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Finding Niche Marketing Ideas Through Forums

Updated on July 14, 2011

How can a potential customer find you online? Niche marketing is based on the concept of helping people find real solutions to real problems.

There are many techniques that have been tested and proven to be effective by online entrepreneur. Today, I am going to discuss niche marketing.

Niche marketing is about finding a market that is hungry for a particular product. Yes, finding a product that can help lots of people out there solve a specific problem. Thereafter you set up a website to market it to them.

Every single day there are millions of people with problems. These people go online searching for solutions. For one person it may be a simple hang nail that is driving them crazy, but for someone else it could be a serious disease that they need to control or a problem with stress and anxiety.

Online forums or also termed as internet business forums are great places to learn about the problems people have. People tend to talk openly in this anonymous environment. Many will talk about details of their life that even their best friends and spouses don't know about. This is great for you because you can hear about honest problems that people are actively searching solutions for. Those problems are niches for your business.

Once you identify a new niche (problem) through these forums, you can scour the internet looking for information regarding the problem and products that can help control, cure, relieve, or otherwise remedy the situation. You use this information to develop compelling and helpful content for a niche marketing website dedicated to this problem.

You can even create your own eBooks with information that you have compiled on the problem. Try picking a problem that a lot of people are talking about in forums and then ask a question in a forum that will generate a lot of advice and personal experience responses. You can use that information to add to your own research to develop a high quality eBook that talks about this problem and all potential solutions.

It is amazing that people will pay for eBooks full of information they could find on their own. They will buy it if you create it!

Niche Focused Recommendation Book to Read


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    • Nyamache profile image

      Joshua Nyamache 7 years ago from Kenya

      Good question Shamoons. Just visit this website and you’ll find many forums to do research on. I hope you’ll find it very useful.

    • shamoons profile image

      shamoons 7 years ago from Central NJ

      Do you have any forums that you can recommend?