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Five jobs that are not worth having

Updated on January 2, 2011

Sometimes, you feel like all you need is a job to make your life more meaningful and fun. Yes, having a good job is very important to lead a comfortable and satisfying life. But, note that, it should be a good job, not just any job. In desperation, or due to ignorance, people tend to take up jobs that are easy to get, and that pay rather well, leading to a life that is anything but comfortable or satisfying. They also often get stuck in it, and spend their entire lives in the same job leading to chronic stress and other ailments that shorten their lifespans.

So, here are the five jobs/career paths that everyone seems to be interested in, but are not really worth the money they offer. Yeah, you might say, hey, that can't be true, that is my dream job, and you might be right, but more often than not, these jobs are least satisfying and are boring.

  1. Being a part of the BPO industry
    This seems to have become the only high paying job option for most people in several third world under-developed countries. People in this industry join call-centers or turn into data-entry operators. This involves sitting in a small cubicle staying on the phone for a major portion of the day or type out lots of data mindlessly. On the phone, they have to speak to either irate customers or try to sell products. With strict deadlines and hard to meet daily expectations, stress levels are very high.
  2. Being a cashier
    Well, this is considered the least interesting job ever. You will probably learn everything you will ever learn about this job in the very first week. You end up doing the same tasks so many times that you are at risk of repetitive strain injury. Though very simple, it will very quickly turn into such a boring job that you will dread going to work everyday. And to top it all, you sometimes get to deal with weird customers whose attitudes can send your tempers soaring. However, most people don't stay as cashiers for too long, and are promoted to higher positions.
  3. Being a DBA (Database Administrator)
    A very high paying job in the IT industry, but can destroy all the peace you have in your life. You are generally expected to be available 24x7. Anytime, anything goes wrong with the database/system you are supposed to maintain, you have to try and fix it immediately. You might think system downtimes are rare, but that is not true in the IT industry. Patches and upgrades are required almost every week, and a successful patch or upgrade in the first attempt is a rarity. Once the patch is applied and the system fails, it is up to you to recover/fix it. The short deadlines and urgency with which you have to work leads to high stress levels.
  4. Being a taxi driver
    Taxi drivers usually work in busy metropolitan areas. This means they have to drive on roads that have a lot of vehicles. This job demands your concentration all the time, and you get to sit in the same position all day long, amidst sun, dust, pollution and even snow sometimes. Plus, your life is at risk. Driving in the cities is best described as a tiring experience, and if it is your job and you are expected to do it everyday, all day long, you can imagine how tired you are going to get. With the recession, the number of people taking a cab has gone down, and this leads to further frustration.
  5. Being a post doctoral researcher
    Unless you are really interested in carrying out the research and are not really bothered about the money or position, being a post-doc can be one of the worst positions you can take. You are usually considered a disposable resource right from the start, and the work you are given makes you aware of that. You are not paid very well, and you are hardly respected, compared to the other full-fledged scientists you might be working with. But the good thing is, you get to be a part (at least a passive part) of possibly cutting edge research.

So, there you have it. But, let me remind you that what I have mentioned above is what generally happens to most people. Your case might be completely different, and you might be able to make great progress through these career paths. Just be aware that, job satisfaction and happiness are low in the above jobs, according to most surveys.


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    • BlissfulWriter profile image

      BlissfulWriter 6 years ago

      Taxi driver was listed as one of the 10 worst jobs by some online magazine (I can't remember). Being a cashier is not all that bad. It is not all that boring especially when you are dealing with all different types of customers.