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Updated on June 19, 2010

Econferencing, video confrencing and epresence

Epresence, video confrencing and Econferencing are two terms used to explain the process of linking people in different parts of the world to communicate at the same time as if they are holding the meeting in the same hall. You don’t just start Econferencing as certain equipment like the ones you can see right below are acquired for this conference meeting to hold.


MTN’s Epresence that was just launched by MTN Nigeria is one of such web conferencing equipment available in the African market today. And there lies the problem, all of these e conferencing equipment are expensive and there need to really know what you are investing in before venturing into it so as to maximize returns from your e conferencing investment hence, this article. I read a thread on which says that MTN Nigeria charges N60,000 per hour for making use of their Epresence service. That is now the reason for my writing this article; I wrote this hub to educate people on how to get the best out of their investment in web conferencing and Econferencing equipment. So, enjoy!


Take stock of your company’s need: this is probably the most important and first step to be taken in any investment appraisal process. The essence of doing this is to find out what the needs of the company are. A scale of preference should be used to rank the needs of the company in the order of importance. If a business does not need to hold web conference / e conference, there should be no point investing in Epresence equipment. A local company that have about 6 branches in two states have no business buying e conferencing / web conference equipment as this will not be cost effective.

Sample and test available equipment: scout for vendors in the Econferencing market and sample their web conference products. You can invite the sales representatives of the sampled web conferencing vendors one after the other to display how their product work.

Align company’s need with the available web conference equipment: after you must have taken stock of your company’s need and sampled available products to meet those needs, the next step is to align the company’s needs with the features of the products available in the sampled web conferencing vendors.

Evaluate the likely benefits to accrue the company for investing in e conference equipment: the cost benefit analysis of video conference should be carried out to determine the viability of the investment. You are not expected to invest in a product that will not add value to your customers’ satisfaction. Note however that certain projects are embarked upon for their non financial benefit to the company.

Educate your staff members: it is useless having the best equipment on ground when your employees are not trained to use the equipment and bring out the intrinsic value of the product. Imagine giving the fastest computer to an illiterate? What do you expect that illiterate to do with that computer? He or she will definitely not put that computer to best use unless the person is trained and taught how to use computer.

Then buy e conferencing equipment: if you have satisfied your conscience that you have reasonably meet the above requirements, you can now go ahead and buy the web conference and e meeting equipment displayed earlier on this hub you are reading and get the benefits that I will be discussing below.

The above steps if followed will yield a result which is to save cost.


Cost saving: the cost of conveying all participants of a meeting to a single venue, accommodate them and feed them will be saved if e-conferencing tools are used to conduct the seminar or meeting. Like I said earlier on, care should be taken not to invest in web conference tools that will not be cost effective. The geographical location and the number of anticipated participants are key factors to be considered before deciding whether to buy Econferencing tool or not.

Convenient: a lot of stress would be saved if people can just be in their various regions and conduct global meeting rather travel thousands of miles and kilometers. Those that have phobia for traveling will find this more appealing and enticing. Again, accidents can be avoided if you do not have to travel frequently for corporate and business.

Web conferencing gadgets helps quicken decision making: decision making that would have otherwise taken months or even years to make can be made within minutes if of e-conferencing equipment, web meeting tools and other online meeting gadgets are used. Speed in decision making is more important is today’s world where information travels at the speed of light.

Web conferencing and e-meeting are making wave in the world of corporate communication and decision making. I hope you get caught by this wave?

Happy conferencing!


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    • chinweike profile image

      Chinweike 7 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      Sam, flying your employees down will depend on some factors like how many employees you have, how dispersed they are and the urgencny of the meeting or conference. The cost of Video conferencing will be on the decrease now as many people are seeing it as option. Thanks for your comment anyways.


    • profile image

      sam 7 years ago

      its too expensive i prefer flying my employees down

    • chinweike profile image

      Chinweike 7 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      drbj, Thanks for your comment i really appreciate your time and energy invested into this hub.


    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 7 years ago from south Florida

      Video conferencing as you point out, chinweike, has become so much a necessary and valuable part of business life it's hard to remember a time when it wasn't available.