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Niche Marketing: How to Make Money Online With Passive Income

Updated on November 4, 2013

Content is King

And a good source is the Queen.

Keep this fresh and you will get and stay on top.

Niche Marketing

Niche marketing is a way to make money online and to specifically generate a passive income online.

In this article I will outline a simple yet effective and sure fire method for making money online easily and with little technical know-how or effort required. I call this my "cookie cutter" approach to making money online from home and to generate a passive income. If you want to find out how to make money online easily and quickly and how to start earning a full time income online then keep reading. This method is simple. It is easy, but not without its challenges. But if you follow the script, apply the suggestions I recommend and use the appropriate internet tools you will make money with this system. Today, and every day you implement it.

Here is your cookie cutter approach to earning an income online.

Step 1: Find A Niche. There are many niches to choose from including weight loss, credit repair, stop smoking, wart removal, dog training and how to make wine to name but just a few, other than how to make money itself. Select the niche that interests you, research it properly and thoroughly in order to identify the most effective keywords for your business and start your business building process.

Step 2: Set Up A Sales Funnel. A sales funnel includes a high-converting squeeze page, an autoresponder with the appropriate series of emails already loaded into it to be delivered to your prospect list for your chosen niche, a website with the appropriate and relevant content for your chosen niche, a thank you page to deliver your product, and a freebie to entice your visitors to provide you with their name and email address which begins the entire process rolling.

Step 3: Create Your Website. Choose your domain name, set up your hosting account, obtain and load the necessary messages into your autoresponder which will "drip feed" your prospects until they buy from you. Test your site to see it works properly, sign up from your own opt-in page (squeeze page) to make sure that the emails start being delivered correctly to your inbox. Check out your squeeze page and thank you page to make sure they do what they are supposed to do and that there are no glitches or bugs in the system. Configure the pages properly and everything will work as it is supposed to work, thereby ensuring that you automated system is fully functional. Once you confirm that each page is doing what it is designed to do, you can rest assured that any subscribers optiing into your squeeze page will be served properly and receive the drip sessions that will convert them into buyers.

Step 4: Load Your Website With Appropriate And Fresh Content. Load up your website with appropriate and relevant content that will keep your visitors coming back regularly. You can set up an RSS feed that will automate the process of delivering fresh content to your site on a pre-determined basis as and when you decide. Find appropriate keyword-rich articles that will act as honey to visitors and impart a "stickiness" to your site thereby almost forcing them to return regularly and often. If your chosen niche is how to train dogs then you should find several articles that talk about that topic and use them as anchors in your site. Keeping your site current and fresh will rank you high in the Search Engines which will then result in people finding your site easier than other sites.

Step 5: Monetize Your Site With AdSense, Amazon, Paydocom, And Clickbank Programs And Items. Search the major sites like Amazon, Clickbank, and Paydotcom and select one or more affiliate programs that are part of your niche or genre and get the appropriate links or banner ad codes which you will install into your blog or site. Get an account with AdSense or even eBay and set up a widget of products in your site that will link through your affiliate program link to those other sites, and when visitors either click on the banner ads, the text ads, or actually buy the product, you will earn a commission.

Step 6: Develop Backlinks To Your Site. There are many methods of developing backlinks to your site including being involved in ad swaps with others, guest blogging on other's blogs, posting comments on online forums and chat rooms, publishing an ezine or newsletter and offering exchanges with others doing the same, and many other similar methods that will generate a growing number of backlinks to your blog or site,. The more backlinks that you accumulate, the better that the Search Engines like your site, and the higher they rank it in the Alexa ratings, thereby giving you more and more targeted traffic and exposure over time.

Step 7: Optimize Your Blog or Site For Search Engines. Use keyword-rich articles in your blog or site. Publish links to other more popular sites. Allow guest bloggers to post comments. Post comments on their sites. Link yours to theirs. Post comments in online forums. Particpate in ad swaps. Start JV initiatives. The list is almost endless.

Step 8: Drive Traffic to Your Site. This step involves driving traffic to your blog or site and there are many ways to do that effectively. The more targeted traffic you drive to your site, the more sales you will make through either the click-through action of visitors, or the actual purchases of products from your affiliate links contained in your site. Some of the more well-known ways to drive traffic to your site is to submit articles to Article Directories, purchase ezine ads, purchase solo ads in safelists with a large circulation or membership list, buying ad swaps with others, using banner ads, issuing a Press Release and writing a Product Review report.

There you have it. My cookie-cutter approach to making money online every time you use the system. The only thing you need do to increase your income is to "rinse and repeat". In other words, once you finish your first website and it is operating effortlessly, select another niche and repeat the process. Again. And again. Over time you will have many self-automated and self operating niche websites in full bloom earning you a passive and residual income month after month after month. And that is a system that can't be beat.

Niche marketing allows you a way to make money online and to generate passive income once you set up your sales funnel on autopilot.

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