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How to Increase Your Survey Referrals.

Updated on April 26, 2010

A referral in the paid survey can be defined as a member of a survey invites others to join through a referrals link. Referrals are a win-win situation for everybody involved; the survey sites recieve more visits and "customers", the person who initiated the referral earns some amount of money for helping to drive traffic to the survey site, and the new member automatically gains access to all the perks of taking surveys for payment. Since referrals are a very good way to boost your paid survey earnings, learning how to maximize your referrals is the key to making the most of your experience.

One the best way to maximize your referrals is to send email to all your friends and family about the opportunity to take surveys at the site you have choosen. Use the pre-formatted email that most survey sites offer; some can not be editable while others can be editted and modified to include the message of your choice. Or, some sites will allow you to cut and paste your embedded referral url into your email.

Another way to increase referrals is to take advantage or your email signature. The signature feature of email programs allows you compose a "stamp", so to say, that will be left automatically at the end of each email you send. With just a click or two of the mouse, you can edit your signature to include a referral url. The more visitors your referral link receives, the more chances for some of you visitors to take the extra step, click through and join - earning a referral bonus for you. If you are worried about being "spammy", this is a better way of letting your associates, friends and family know of your free survey opportunities than writing theĀ  details in the body of your email.

A third way to get the word out to recruit referrals is to post your referral url onto forum or some other form of social media or network sites. Before "selling" the survey site, check the rules of the forum of your choice to see if posting referral url is prohibited or not. Using your own Facebook page and Twitter account is another good place to leave referral links, especially if you have so many of followers! Remember, the more eyes that see your referral link, the more the chances of earning bigger bucks!


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