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Instructions for completing the Florida Department of Revenue Employer’s Quarterly Report RT-6 (Reemployment Tax)

Updated on February 28, 2017

Almost all types of compensation paid to employees or officers in the state of Florida are subject to Florida’s Reemployment tax (formerly named Florida Unemployment Tax). The tax paid in is then disbursed to individuals seeking Reemployment Assistance through Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity. Florida Reemployment Tax is remitted on the form RT-6 and is submitted on a quarterly basis. Here’s a quick review of how to complete the pertinent line items on the return.

The number of full-time and part-time employees/officers that received compensation or performed services during the reporting quarter are to be entered in section 1, for each corresponding month. The total gross wages paid to employees/officers during the quarter is to be reported on line 2. Wages paid in the reporting quarter to employees/officers exceeding $7,000 for the calendar year is to be reported on line 3. Only the first $7,000 paid to an employee/officer during a calendar year is subject to Reemployment tax. Be advised that the wage base is subject to change so follow-up with the Florida Department of Revenue directly to verify the current wage base – the $7,000 wage base mentioned in this article is for the 2016 taxable year.

Calculate taxable wages by subtracting line 3 (total excess wages) from line 2 (total gross wages) and enter the difference on line 4. To calculate the amount of tax due, multiple line 4 by the account’s tax rate (which is determined and issued by the Florida Department of Revenue) and enter amount on line 5. Be advised that tax rates are subject to change so follow-up with the Florida Department of Revenue directly to verify your current tax rate.

Late files reports are subject to a $25 late filing penalty for each month a return is filed late and is to be entered on line 6. Late payment are subject to interest of 1% of the tax amount due (line 5) for each month the payment is late and is to be entered on line 7. If you cannot pay the due in full, you can pay the balance in four equal installments and enter a one time $5 installation fee on line 8 (the fourth quarter (this period covers October – December) which is due by Jan 31sst is not allowed to participate in the installment plan, the fourth quarter report is required to be paid in full). You can find the due dates for installments here.

The total amount due is calculate by adding lines 5, 6, 7, and 8, and enter on line 9a. The ‘actual’ amount submitted with the return is entered on line 9b.

On the adjacent form, RT-6A (often referred to as the wage detail), social and financial information is entered for each employee or officer. The social security number for each employee/officer is listed in column 10. The employee’s/officer’s name is listed in column 11. The total gross wages paid for the filing quarter for each employee/officer is listed in column 12a, and their total taxable wages for the filing quarter is listed in column 12b. The total gross wages for all the employees/officers are listed on line 13a, and the total taxable wages for all employees/officers are listed on line 13b.

You can find detailed instructions on how to complete the Florida Department of Revenue Employer’s Quarterly Report here at the Florida Department of Revenue’s website.


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