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Your first key to finding a job:Be adaptable

Updated on May 15, 2010

 To increase your chances of finding work, you must be adaptable. It is unlikely that you find a job that has everything you hope for. You need to learn to be content with employment that is less than ideal, being adaptable may mean overcoming prejudice against certain types of jobs or work. It means working without being bothered by lack of compensation, the bad condition of the organization’s environment, in lucrative nature of the job, etc.

 Frankly speaking, some graduates have been jobless for years because they are not adaptable, I have found out that most graduates and undergraduates alike are only anxious of working in air – conditioned offices, oil companies or to occupy positions   of power with which to amass wealth easily. They are interested in already made wealth privileges, and not in creating new ones, that is why most undergraduates feel that when they graduate it becomes a license for them to work in a multi-billion companies, public or private cooperation’s.  for them, doing any other thing apart from working in money spilling offices is degrading.

I have seen some jobless undergraduates, who negalted their studies during their university days, promoted examination malpractice and other social vices, hoping in their parents wealth, friends and political figures they knew in the society, but when they graduated later, circumstances beyond their control shattered their hope, today they are unemployed because they have no knowledge or skills to create self –employment, and also they find it extremely difficult to humbly themselves and do other available jobs of humble nature so as to  move forward in life. Most of them become computer hawkers, fraudsters, armed robbers etc.


Some of us feels that being a graduates makes one superior, a first class citizen, even when one has very little or nothing upstairs, apart from the certificates acquired fraudulently, every other persons who are not graduates are inferior or unimportant. But when you access this group of graduates based on their claim of self importance  and superiority, you can hardly see any atom of knowledge and skills, yet they dream of working only in air-conditioned offices or multi – billion companies.


We fail to understand that being a graduate does not only mean that we should always be employed in already created ventures or that one is superior to non graduates. Rather, it is an act of humility, creativity, understanding and solving any complex problem bothering one and the society at large, in a way non-graduates cannot do it. This is the ideal  idea of being a graduate.


You should develop a high purpose in life but don’t feel that when you work in money spilling offices or occupy a position of power that you can achieve it. Understand that the space every man occupies in the world is measured by the faith, mental and physical efforts he expresses in connection with his aims and purposes. It does not necessarily matter what one starts life with, how and when one starts it.


Finally if you do not see the opportunity to secure the kind of job you like, you should remove unnecessary pride in you and accept any job available, and gradually you must ascend to your desired throne. Consider a boy who graduated as a law student from a federal university with a second –class upper division and was looking for a job. He tried but there was  no job any where to be found. One day he saw an advert for a gate man. His friend told him to apply. He could not accept the idea considering that he is a graduate, but since there  was no other option, he applied and was employed. After about six months of working as a gateman, the company placed an avert for a legal adviser, the manager was surprised when the gateman applied  with others. “are you a graduate? The employment officer asked him. To cut the story short, he was employed with a good salary, given a residence and a car on the basis that since the company has an insider there is no need looking for an outsider. 


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