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Fast and Free Ways to Earn Money Online

Updated on December 11, 2013
recycle mobile phones
recycle mobile phones
get rid of those old phones laying around the house
get rid of those old phones laying around the house
take a survey for money
take a survey for money
get paid for online surveys
get paid for online surveys

Earn money online with virtually no experience

Nearly anyone spending a considerable amount of time online is there to earn some extra dollars. There are surprisingly a variety of ways to earn money online. From selling your professional services to selling products. Discovering what is available and exploring options is helpful in deciding what works for you.

These are some helpful hints to increase your income through fast and free avenues using the internet with virtually no experience needed in most cases.

Let those old mobile phones go

Almost everyone I know has old mobile phones around the house somewhere. You have accumulated these phones through various avenues. Some come from carriers and contracts you no longer use or you purchased them and later discovered they were not for you. When most cell phones are replaced with newer or different models the old ones wind up in a drawer somewhere along with the matching accessories collecting dust.

Along with phones you find chargers, cords, USB ports and other attachments. Any way you get them, do something with these old ones simply taking up space. Make money back on things you spent money on which simply take up space.

You can recycle all of these or sell them to online companies for money. These are things you aren’t using anymore and are worth a dollar value to someone. Search various sites and compare pricing to get the most for your merchandise. Not all phones are worth the same amount of money. Newer phones are generally better priced for resell. Some companies simply search out accessories in some cases.

There are more than a few sites around the web seeking out phones and accessories to buy. Places like Gazelle or Usell are among the most popular.

If recycling is an option you have an interest in others are around as well. The website can recycle your old mobile phones, mp3 players and digital cameras. When you visit they assist you with comparing prices for mobile phone sites and prices.

Sites online will pay for your opinions

Websites exist that want to know your opinion or what you think about a product or service and are willing to pay you for it. Sign up for a paid online survey to earn a couple of extra dollars. They typically deliver money, prizes or rewards for completing these surveys and sharing your viewpoint about a product or service.

Lots of sites offer money for trying free products. They will send you the product to test and advise them what you think of it. You earn money and keep the free products from countless companies around the web.

There are several companies requesting a payment for you to join. Skip those and find the free paid survey sites. There are hundreds of legitimate ones around the web without paying a fee. Remember you are attempting to make money online with little or no effort. is one of the most used survey sites.

You can sell your photographs online

With our digital cameras and cell phones, many of us take hundreds of thousands of pictures each year for our pleasure. Take the time to photograph things other than your family, friends and gatherings and sell your photos online. The site is free to join and pays you for others to use your photographs. Join and upload photos to share photographs with hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Keep this in mind and avoid any personal ones you prefer not to share.

They require members to be 18 years old and the author of your files to be displayed on their site. You can sell or rent photographs and the site will accept a small royalty for using their site for display. allows photos to be uploaded and users make money for each one downloaded for use on the web.

Sell your expertise or skills

Fiverr is a website where members advertise what they will do for five dollars. Some offer to write a poem, do homework, solve a Calculus problem or even sing you a song personally written for you. Whatever you like to do for five dollars (in accordance with the site guidelines) you get paid for it.

This is a very easy way to earn a lot of money online depending on any special skills or expertise you possess or even how unique or creative you can be. Countless members admit they have repeat customers requesting services routinely which makes for a steady income.

In conclusion

Amazingly these are only a few fast and easy ways to make money online.

These are only a couple of easy and simple ways that you can earn money online that many people are not aware of.

Recycle old cell phones to make money

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