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Fired Funnybones

Updated on January 3, 2013

Welcome to Fired Funnybones

Almost everyone has been axed, dismissed, down-sized, kicked out, laid-off, pushed, sacked, stiffed, shoved out the door or been given the boot, the elbow, or the old heave-ho, not to mention their exit slips or their walking papers, perhaps even been put out on their ear or their neck (without so much as a golden handshake or a golden parachute) at least once in their work life.

Fired Funnybones is dedicated to the notion of exploring the humorous side of losing one's job. After all, one is never too young or too old to enjoy a pink-slip party or a serendipity sabbatical!


Welcome to "As The World Churns"!

It's the perfect place to meet plenty of pity pot people like us who need people similarly inclined to share their tales of weal and woe not to mention wit and wonk).

In fact, it's a sensational spot to enjoy some ejected electronic entertainment.

So sit back, suck-it-up, and put a smile on your face.

Because, that's the only way for Cyber-Sacked Souls to find new funnybone friends among the Email Ended, the Facebook Fired, and the Video Vaporized.


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He was all fired up and ready to go... - But who knew it would turn into a booty call?


Image Credit: Ron Leishman -


On being made redundant

Multimillionaire and casino magnate Donald Trump shows us there's lots of cachet and crunch behind those famous words, "YOU'RE FIRED!" According to media reports, several canned contestants not only earned their fifteen minutes of fame but also managed to find new jobs or fulfilling careers.

And, Robert Edward "Ted" Turner III (born November 19, 1938), an American media mogul and philanthropist, also reminds us that "There's nothing wrong with being fired" (presumably as long as one is totally at ease with being the target in a firing range).

On the other hand, you might be a Maven of Mighty Fine Words & Marvellous Meals like Martha Stewart, and admit, "I don't even like firing people. I don't think I've ever said, 'You're fired' to anybody."


In the age of political correctness, tightwad titans have come up with some flowery forms of flagellation to ease the pain of bleeding their bottom lines.

Here are a few of those egregiously entertaining euphemisms:




bite the dust


canned, career alternative enhancement, career change opportunity, career transition, clseansing, constructive discharge, constructive dismissal


decline a contract extension, decruit, defund, dehire, de-select, destaff, discharge, discontinue, downscale, downsize, drop from the team


early retirement opportunity, employee transition, effect a change in your status, eject, end of a trial period, excessing, expelled


free to pursue your wholeness unimpeded by your continued employment here, free up for the future


get the boot, get the golden handshake, given one's walking papers, given the gate, given the old heave ho


honorably released


involuntary separation


jettison excess weight


kick the can


lateralize, let go


make internal efficiencies, make redundant, manage down, muster out


negotiate a departure


opportunity to pursue further avenues of success, optimized, outplaced, ousted, outsourced


personnel realignment, personnel surplus reduction, power failure


rationalize the workforce, reduce headcount, reduce in force (or riffing), re-engineer the staff, release, relieve of duties, reorganize (or re-org), reshuffle, resource action, restructure, retrench, rightsize


sacked, selected out, sent away, sent home, separated, scrapped, shown the door, skill-mix adjustment, stimulated to seek a greener pasture, streamline, surplus, syngery-related headcount restructuring


taking it for the team; tossed out on your ear, your butt or your hoo-hoo; turfed; turf management




waive, workforce imbalance correction


Image Credit:



FIRED?...(or you gotta be kidding!)

Don't let the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune get you down!

Take it from me, even with the help of not one but two royal monikers like "Victoria Elizabeth", an ability to speak one foreign language (not including Pig Latin), plus a damn fine diploma, I could not avoid the chopping block during my twenty or so year career as a business development consultant.

In fact, I was so adept at being "involuntarily-leisured" that I can safely say that I am an expert on the subject. If truth be told, I expect that my former employers would not hesitate to say that: "Subtlety is not her strong suit", "She does not suffer fools gladly", or "She is not known to not take direction well". On the other hand, they might also have to admit that I had my strong points: "She drew rather accurate caricatures of staff on holiday cards", and even more importantly that, "She knew how to organize some terrifically successful wine and cheese parties on a tight budget".

