting their precious time. Don't text your friends until its important. If you want to tell them something, you could always tell them the next time you meet. Of course, waiting for a day or so won't make the world come to an end.

People also often spend time on games. These are also designed to waste time. Some games are to be checked regularly, while others ask you to invite your friend to get an achievement, or reach your goal, and you spend time convincing them to join, or sending them messages constantly trying to get a reply from them. Thus, your friend/s get distracted and annoyed too. Limit the time you spend playing. Your games won't run away, but once your exams are over, they are gone.

Our television keeps us interested in it at all times. We often go through different channels just for the sake of finding something to watch for a while, or maybe to find a channel you lost. Plan what you want to watch, and keep a time limit for it.

Of course, and who can forget the time eater 'Personal Grooming'? Combing you hair till it's 100% tangle free or just wasting time in styling your hair with the excuse that it's too hot and your hair's troubling you, is a great time waster.

Random searches take up a lot of time too. All of a sudden, while studying history, you remember your favourite actor, or something you wanted to find about but had forgotten. You grab your phone, and there goes your previous time. Search only for things that are important and relevant to to your subject.

We can always try to give a wide berth to such things. It is of course not easy, but must develop our willpower, and we must try.


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