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Firewalking for idiots

Updated on October 24, 2014

Walk barefoot across red hot coals!?
Are you crazy?"

Is an absolutely normal response when presented with the concept of a Firewalk, especially considering that fire is one of the first fears we are taught.

Yes, We are taught fears.
Did you know that we are only born with two fears - the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.
A new born baby up to 4 or 5 months of age is subject to what is known as the "Moro Reflex" which midwives use to test the babies normal reactions and check for presence of scary things like hemiplagia, or brachial plexus palsy.

If the baby is held and then dropped just a little, automatically its arms will spread and a grabbing reaction of the hands is evident, this should understandably be followed by crying and all of this should happen within seconds.
So we are only born with two fears, which is quite a shocker when we consider all the fears that are harboured by the average adult in this day and age.
Not surprisingly, all these myriad of fears can be attribute to only 3 major categories.

So a person's normal reaction to the prospect of a Fire walk is normally one of fear and that is quite normal and understandable considering that even before you could talk your parents and family friends were drilling the fear of fire into you.

You had no fear of Fire.
They had the fear, but these influencers in your life, were insistent that you gain this fear "for your own good".
And so you obediently gained a fear of fire just as they wanted.
Have you ever asked yourself what other fears that you did not have, that were drilled into you over time?
It is amazing how many people there are in your life that want your comfort zone to be the same as their comfort zone.

Paul Johnson, MD of a leading team building company says "We're here to tell you it's YOUR comfort zone, and you get to choose how big it is, not your negative teachers, an abusive parent, a dominating spouse or your doomsayer brother-in-law".

We asked how and why they use Firewalking to help people reach their full potential?

"Essentially, what we are doing is we are taking something that people have believed impossible their whole life and turning it around in their heads with the view to being able to say "Hang on a second! If I CAN do that, then what else can I do? What else am I capable of?",
says their head facilitator.

These events have a huge impact on people's lives.

We have found that people make big decisions at these events because companies don't lose sight of their main objective - uplifting people to do more.
People suddenly realize that their potential is far more than they had believed up until now.
We have probably the highest rate of people Fire walking voluntarily and healthfully and successfully and this is due to their attention to detail.
"Every Firewalk is treated like it's the first one we've ever done but we always remember all the successful events that have gone before. And we have never had an incident!" says Johnson.

Our research shows that in the average group size of around 30 to 60 delegates, initially less than 10 % of them commit to wanting to give it a try.
However, after careful preparation and monitoring by an experienced Fire walk professional facilitator averages of as high as 95% to 100% can be achieved.

In summary, this event of Fire walking is phenomenal in achieving massive changes within teams. It quickly bonds a new team together, it assists teams in believing that they are capable of achieving high targets, and it breaks down politics to overcome politics and conflicts that manifest in a team.

Take a step out of your comfort zone with a Firewalk. You may never be the same again!


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