If one did not manage to arrange to have a golden parachute on hand in the departure lounge, the notion of being without a colorful calling card, a platinum key to the executive washroom, or perish the thought ...missing one's prestigious position in the pecking order of a cube farm might cause some consternation. Frankly, being fired has both challenges and opportunities.

All of which brings me to my musing for the moment about a recent and delightful encounter with a feisty female named Annabelle Gurwitch. In her new film Fired!, an offshoot from her book, Fired!: Tales of the Canned, Cancelled, Downsized, and Dismissed she recounts not only her own tale of being fired from her dream gig acting an an off-Broadway Woody Allen Play, but also sets about collecting tales of woe from other actors and comics like Tim Allen and Anne Meara who also got dumped.

So lighten up lollygaggers, time to find those funnybones, stomp all over those misery monsters, and toss those pretentious pity pots! After all, if comedians can get fired and yet bounce back not to mention Ms. Guruwitz herself...then it's never too late to pick yourself up and start all over again!

The message is loud and clear: Don't feel bad! We were all fired once, and look at us now!



There's something to be said for "The Joy of Not Working".

Stop complaining what you might be missing at the cube farm, in the corner office, or out on the bumpy road of life selling something you wouldn't foist on your grandmother.

Just take a deep breath and express your gratitude for your "surprise serenditipy sabbatical". After all you now have oodles of time to:

1. Waste time without making any excuses.

2. Fritter away the hours doing anything you please, be it playing with your toes, laughter yoga, or engaging in a hot game of solitaire.

3. Talk to animal companions, pet rocks, and plants who won't give you an argument thank God.

4. Choose your own attire...whether it's wearing your buffed up birthday suit all day long, or simply hanging out in your pj's for as long as you wish.

5. Belt out your favorite tunes without anyone batting an it "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor on the Bedpost Overnight", "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport", or a heartfelt rendition of "R-E-S-P-E-C-T"!

6. Squiggle, sketch or doodle to your heart's content without having to explain the meaning behind your cheesy chicken scratches.

7. Eat a burger with the works for breakfast, popcorn for a morning snack, ice-cream for lunch, pretzels for an afternoon snack, a sizzling steak for supper, not to mention a tall glass of chocolate milk with a plate of Twinkies at bed-time.

8. Watch as many daytime soaps or suck-it-up self-esteem shows, all designed to satiate the needs of the stay-at-home crowd.

9. Join the neighborhood "grapevine" and pick up all the juicy gossip going around not to mention organize a "whine and cheese" party so you stay in the loop.

10. Explore the opportunity to do things you've always wanted to do but never had the courage or space in your calendar before like starting a worm-farm, becoming a lion-tamer, or writing a book about your weird relatives.

There are however some who don't know how to enjoy twiddling their thumbs, especially 30 assistant ministers in Kenya's civil service who wrote a letter to the President saying that they are given nothing to do all day but read newspapers. The only answer: "Suck-it-up and Smile!"




Laid-off, let go...not to are some ripsnorting resources!


"You won't ever get fired by our company.

However, you may become a downsized victim of change."


Judging from the plethora of puckish websites out there, downsizing is a "growth industry", and they don't hesitate to keep everyone informed about the bleeding edge news you can handle.

Pink collar people however will be pleased to learn about the latest wave in newfangled networking occasions, "Pink Slip Parties", a term coined by Allison Hemming, an established career authority in the "Big Apple".

On the other hand, if you need some folks to perform for pink slip people, you'd best call on the Laughingstock Comedy Troupe, they're a real hit with banks these days!

But if you don't like the idea of hooking up with other heave ho'd types and rubbing elbows with like-minded lollygaggers, you can always hang out with a placid party-pooper or better yet, find the friendly ear of a career counsellor over at Wet Feet.

Forget those "glum gala" events with cute candles for those who've been canned. Take a pass on a libation or two with the other laid-off lounge-lizards. And face it, it won't be a bed of roses at a wimpy getaway with the woe-is-me wussy crowd.

