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Simple ways to make huge money from e-books.

Updated on June 22, 2010

If you have the cure for AIDS and you hide it in your bedroom, you will still die poor because no one knows about it. It will generate cash for you if people know you have the cure and come t patronize you. The same thing goes for your e-book. Even if you have the bet e-book in the whole world and people don’t get to know about, then it is worthless. You won’t make a dime out of it. If you re confused by the above statement then the obvious reason is that you are just reading this article for the first time. For some time now, I have been running a series on how to run a profitable business on the internet selling books on the electronic format (simply known as e-books). Today, I will be showing you simple ways of marketing your e-books on the internet, though constrained by space and time. I will be giving out an e-book that will teach you more.

To market online, you need first to adopt a marketing strategy. And doing that depends on a number of factors, which you must put into serious considerations. Factors such as: who are you marketing to?, where are they-in the local or global market? Why these factors are crucial is because there are different channels of reaching prospects; you need to know the best channel to reach your own prospects.

If your e-book treats an issue only people in your country can benefit from, then your target audience are only people in your country. If that is the case, then you can use such methods as advertising in local newspapers or magazines, radio and television, writing and submitting articles (stating your website at the end) to newspapers and magazines for publication, producing and distributing fliers and leaflets, giving talks at seminars and conferences, and soon , to reach them.

On the other hand, if you are targeting the global market, there is a different approach. And don’t worry; this one will not cost you money. You are not gong to be placing ads on foreign newspapers or magazines or radio and television jingles. Below are the few but effective ways to market your e-books on the internet:

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An ezine, also known as an email magazine, online publication or opt-in list is simply a newsletter available via email. Having your own ezine will enable you build a list of targeted potential customers. Once you have developed a list of customers, you will be able to sell your e-books to them. All you have to do is send them an email informing them of your newly released e-book and they will come trooping to your site.


Online Forums

Participating in online forums that target your potential customers is another great way to share your expertise and make more sales. Although blatant advertising is prohibited, most online forums will allow you to include your resource box.


Search Engines

Listing your e-book’s sales page with the top Search Engines and Directories will provide you with some additional traffic. However, ranking within the top twenty or thirty search results is very difficult. You may want to consider paying for a higher ranking. There are so many good Search Engines that will enable you to bid on key words and pay a specified amount of money for each visitor you receive.



Free Trail

A great way to increase your e-book sales is to create a trial version of your e-book and freely distribute it. This will provide your potential customers with a sample of your e-book and encourage them to purchase the full version. Also, you can create a special report that relates to the topic of your e-book and then use the first or last page of the report to talk about your e-book and how anyone interested may place his or her order for it. Freely distribute the report.



Writing articles is one of the most effective ways to increase your e-book sales. Write articles that target your potential customers and submit to ezines and free article sites e.g. ehow, ezinearticles, articlebase, etc. When people visit these sites and read your articles, then they will visit your site by clicking on the link to your site which you will put at the end of your article. Want an example? Good ,because I have got one: Lets say you want to promote an e-book on “How to invest wisely in Stocks”, write articles that cover the “basics” of stock investment and at the end of the article put a few lines of advert for your e-book. Send out the articles to ezines. You will generate traffic, subscribers, and sale as they publish your articles for their readers. See how easy this is?


E-book Sites

Listing your e-books with a number of e-book sites will increase your sales considerably. Each site will pay you a specified percentage for each sale made. This payment is known as royalty. The royalties pad varies from site to site and will depend on your selling price and format. Below are some major e-book sites to get you started.


Booklocker provides you with a webpage for you to refer your customers. They handle all the transactions and delivery. They pay 70% royalties on e-books priced at $8.95 and higher, and 50% royalties on e-books priced below $ can retain all the rights to your e-books. In addition, they offer great print on demand (POD) option. They will print your e-book one at a time, accept payment and ship it directly to your customers (usually within 48 hours). They pay 35% royalties for POD orders.


AuthorHouse is an online publishing company that will turn your manuscript into PDF and a number o other e-book formats. You retain all rights to your e-books with world-wide distribution and make it available in more than 25,000 online stores such as Barnes, Noble, eBay, Amazon, etc. They pay 100% royalties for e-books up to the first $300 in sales and 40% thereafter. They pay 30% royalties for paperback and hardcover versions.

            I have not finished yet, but just  go ahead and take action with these few points. Take your time and plan your e-books marketing strategies very carefully. Track your response rates for each strategy and concentrate all your effort on those strategies that work the best for you. If you have developed a quality e-book and have followed these the steps outlined in this article, you will be well on your way to internet success.

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