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How Does Emotional Intelligence Help You Face The Challenges of a Multicultural Environment?

Updated on September 28, 2017

Emotional Intelligence

Judging an individual by considering alone their cultural diversity may not be always fruitful or bring a positive result in developing relationship in a multicultural environment as every individual carries some identical personal traits that can easily set them apart from others belonged to the same community. Emotional intelligence is the kind of ability that can enable you to identify, asses, and control the emotions both of you and of others while letting you use it to get things going in your desired direction. In a multicultural environment, your extensive knowledge on the cultural dimension accompanied by the emotional intelligence can definitely lead you to success by making things appear as you wish for in a diverse culture.

Emotional Intelligence will assist you in almost all of its models illustrated as Ability EI, Mixed Model of EI and Trait EI.

Ability EI to Make You Master the Emotions

With their continuous research on Emotional Intelligence, Salovey and Mayer paves way to ability based model of EI (Emotional Intelligence) partially redefining it as "The ability to perceive emotion, integrate emotion to facilitate thought, understand emotions and to regulate emotions to promote personal growth." The four types of abilities as described in this model can help you become a perfect fit to a diverse culture:

  1. Perceiving Emotions: as a basic aspect of EI, this ability can help you detect and decipher emotions in faces, pictures, voices to make a better approach.
  2. Using Emotions: with this ability you can harness your emotions and easily capitalize your changing moods to best fit the situation demanded.
  3. Understanding Emotions: the ability to understand emotion can help you to grab a hold of the secondary channel of communication used to convey messages through senses. Again this ability of EI can readily alert you about the slight variations of emotions or of shifting moods that matters to the behavioral pattern of an individual.
  4. Managing Emotions: with this ability, an emotionally intelligent person can enjoy the total control to regulate emotions both in themselves and in others and thus manage it, even if it be a negative one, to achieve the desired goals.

Mixed Model of Emotional Intelligence

Taking for granted the model of EI introduced by Daniel Goleman, the emotional intelligence again ushers in the best possible solution to gain success in overcoming the challenges of a multicultural environment. As the model focuses on, your self-awareness, competency to control your emotion, social skill, that is managing relationships to move people in your desired direction, your empathy and motivation to reach the target can make you an emotionally intelligent person.

Trait Model of EI to Go Deep Down the Personality for a Better Understanding

Trait model of EI, as propagated by the Soviet-born British psychologist, Konstantin Vasily Petrides refers to the “constellation of emotional self-perceptions located at the lower levels of personality,” by which an individual can identify the drives shaping their personality and thus figure out the behavioral dispositions of others to make the best step in developing relationships under the umbrella of the diverse cultures.



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