Frankly, you've got nothing to lose by dropping in on one of those rose-colored glasses get-togethers, full of ripsnorting recruiters and serendipity seekers like you.

If however you're operating on a modest budget, you might want to consider taking a cue from Holly Golightly of Breakfast at Tiffany's. If you recall, being a hostess with the mostest allows one to be a little over the top, especially when it comes to throwing a fab fete in a flat. Her fun formula: make sure you have a small space overlowing with madcap guests, lots of mood music, and don't forget to add cocktails, stir, and watch what happens!

And last but not least, if you think you've got it bad... consider the fact that Maytag repairman's contract is not being renewed; talk about being "hung out to dry". Seems that the 'do-nothing dude' has been replaced by someone else. The reason given: the manufacturer of this mighty fine dependable washing machine just wants to "revitalize the brand"!

Never leave home without your "Frequent Flubber Card"!

Never leave home without your "Frequent Flubber Card"!
Never leave home without your "Frequent Flubber Card"!


Just like one should never leave home with one's Amex credit card, one should never attend a Pink Slip Party without a calling card.

If you're going to carry around "calling cards" in your pocket, make sure that they're blank or they're memorable.

If they're've got "carte blanche" to do what you please. At the very least you can always doodle on them like Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void fame and become the life of the party.

Failing that, hire an artist like Dean Lewis to do a caricature of you, plus all your coordinates.

Of course, if you feel like you need to create a more self-effacing image of yourself, you can always go the route I did by designing your very own "Frequent Flubber Card". It's time to celebrate the fact that you're well "human" (that means you come packaged with few faux pas and foibles and without a money-back guarantee!

And I might add -- it's never to late to point out the bleeding obvious -- "The bearer of this card is a 'Certified Fool' and is therefore entitled to TEN FREE FLOPS, FLUBS OR FLOUNDERS whenever the spirit of serendipity or sillyness strikes their fancy!"

So next time you're in a merry mood...let your imagination fly...and come up with a catchy calling card like a certain jocular Jenny did.

Better yet, become a light-hearted lensmaster and create your very own bodacious bio the way I did.

Remember, if all else fails and you can't be a giggling gadfly at your next networking event, at least be a perky pest. And if that doesn't work, just imagine what your former boss or favorite nemesis would look like in a birthday suit (that'll put a smile on your face)!



This is not the end of the me!

Fired Up!
Fired Up!

Perfect choice for a Pink-Slip Party!

Corkscrewed: The Wrath of Grapes
Corkscrewed: The Wrath of Grapes

Great for a Whine and Cheese Party!

TRUMP the Game (Discontinued by manufacturer)
TRUMP the Game (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Time to kick butt...someone else's!



Sometimes there's some notoriety in being given the heave ho, so why not use it to your advantage.

Take the Budweiser employee who got fired for drinking a Coors (no not on the job, after work silly). The publicity he got on that little violation of company policy got him more than a few offers.

And there's the case of an M&Ms employee who found himself on the other end of a pink slip ...not because he mixed the wrong batch of candies but because he tossed out all the the "Ws" on his shift! No doubt he's exploring an interesting invitation to write all about his unusual literary talent and the ensuing escapade.

White-collar folk also have their challenges, like the one who gets fired for putting the customer first". According to one HR expert, don't try to avoid the "f" word! Why not mention it in a resume or an interview, to show your prospective new employer why your being fired is a "win win" for both of you!

Let's not forget Donald J. Trump, the man synonymous with those wicked words, "You're Fired". Contestants whom he summarily dismissed on his hugely popular reality TV show, not only made a name for themselves but went on to pursue their own richly rewarding careers thank you very much. It seems that Mr. Trump also fired a member of his own management team, "Carolyn", (who apparently found the lecture curcuit more lucrative and a lot more fun than working for "the man" hard feelings of course).

Finally, there's Ms. Annabelle Gurwitz herself, the author of the popular book "Fired" which she deftly parlayed into a film by the same title. After being unceremoniously dumped as an actress by none other than Woody Allen, she realized that perhaps others, particularly comedians, probably got the boot at one time or another during their career. So instead of snivelling, she set about collecting their tossed on the tush tales.

