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Internship! a bedevil of employment

Updated on February 1, 2011

Internship can postulate many shapes, most commonly it is a way of earning credits during bachelors, then there are those who do not find jobs and cannot afford to sit at home and rust there brains. Another today many organizations before hiring test the abilities of an individual by placing them in an internship program, this possibly is a premature stage of employment or more off an amateur stage! The real question is, "What is the role of an intern?" and "Is he an EMPLOYEE?" i guess that makes it questionS. =)

Tasks and responsibilities assigned to an intern in many organization are limited to printing and copying, others reckon them earnestly and expect quality work from them. It is not only at parts of the organization to welcome them and furnish there abilities but also the intern himself has to show interest and willingness towards the organizational objectives and aims. The concept off unpaid internship is illegal as the only clause that permits the unpaid internshipis when the credits are directly knotted with university or college,so do not let them take advantage of you! furthermore the organizations who consider interns seriously train them to the level that they can assist in work when needed. Attaching the intern to a newly started project, or when an employee is on leave to replace his tasks temporarily, during heavy workload, these are some of the cases in which an intern is commonly hired. The usual task performed by an intern can be from maintenance of database, preparing minutes of meeting, Creating presentations, Updating and audit. Normally a supervisor is assigned to train and delegate the intern, making it one of the cheekist way of assessing both the supervisor and the intern.Leadership qualities of the supervisor should depict in the interns work at the same time supervisor need to draw the line and should not pleasure himself in leading the subordinate possible it would make him a vicious dragon who breathes fire if not pleased. On a serious note there is a need of rightly defining, rather creating a job description of an Intern, whatever so it is! The poor soul should know what he is expected to do, rather coming to work dull and boring.

Coming to the second question, is an intern an employee? well most certainly he is and internship is a good opportunity for the individual to have a working experience and making career path decisions. The intern are expected to follow the rules and regulations set by all the employee and violations are a serious matter,though the intern is an employee yet he/she is not privileged to the employee benefits, to me this is fare as interns are naive, the sudden greed for the benefits can easily detract them, terminating the primary role of the internship.

Those doing internships, have fun at work! =)


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