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How Young Africans Can Join the Oil & Gas Sector During Recession

Updated on February 20, 2016
Recruitment Partner for Africa
Recruitment Partner for Africa | Source

The Oil & Gas Sector no doubt is one of the highest paying sectors in the world making it an attractive sector to many professionals in all areas of life. However, in a booming market Oil & Gas may not be the highest employer of labour when compared with banking and IT sectors.

During a good economy, many Oil firms are likely to engage search firms in getting the best and most experienced people available in the sector. Salary is not a barrier during this period as they are often open to negotiations. This in turn makes it difficult if not impossible for young professionals to make it into the sector. However, hiring firms often look into hiring newbies during recession period within the oil & gas sector. This provides much opportunities for starters to join the sector.

Job scare,job loss,recession
Job scare,job loss,recession | Source

However, during a recession; just like the one we are currently in now, this could be a good time for many young professionals to find their way into the sector. Companies are now reviewing a whole lot of their operational cost from hiring cost to drilling and production cost. Companies now feel more need to hire and train young professionals for future project use than hiring senior professionals who probably will cost them more than what they would have paid 5 young professionals.

Young professionals should always keep in mind that looking for job is also a job on its own and should never relent until the deed is cast. If you are inexperienced, you should focus on applying to companies directly for possible opportunities within your area of skills. Speaking to Recruiters when you have no experience is like boarding a plane at the Airport to go to the moon. It will never happen because you are obviously in the wrong park. Here is why, companies give recruiters their difficult positions to fill and then pay a premium once suitable candidates are found for their positions. They often would have done their own search before passing these positions to Recruiters with the hope of getting better candidates externally.

Oil career
Oil career | Source

A Recruiter will now begin rigorous search for the most experienced candidates that will match the client’s request in order to earn the premium (money). If clients were looking for graduates, they wouldn’t be looking to pay a premium for anyone who finds graduates for them. Based on this, this is where you never hear from Recruiters if you are just fresh from school.

The best way for young professionals to land a job in the energy sector is to keep applying directly to the hiring companies, dig out the advertiser on job boards such as Linkedin, Oilpro, etc for follow up. Your follow up should not be more than once in a week hence you are ignored subsequently. Another sector to also look at during a recession is the downstream and the marine cargo sector. More refinery companies are springing up in the African region as many African countries are looking to process their crude internally creating thousands of job opportunities for their citizens. Marine Cargo operators are constantly engaged in the crude oil logistics making this business evergreen within the Oil & Gas supply chain sector come what may.

If anyone is truly serious about joining the Oil & Gas sector, now is the moment and my advice is that you make downstream primary target; upstream-secondary in your applications. In few years to come, people with downstream and midstream skills will be highly sought after and you will be happy you made an early choice.

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