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Filthy Rich Folks

Updated on January 15, 2013

Welcome to Filthy Rich Folks

How the world loves kings of the castle, moneybag moguls, and more than a few lap of luxury lollygaggers who know how to avoid putting their nose to the grindstone every day like Joe the Plumber or Molly Merry Maid.

This light-hearted lens is devoted to fun-loving filthy rich folks. Yes, those "somebodies" who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths, those who found a field of diamonds or an oil patch in their backyards, or those who invented a better mousetrap just when world was being over-run by genetically-modifed rodents (just kidding).

So, if you want to know all about filthy rich folks -- where they live, how they spend their time, and if you have what it takes to be one of them, you've come to the right place!


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A Tantalizing Trinket for a Trillionaire

Well, according to "The Rich Times", one of the best ways to please someone who has everything is with a limited edition gift - The Blancpain Caruso Chinese Dragon wristwatch.

What makes this watch so special?

Well firstly, the unique number that will be engraved into the back of each case which also feature an engraved Chinese dragon. The rear of the watch is made from 18 karat rose gold as is the rest of the case. The Caruso Chinese Dragon watch promises an automatic Caruso movement comprised of 262 individual parts and a 100-hour power reserve.

Secondly, this gift is a rare collector's item. Since this marvelous manufacturerer produces less then 10,000 watches annually (compared to Rolex that does 2,000 - and that is in a single day), only 50 watches will be released.

And thirdly, since the price tag of this watch is a mere $219,682, it would be a posh present for any macho mogul you may know.


Image Credit: Limited Edition Dragon Watch -

FOREIGN FILTHY RICH FACTS - Where do the rich and famous of London live?


Image Credit: Ellis Nadler illustrator at - "The New Simpliefied Map of London"

What do the rich and shameless have in their treasure chests in the Year of the Snake?


Perhaps it's time to pick up a bucket of silver and gold serpent coins; they bring good luck to those who possess them.


FILTHY RICH FACTS - So, where do the rich and famous hang their hats?

Where do all those high-and-mighty moguls, top-brass types, and who's who wunderkins hang their hats and hide their humvees?

Well, if you're really keen to know you might want to check out these filthy rich neck of the woods in the U.S.A.

-- Buckhead (Atlanta, Georgia) - be prepared to plunk down $15 million to find a cozy hideaway in the company of Coca-Cola and CNN executives.

-- Beacon Hill, (Boston, Massachusettes) - you'll need $17 million to rub shoulders with the likes of a ketchup queen named Teresa Heinz.

-- Palm Springs (California) - for $5 million you can pick up a modest guesthouse with a tennis court and a pool with it's very own waterfall, which is great if you want to invite Bill Gates and Arnold Palmer over for a splashy event.

And if these don't grab your attention -- why not drop in on a few big wigs who are known to live in their honking big haciendas, multi-million dollar mansions, and posh palaces in:

-- Bel Air, Holmby Hills or Malibu (Los Angeles, California) Greenwich (Connecticut) -- Highland Park (Dallas, Texas) or River Oaks (Houston, Texas) -- Saddle River (New Jersey) -- Paradise Valley (Phoenix, Arizona) -- Medina (Seattle, Washington State) -- McLean (Virginia) -- Atherton, Palo Alto, San Jose, or Woodside (California).

And who knew those merry moneybaggers would also set up a place called, "Locust Valley, New York"? If you're not part of the Locust Lollygagging crowd, you can always drop in on the filthy rich folks who call Tribeca or Upper East/West Side (in Manhattan, New York) home.

AMERICA: Home of the Brave - And the Scumdog Millionaires

Of course, when all is said and done, just remember what Einstein said:

"If you can count your money, you don't have a billion dollars."


Image Credit: Filthy Rich, Darkow cartoon -

"If all the rich people in the world divided up their money among themselves there wouldn't be enough to go around."

-- Christina Stead, Google Quotes of the Day

Words of Wisdom from Greenback Gurus - Or, lessons learned about how to lose one's shirt

When the rich robber barons and snooty silver spoon folks lose their shirts...they join the rest of "the expendables" who make the world of the wealthy go round, and round.

We didn't actually overspend our budget. The allocation simply fell short of our expenditure. - Keith Davis

There are three ways of losing money: racing is the quickest, women the most pleasant, and farming the most certain. - Lord Amherst

I wish that dear Karl could have spent more time acquiring capital instead of merely writing about it. - Jenny Marx

Money can't buy you happiness but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery. - Spike Milligan

Why is there so much month left at the end of the money? - John Barrymore

October: This is one of the particularly dangerous months to invest in stocks. Other dangerous months are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August and February. - Mark Twain

I've been rich and I've been poor: Rich is better. - Sophie Tucker

I spent a lot of money on booze, birds, and fast cars. The rest I just squandered. - George Best

Every morning I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I'm not there, I go to work. - Robert Orben

If hard work were such a wonderful thing, surely the rich would have kept it all to themselves. - Lane Kirkland


Image Credit: Filthy Rich - The Expendables - illustration by Darkow in the Columbia Daily Tribune, 2010/08


Did you know that the economy of the European Economic Community is larger than the combined economies of China and the USA?