All of these amusing anecdotes only go to prove that a bit of ingenuity and laughter go a long way to healing all wounds and quite possibly chuckling all the way to the bank!


This comedy corner is for babes and blokes who need a serious attitude adjustment, now put your red noses and smiley faces on!

Bloopers, Blunders, Jokes, Quips & "Quotes"
Bloopers, Blunders, Jokes, Quips & "Quotes"

Not everyone's learn from your mistakes!

The Bride of Anguished English
The Bride of Anguished English

For those who seem to trip over their own tongues.

Royal Blunders
Royal Blunders

Now you know you're in good company.

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Extreme Edition
The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Extreme Edition

You never know when this may come in handy!




Keep your chin up dammit! Better yet, why not forget about chin-wagging for a moment and consider another option...the merits of taking a serendipity sabbatical.

Procrastinate all you want, in fact, slow down and think back over things you've done in your life. What were you doing when you lost track of the time? Who were you with? And, where on earth were you? That should give you a big clue as to where you might want to start your serendipity sabbatical.

The main thing is that it's important that you find a spot to hang out where the atmosphere is warm and receptive. No point in spending your valuable time on things that don't turn your crank, or with cranky folk for that matter.

If you need a nudge, be spontaneous for once. Try going without a plan at least for one day. The more chance or luck you let in your world, the more novel life will become and new opportunities will present themselves. So, let life unfold instead of trying to hammer square pegs into round holes! Take a different route somewhere, eat something you've never tasted before, or do something you think is utterly ridiculous but fun for a change ...including asking "dumb questions"!

If you're not convinced, try being an accidental tourist in your own backyard and enjoy some R&R:

-- Take a bubble bath in the middle of the day.

-- Fly a home-made paper airplane.

-- Take a catnap or daydream in technicolor.

-- Come up with an alter ego for yourself...and chat to strangers on a bus for a day with that persona.

-- Gaze at the stars and ponder how a cow could jump over the moon.

-- Write a letter to someone you've overlooked lately, or even a politician if you've got the urge.

-- Enter a contest, or maybe two just for the heck of it.

-- Invent a new game, a better mousetrap, you can have fun with that for hours.

-- Learn to impersonate someone never know when that one may come in handy at weddings or roasts!

-- Telephone a talk show to voice your views...after all, people always said you have an opinion on everything!

-- Speak Pig Latin for a day with anyone whom you meet or share a conversation.

-- Study the clouds, and notice that behind every one there's a silver lining!

-- Sing three nursery rhymes you can recall or three of your favorite inspirational melodies.

-- Tap dance or mimic the "Minister of Silly Walks".

Time to wake up and smell the roses...if only for a day, a week...or maybe as long as you want!



While he really didn't dig his dead-end job, he thought there was no harm in flirting with a few furry felines at the zoo!


Image Credit: Pasquale D'

A Hilarious Humanist Holiday Headline - JOY TO THE WORLD -- SANTA'S BEEN SACKED!


Image Credit: 2009/12

At recent gathering of dedicated humanists (held prior to the ho ho ho holiday season), the following topic was discussed in great detail, "Should we teach Santa Claus?"

The moderator pointed out that atheist parents who celebrate Christmas will probably include the Santa Claus myth, but this requires them to lie to their kids. While it might be fun to tell small children that Santa Claus really exists and delivers presents to children all over the world, the presenter suggested that there appears to be little scientific proof on the matter nor justification for continuing this deception.

It seems non-Santa believers are in a very difficult bind when it comes to Christmas because there are such strong social if not shopping incentives to do what other parents are doing. In fact, some social scientists suggest that not celebrating Christmas and not telling kids about Santa may cause children to be ostracized from others. At the same time, sage scientific research reveals that there are growing numbers of religious minorities who also do not wish to participate in this spurious if not psychophantic seasonal solistice event. And, as a result of this, there are an increasing numbers of kids who are "different." Being different isn't easy, but who wants to be a hypocrite just to fit in?

