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Replacement Filing Cabinet Rails For Drawers

Updated on May 15, 2015

Claim More Space In Your File Cabinet With New File Cabinet Rails

Unless you work in an office where legal size documents are regularly used you probably have little to no need for legal sized file cabinet drawers. Some filing cabinets come with rails that size the drawer for letter but many do not.

If you have a cabinet that is partitioned for legal size hanging file folders then pick up a set or two of replacement file cabinet rails and claim that wasted space in your file cabinet.

Below I've featured many different sets of rails including some that are a universal fit. Just place them in the drawer and they should work just fine with minimal adjustment. A side benefit of this is obvious too - the drawer doesn't always have to be the file drawer.

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Lateral Filing Cabinets -- Hon File Bars -- Hanging Rail Systems

Lateral File Cabinet Rails

Many office style file cabinets are lateral cabinets with a shorter height. If you wan to rearrange the inside to better fit letter sized hanging files then browse through the lateral file bars below for the set that will work for your unit. Lower on this page you'll see a few options that should work reasonably well for any filing cabinet drawer.

Adjustable Hanging File Cabinet Rail Frame

These are frames that hold hanging file folders. They sit on your desk or in your file cabinet drawers in any size that you want. If you want to use part of a file cabinet for hanging file folders and part as regular drawer storage these are perfect. They also work well for people that don't want to or can't drill holes in their filing cabinets.

If you are having problems finding rails and sliders that fit your cabinet drawers perfectly then adjustable rails like these can be quite helpful. Just buy something that is slightly smaller than your drawer and adjust the railing system upon arrival as best you can.

File Cabinet Bars For Hon Filing Cabinets

Here are some Hon filing cabinet bars for sale on eBay.

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