Amusing advice from a Tightwad Titan


Image Credit: Vimrod cartoon created by Ralph Lazar and Lisa Swerling -

HOW TO BE FILTHY RICH - Or, tried-and-true tips on how to become filthy rich

When you've got them by their wallets, their hearts and minds will follow. - Fern Naito

To make a million, start with $900,000. - Morton Shulman

My formula for success is rise early, work late and strike oil. - J.P. Getty

It's morally wrong to allow a sucker to keep his money. - W.C. Fields

The meek shall inherit the earth, but not the mineral rights. - J.P. Getty

Don't stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed. - George Burns

When people ask me if I have any spare change, I tell them I have it at home in my spare wallet. - Nick Arnette

Never invest in anything that eats or needs repairing. Billy Rose

I made my money the old fashioned way. I was very nice to a wealthy relative right before he died. - Malcolm Forbes

Ever notice how it's a penny for your thoughts, yet you put in your two cents? Someone is making a penny on the deal! - Stephen Wright

Don't marry for money. You can borrow it cheaper. - Scottish proverb


Image Credit: - image 1E1058B3

Tax cuts always favor those with the highest incomes - the rest make do with bread and peanut butter.

FILTHY LUCRE LESSONS - Or, things you need to know to if you want to make money

If you want to accumulate large quantities of filthy, you need to understand a few things about money -- such as where to find it and how to acquire it.

1. Money doesn't grow on trees (although if environmentalists had their druthers, trees would not be chopped down and mushed into greenbacks or monopoly money).

2. Money, or for that matter diamonds, are not found in melon patches in one's backyard (contrary to all manner of fanciful fairy tales).

3. There are no pots of gold guarded by dragons at the end of the rainbow (any more than there are little leprechauns willing share their four leaf clovers with you).

4. There are many ways to make money: beg, borrow, or steal it...and come to think of it, you can always marry it, inherit it, or perhaps just take fate into your hands and print it yourself!

5. The easiest way to make lots of moolah is to find a cash cow and milk it for all it's worth.


Image Credit:

"Although golf was originally restricted to wealthy, overweight Protestants, today it's open to anybody who owns hideous clothing."

-- Dave Barry --

I'm so naive about finances. Once when my mother mentioned an amount and I realized I didn't understand, she had to explain: 'That's like three Mercedes.' Then I understood.


-- Brooke Shields, American actress --

Filthy Rich Poll

Image Credit: Filthy rich cartoon -

A word of amusing advice from one filthy rich film star, George Raft, "Part of the $10 million I spent on gambling, part on booze and part on women. The rest I spent foolishly."

If you had a million dollars, what frivilous thing would you blow a wad of wampum on?

See results

The well-heeled hobby is coupon-clipping, the down-and-out hobby is food stamp collecting.

Are we all really in the same boat?


Image Credit: Horsey cartoon -

How do the rich get rich?

Well, according to figures recently released by the Canada Revenue Agency, nearly one million business in Canada have not paid any corporate income tax for nearly a decade since the beginning of the second millennium.

Has anyone checked to see if the CEOs of these businesses are currently living under the poverty line?


According to folks at, the world's richest rogues and ripsnorting rascals are living the life of Riley. (Riley however is having a tough time supporting the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed).

There are more than a million millionaires in the U.S., and more than 3 million millionnaires in China.

It was estimated that if the richest 400 people in the United States were to give up just one per cent of their wealth, it would be enough to provide clean drinking water for the entire world.

In the United States, the richest 0.25% percent of the population make 80% of all political donations.

During the last decade, the top twenty-percent of all income-earners in Canada earned all the wealth that was generated in the economy.

Carlos Slim, one of the world's richest billionaires (who made his fortune from the privitization of Mexico's telecom service), earns more than a million dollars an hour, compared to most of his countrymen who earn a few pesos a day.

The world's richest billionaires have their very own list as compiled by Forbes Magazine.


Image Credit:

"Behind every great fortune there is a crime."

-- Honore de Balzac --

The Wealthy Always Know How To Wine and Dine in Style. - And, nothing says it better than a great bottle of "Laughing Stock Blind Trust"!


So, if you want to play the part, and put your money where your mouth is in this precarious age of plummeting posteriors and profitable portfolios, investing in good grapes will pay dividends far faster than a musty old stock certificate.

Franky, if you're going to laugh yourself all the way to the bank, who better to place your "blind trust" in than a former financial consultant turned wine maker with a sharp sense of humor!


Image Credit: Laughing Stock Vineyard wine label -


The Official Filthy Rich Handbook
The Official Filthy Rich Handbook

All you've ever wanted to know about the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

How to Marry Money: It's Just as Easy to Fall in Love with Someone Rich
How to Marry Money: It's Just as Easy to Fall in Love with Someone Rich

For light-hearted lovelorn and filthy lucre lovers, this gilded gold-diggers guide provides all you need to know about how to meet and marry a multi-millionaire.

The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy
The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy

A great "how-to" make moola from the mouths of America's mega-rich!

The Richest Man in Babylon
The Richest Man in Babylon

It's never too late to learn all about the world of finance!

The Natural History of the Rich: A Field Guide
The Natural History of the Rich: A Field Guide

With a sense of wit and wonder, the author makes some uncanny observations between the lifestyles of the rich and famous and certain members of the animal kingdom.


Questions From The Fat Cat's Litter Box - How come the U.S. government hasn't imposed a fat cat tax to solve the debt crisis?


Image Credit:

Feedback from friends of filthy rich folks - What do you mean you've never secretly wanted to be King or Queen of the Castle, if only for a day?

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