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energy savings in manufacturing industry

Updated on March 16, 2011

Energy cost


Launch awareness program in the factory and establishment through various means eg posters , quiz ,groups .Promoting ideas in house and awarding intiatives
for cost reduction through energy conservation.

Basic ideas like switching off lights/equipment s when not in use .


Low wattage lighting s ( CFL )are now available in ratings of 18/20 watts with good lux ratings with retrofit could replace conventional tubelights and bulbs .

Design of building while in drawing/planning stage could be made in such
manner that maximum sunlight can be used .

solar panels ( solar voltalic ) lights can be used to light the factory premises .
Factory sheds can have openings with transparent sheet providing daylights and
minimising use of lights during day time .


Motors are most widely used in all kind of manufacturing industry .

Major cost reduction can achieved through conducting study for ratings and actual amperage during loads , you would be surprised that most motors are
overrated these can be replaced lower ratings motor .for eg 100 hp motors with
current rating of 150 amps shows 70 amp on load then it can be replaced with
70hp motor .

Use energy efficient motors.Install timers, sensors and automatic sensors to shut -


Wherever possible replacing belt drive or chain drive with geared motor would result in energy savings.


Add variable frequency drives to variable load applications like blowers ,centrifugal fans , air compressors
and motors


Check the load or the quantity of discharge of pump and compare with the motor rating just by reducing the impeller dia of pump we can save energy .


After loading each machine its recommended to disconnect all idle machine which are not in use .It is observed that few machine which are not in use are left
runnning which results in wastage of power .

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    • LeanMan profile image

      Tony 7 years ago from At the Gemba

      It is surprising how much many businesses can save by buying more efficient equipment for their manufacturing, it may cost a few dollars more for the more efficient piece of equipment but this investment is often saved many times over in these days of high energy costs..

      Too many businesses only look at the headline purchase cost rather than the full lifetime cost..