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Etsy Coupon Codes

Updated on August 23, 2017

Give Discounts to Your Etsy Customers

Etsy has rolled out the long awaited coupon codes. Learn how to use them and promote them.

Every Etsy seller can now create multiple coupon codes that can offer either a percentage discount, free domestic shipping, or free worldwide shipping. These codes can be given to customers, newsletter subscribers, facebook fans, etc.

Creating Your Coupon Code

Creating the Code:

1. Log into Etsy. Go to "Your Etsy", scroll to the "Promote" section of the sidebar and click "Coupon Codes".

2. Click the "Create New Coupon" Button

3: Type a unique coupon code into the box, and input the percentage off you would like for the coupon. (10% off would make a $20 item cost $18 for the person using the code).

4. Check that "Active" is selected

5. Click Save


You can deactivate the coupon code at any time by clicking the name of it on the coupon code page and selecting inactive. Do this if you want to use the code again in the future. Once you delete a code you can never use it again.


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How to Use Your Coupon Codes

Ideas for using coupon codes.

  • Create a code for repeat customers. Include this code in every shipped order.
  • Run short promotions. Set up a code for 2-3 days and deactivate it after the time is up.
  • Create a code to include on your business cards and hand them out.
  • Host a contest on your blog, twitter, or facebook. The winner gets a coupon code.

Promoting Your Coupon Codes

Here's a list of ways to get the word out online about your coupon codes.

  • Post to Twitter
  • Post on Facebook
  • Write a blog post about your promotion.
  • Include the coupon code in an ad.
  • Submit your code to deal sites like RetailMeNot
  • Post on the Etsy forums under Promotions
  • Include it on your Squidoo lenses (try the blackbox module for this, it really stand out)
  • Getting featured on someone else's blog? Ask them to include your coupon code for their readers.
  • Post it on this lens.

Final Thoughts on Coupon Codes

While having the option to create these codes for our customers is wonderful you really need to keep a few things in mind.

1. Always running a promotion cheapens your brand. Spread them out. With the exception of a small discount for repeat customers I wouldn't hold a promotion more than once a month for a few days. If you always have a promotion going or only have short gaps between them customers will come to expect it and always wait for your sales to buy.

2. Never discount more than you can afford. Ideally you should be charging a high enough retail price for your work that you can afford to sell them at wholesale price (generally 50% of retail) and make a profit. If you aren't doing this offering 20% off your retail price may eat up your profits.

3. Always set an expiration date on coupon codes. Even if that date is 6 months or a year away from when you created them and stick to it. There may or may not be local laws requiring you to honor coupons with no expiration date so I wouldn't take the chance.

Please include the following in your comment:

1: The URL of your Etsy Shop

2: The coupon code

3: Expiration date of the code

Please don't leave other comments here, only coupon code. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for another guestbook to leave feedback.

Have an Etsy Coupon Code? - Share it here!

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