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Flogos - Man Made Clouds

Updated on February 3, 2015

Flogos Float Just Like Clouds

Just when you think you have seen it all something really unique comes along (at least new to me).  I give you Flogos.  This genius invention is the creation of Francisco Guerra and Dr. Brian Glover.  Both gentlemen are known for making clouds on production sets, i.e. theater production in Orlando.  However, they were not satisfied with just making any old cloud, they wanted to make clouds that were representative of certain shapes.  Their new clouds formations have been named flogos. The name flogos comes from combining the words "flying" and "logos".

Referred to as snowflake-shapes flogos, these little puffs are a combination of air and helium.  Air and helium makes tiny bubbles in which the foam is formed into various shapes.  It is such an "eye" catcher that Guerra has been successful using it for advertising; at one point boosting attendance for a restaurant promotion from a Saturday norm of 2,000 customers to a whopping 10,000 .  These floating snowflakes are likely to be seen at restaurants, banks, to football games.  They are seen in all 50 states and, Guerra has even released special "peace" shape clouds over Gaza Strip.

I am excited about what Flogos might have coming up in the near future.  I hear rumors there might be color, 3-D and billboard setups.

Note: Flogos is a Trademark. Unless otherwise noted, all photo credits are via

Floating Logos

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Flogos Floating Man.

Floating Man


Beautiful Flogo Child

Beautiful Flogo Child
Beautiful Flogo Child

Flogos Aerial assualt corporate mind control weapons

Super Flogo

Super Flogo
Super Flogo

The Equipment They Use To My Their Clouds

Do The Clouds Have It? - Flogo Fans

I am a fan of bubbles so I know I would personally like to see a Flogo. How about Casper the Ghost?

Have you personally witnessed a Flogo?


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