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Youth Service and Industrial Training: Important hidden opportunities for employment.

Updated on May 14, 2010

The scarcity of employment opportunities in the country has badly shaped he destiny and future of many graduates and alike.

After their on year service to their fatherland most graduates usually begin to limit for jobs in both public and private establishment. Unfortunately, they often  receive  response like these: come tomorrow, we shall think about it, your file is missing not on seat’ etc. the frustration resulting from this has kept many of them unemployed for a good number of years. Moreover, the socio- economic and psychological pains inflicted on them by idleness are beyond what words can explain.

Those of us that are still undergraduates should understand that youth service and industrial training are two very important hidden opportunities for employment.

Youth service programme is designed for you to serve your country and acquire practical experience for effective living. However, the best opportunity it offers a clever graduate is to prove  and advertise to companies and public organizations the stuff one is made of; that is that one is competent and indispensable, both physically, mentally and other wise. During your youth service programme, you should render more and better services than the little money you may be receiving, bearing in mind that the experience acquired and the better services you rendered will either make the organization retain you or recommend you to better places of employment.

Moreover, industrial training is another secret opportunity you can seize to secure employment; this programme is made for such areas of study such as mass communication, some disciplines in faculty of natural sciences, management etc. students in these fields are usually sent to relevant organizations or companies for acquisition of practical experiences concerning their studies. The period designed for this purpose lasts for months, depending on the profession.

When you embark on IT programme, make sure you leave no stone unturned as far as acquiring experience is concerned. Some students who hate where the are posted usually show lack of interest through their poor services. This has robbed many the opportunity of perfecting their skills or knowledge for greater opportunities ahead of them. 

We should understand that IT is for experience acquisition sake. While doing the programme try to perform your best, more than expected of you, bearing in mind that you are storing great experiences for your better tomorrow. You will be surprised that both your supervisor and the organization or company you serve has taken notice of your competence while you are doing this. Many serious minded students have secured employment even before their graduation, through the assistance of their IT supervisors. And the organizations they served.


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