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Self employment through creativity.

Updated on May 11, 2010

There is an asset for great success the creator kept in every one at birth but only very few people has discovered it. Some graduates and undergraduates who make use of it have created employment opportunities for themselves and others. As a result, they have become millionaires and influential all of a sudden! In various organizations or associations, it makes them special or indispensable. Some people are believed to be (by nature) lucky or favoured by God. But it is not true; they have only discovered the power of this asset in them, and that is the secret behind their success.

You may be wondering what this asset is and how one can develop it. In a nutshell, the asset  is the power of creativity. It involves the use of skills and imagination to produce something new or a work of art.  It is all about solving problems in a new way, or thinking of new ideas. Simply stated, creativity is ones ability to discover solutions, needs and ideas in a new way that is different from other people’s ways. And this makes one unique and easily recognized for what one really is.

Some of the things that determine your financial level in life are your inner passion, belief, fear, doubts, convictions and general philosophy of life. Learn how to meditate and practice it daily. It is in silence that you connect the profound strength of infinite intelligence in your personal affairs including creating wealth.

Consider a girl called Nkechi who experienced broken heard in her secondary school days because of love affairs. Later in her university days, her advice to people experiencing similar problems worked perfectly well, and they became more interested in everything about Nkechi.  Having observed this, she learnt some skills in writing and have recently published a book which is giving her a lot of money. Her book, according to people, is highly effective in healing the wounds inflicted on their hearts by bitter experiences of love. Today, her book is selling thousands of copies across the country, and physiologists, marriage and youth counselors are recommending it to their clients. Not only this, Hint and Heart magazines are paying Nkechi heavily for creative works she sends to them on weekly basis.

Indeed, creativity finds it most expressions in presenting ideas and experiences in writing. Just as lawyers and medical doctors sell their ideas in form of personal services and make large sum of money through this, so you can articulate and package workable ideas concerning solutions to people’s problems, through writing. And the employment you think is scarce will begin to look for you every where. Infact good skills in writing your ideas is the greatest assets  you can ever acquire in school, and one who has it can never go hungry or suffer idleness because of unemployment.

  Ideas rule the world, computer is an idea, TV, MTN, Pen, Sachet water, etc are all peoples ideas, even what you are reading now is somebody’s idea. Try to make your ideas sell. Every one has an idea lying inside that can work outside. Bring these ideas out, packet it and money will come. Bill gate packaged his own idea inside computer. Today, he is the second richest man in the world.; you can be the first just your idea or your imagination.

You can develop your power of creativity by developing your powers of imagination of self-discipline. To imagine means to think out new ideas or new ways of doing things, it means to form a picture in your mind of what something might be like, and when this picture existing only in your mind is transformed into something visible to everybody, you have really done a creative work.

Self-discipline too is an act of controlling your emotions and exercising your will-power so as to allow your mind to reason far and bring you the ideas you need; it is a process of denying yourself things that make may people average or nobody so that you can fully focus and achieve greatness. Both imagination and self discipline are the most effective instruments of creativity which is responsible for self-employment of many jobless graduates and non-graduates alike


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