Questions for the evening discussion included:

-- Are adults who were taught about Santa Claus more likely to deny events like the moon landing, holocaust, climate change, etc? And, are they more or less likely to be atheists, or believe in extra-terrestrial life forms, UFOs?

-- Are they more or less likely to believe in or understand rational thought, the Scientific Method, or evolution?

-- Is there any long-term impact of teaching Santa Claus to children at all?

-- Is there a downside to teaching a child about Santa? (in terms of the abilities of that person to trust, to learn, respect, etc. once they

realize they have been deceived).

-- Why is there so little funding available to research the consequences of teaching this belief, and whether it can have any long-term negative consequences or do any long-term harm?

-- Do first-world nations that don't generally teach about Santa have more or less superstitious populations than those that do?

-- Will a lack of belief in Santa Claus and the necessity of engaging in secular seasonal shopping rituals (and contribute to higher levels of household debt and significantly reducing the saving level of citizens) be cause for yet another devastating global economic crisis?

Debating the pros and cons of perpetuating the myth of Santa Claus was made tolerable with the help of hot toddies, rum and eggnogs, not to mention mulled wine for the wassailing wunderkins served by a bevy of boisterous bar staff wearing red noses and reindeer antlers.

Lest readers be dismayed, disturbed, or downright confounded by the discussion, the humanist holiday event closed on a positive note, being a unanimous decision to sack Santa (along with the Snow Fairy), responsible for spreading spurious social thought, particularly the notion that one person has all the power and the glory to decide who's been naughty and nice this year.

Due to the demise of the dude in the red suit at the hand of ho ho ho holiday humanists... - Prancer wondered if Satan wanted a one-night-stand driving a sleigh

Who knew that he would become a "Gnome Alone" this year?

Jest for the Pun of It!

"The out of work stripper had no acts to grind."

Art Moger, from The Complete Pun Book

ALL FIRED UP AND READY TO GO? - A rather fine place to leave your comments, stories, and suggestions about how to bounce back after getting the boot!

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    • HorseFan profile image


      9 years ago

      Despite knowing that this happens to people all the time -- and increasingly so in these times -- it always feels like you're the one being singled out for unfair treatment. Thanks for your lens and its creative and humorous approach to helping people in this situation to look on the bright side and to not feel so alone.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I agree that humor is a good way to deal with this sometimes. That is the reason behind this cartoon:

    • RuthCoffee profile image

      Ruth Coffee 

      9 years ago from Zionsville, Indiana

      Nice lens! I featured it on a lens I am building today on my personal experiences with job loss.

    • ecogranny profile image

      Kathryn Grace 

      10 years ago from San Francisco

      Yup, I would send this to anyone caught in the current economical downsizing frenzy. A few laughs can't hurt, and they just might find that bit of inspiration that makes being fired the best thing that ever happened to them.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      I think that when you get fired the first thing you need to do is fire up the tube and watch The Apprentice where millionaires in their own right are fired for not being good enough. Let's you know the world flows and ebbs and we are still what we are, which in most cases is brilliant -- but the right people haven't seen it yet! Just remember, good things always come when we look for them. You can check out my comments on what Trump's "failures" could have done to maybe stay on a little longer. :) The Apprentice Review

    • BFunivcom profile image

      Allan R. Wallace 

      11 years ago from Wherever Human Rights Reign

      I worked for one company 7 times, the 3rd time I was fired. Each time I worked there I was perceived differently by management and coworkers. I hadn't changed; I was the same guy when fast tracked or fired, when invited to parties or shunned. My true value had nothing to do with their actions.

    • bebop4bo profile image


      11 years ago

      This an absolutely brilliant humorous lens on a topic that can be less so. Five stars for you and a very welcome invite.


    • Bookmama2 profile image


      11 years ago

      My comment is if you're fired, this lens is a great place to stop by! I love it. I'm a big believer in looking for humor wherever you can. I gave it 5 stars and added it to my lensroll for Career Change. Great job!


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