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Fort Lauderdale Website Designers

Updated on July 7, 2014

Professional Fort Lauderdale Website Design Company

This is written to help people find the right website design firm in the Fort Lauderdale area. Miami Dade and all of South Florida is well known for all types of scams. Too many people tell us about the person they gave a deposit to who never completed or often never started their website project. We have been making websites for a variety of business types since 1995 when people first began to hear about this new thing called The World Wide Web.

All too often here in Fort Lauderdale new clients come in and tell us about bad experiences they have had with other website designers. They pay deposits and then never hear from the website designer again.

Fort Lauderdale Website Designer

Professional Website Design Firm

Want a horrible experience in having a website designed? It's easy just shop by price and the cheapest bidder is sure to disappoint you. The best way to find a, Fort Lauderdale website designer is to look at examples of their work and to meet with them in person.

Consider the scope of the project and decide if the firm you are considering is capable of handling the work. Remember the success of your business depends upon you selecting the right website designer so investigate!

Even an attorney can have a website that doesn't look ONLY professional. In the example shown here you can see that we made our attorney look friendly and approachable. We thought this was important because he is a family law (divorce attorney) attorney. We had our photographer get the specific photo that we wanted so that it would make it look like our lawyer is leaning into his website.

For example check and see what type of projects this company has worked on in the past. You need to consider the look of the examples they show you but you also need to consider the specific functions that you want in your website. You may see website design examples that you don't like but the thing to consider is the type of client the work was designed for. As an example let's say you want to have an ecommerce website where you sell cookies online. You look at a Fort Lauderdale website designers portfolio and see a very serious professional looking website for a law firm; should you hire them? What you would want to see is that the lawyer's website looks professional; your website selling cookies online should be fun and happy. So the question is "Do they do work that is appropriate for the type of clients that they have?". If the work is appropriate for the type of clients that the designers are working for then there shouldn't be any problem.

Know your website designer

Who else has hired your website designer?

We have been making email newsletters and websites for The Miami Herald for a long time. We have helped them to increase the number of subscribers they have by all of the online marketing we have done for them. Working for a large publisher is very demanding because they are used to deadlines that are not flexible. Every day they publish a newspaper and it doesn't matter if it rained or some people were out sick. They expect nothing less from their vendors and we are the only outside vendor they have ever hired to make websites. Chances are that your website needs might not be a complex as The Miami Heralds website projects but it may be reassuring to you to know that whatever functions are important to you in your website we can handle it and we will get it done on time!

Website Designers Who Take Your Money - Don't Let This Happen To You

We have heard similar stories to this one so many times that we asked our client to tell her story on camera. Listen to how she wasted a year and a half and a lot of money with other website designers.

Now the is the official travel concierge for Super Bowl 2010 and she thanks us for making her look like a multimillion dollar corporation.

The Miami Herald - We are the website designers for The Miami Herald

Web 2.0 Marketing Example - Viral Marketing Example

Don't waste your time having a website made by someone who doesn't know how to get it to rank well within the search engines. Watch our video and see how we were able to use viral marketing and web 2.0 marketing to help this client in Fort Lauderdale.

If nobody can find your new Fort Lauderdale website it is useless - Search Engine Optimization

When you work with a professional website designer that has years of experience you should get a website that will be search engine friendly. It is critical that people can find your business by searching for the type of products and services you offer even when they don't know the name of your company. Watch the video and see how effectively we build search engine optimization into our websites.

Website Advertising

Website Marketing

What good is a website if nobody can find it when they do a search? Today we look at Web 2.0, Web 3.0, Viral Marketing and all types of Website Advertising methods to help website owners to have greater success. Before you get too involved with any Fort Lauderdale website designers remember that South Florida is the scam capital of the world. Ask for proof that any website marketing methods they have used were effective.

Fort Lauderdale Dental Website

Most of our clients are in the Fort Lauderdale area

We met a dentist who was having trouble getting new people to find her dental office. She paid a company a big monthly fee to send her leads. After she met our Fort Lauderdale website designers her dental practice grew. We did some Internet marketing for her and now she gets new clients all the time.

Dental Advertising - Dentist Internet Marketing - Fort Lauderdale Dentist Thanks Us!

Here you can watch a video about a Fort Lauderdale dentist who is very thankful that we were able to help her. She tells us that she gets new people all the time and she was able to stop paying a very expensive lead generation company. She doesn't need them any longer because now people find her website when they search for a Fort Lauderdale dentist.

Books About Website Design - Thinking of becoming a website designer?

Our team of Fort Lauderdale website designers are all required to have a minimum of a four year degree in website design. If you want to become a great website designer we suggest that you do the same and read some books like these.

South Florida is known as the scam capital of the United States. Fort Lauderdale is often called the Venice of Florida. We get a lot of people who move in from other places looking to make an easy buck. Our website designers here every kind of horror story about how much money the clients lost before they found us. Did a Fort Lauderdale website designer take your money and give you nothing or something of poor quality? Tell your story here.

Fort Lauderdale Website Designers - Got a Fort Lauderdale website designer horror story? Tell us!

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