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Why Your Missing Out On The Largest Part Of Your Market...And How You Can Use It Generate Additional Profits

Updated on April 17, 2016

3% rule triangle

We understand that reading isn't always a quick process, you probably just want the information now, that's understandable, but we've stripped out all the filler and left just "the meat" to touch on all the vital areas you'll need to dominate your market and build a stable and consistent medical practice, if you can put aside 5 minutes, what you'll gain is the masterkey to transforming your business into a lucrative powerhouse

It's not what you want to do, it's what your competition will let you do - Jack Trout

The words uttered by marketing mastermind Jack Trout should not only be heard, but written down and memorised that is if you're serious about having a roaring business that breathes success

Because of the number of new business that fail are on the rise, this advice is designed to show you how you can avoid this deadly trend

Fortunately for you, a lot of your competitors are making it easy for you by using out-dated methods and failing to evolve with the times

Infact, studies show that in 2015, 43% of small businesses don't even

Have a website with 41% suggesting "they don't need one"

Now this may not seem like a big deal at first glance, but when you consider internet is used by 40% of the world population Failing to have a website is a luxury you can no longer afford

Now with the information you will harness from this report you'll have everything you need not only will you be able to enhance business growth, but you'll be fully equipped... to bury the competition

after years of marketing I've discovered a lot of commonalities across these different niches that can be applied to achieve great results, the main one I would like to discuss is

  • How your market is divided
  • Where most of your competition are looking
  • How To Peak Your Clients Interest

Your top focus is strong lead generation, because if the lead generation is poor, it becomes very difficult to create a solid systematic process moving forward.

Now like I said, lead generation is one of the first steps to building out a systematic sales process for your practice and probably the most crucial

Because all your business efforts depend on not only getting new patients through the door but the frequency of the lead flow

now to paint a clearer picture, lets take a look at the market, for those who aren't familiar with the 3% rule or the triangle rule

imagine a triangle...

now every market is divided into different segments

Let's start with top 3%, this is what you would call the "ready to buy" group, these are the people who are buying now, they're hot, they're ready to purchase some medical services whether your front of them or somebody else

The next 7% is the "interested" group these people are open to the idea of your products or services and wouldn't take a great deal to get them off the fence and make a purchase

This top 10% make up the "sweet spot" these are the people that are most likely to respond to your ads and become buyers

The next 30% of the triangle are the group that "have a want/need but ain't ready to act" this group of people, have thought about it and may consider purchasing this product or service at some point but it's not at the fore front of their minds

The next 30% are the "don't think they want/need your services" haven't given it any real thought and have no plans to act on it in the future this group aren't the best buyers, but they can still buy if you can put together a compelling case

And the last group are the "never going to happen" this group is the people who you have no chance of selling, not just because they're against your product or services, but they could have already purchased or extremely loyal to their current brand

Now the average marketer will simply battle it out for the top 10% and that's fine, but because were interested in extraordinary marketing,

your main objective should be to market to the other 60% and drive the up the triangle, this is how real lead generation works

And here's why... Because these people can still become buyers as long as you can put together an iron clad compelling case of what your product or services could do for them

Sound hard to believe? Well just think about some of your own purchases, things you didn't think you wanted but you got so caught up in the appeal you had to have it.

Well this is the same thing, this is what's going to give your practice a competitive edge over the competition, because you'll be able to reach potential clients early appeal to this audience in a way your competitors can't

If you focus on creating a compelling case for the most uninterested leads, imagine what strong appeal you'll with the "sweet spot" (the top 10% of the triangle)


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